Essential Wedding Supplies to Rent

5 Easy Essential Wedding Supplies to Rent


Essential Wedding Supplies to Rent

There are quite a few wedding items that are considered “essential” to have. However, the majority of them aren’t cheap. Here at EasyEventPlanning, we will help you find local places that rent affordable wedding necessities.

Wedding Cake Toppers

While renting a wedding cake is entirely out of the question, the decorations you put on said cake can go back to the baker. Many bakeries and even wedding supply stores offer a variety of cute and or romantic toppers and decorations that you can rent for your special day. This is great if you don’t want to keep any of it and want to pinch a few pennies.   This one is probably the least common to rent because alot of couples that are sentimental would like to keep the cake topper but thats why you take many pictures to remember your special day


Whether your bridesmaids don’t want the extra expense of buying their dresses or you just don’t feel the need to hang on to old tradition, renting dresses can save you a ton of money. Wedding dresses are often exceptionally overpriced, so a rentable gown that looks fantastic for the day would be all you need. Keep in mind that it is ideal to purchase a dress in person but if it’s not possible due to COVID, there are online options.

This is perfect for anyone apart of your bridal shower or groomsmen because it is very unlikely for them to wear the dress again to multiple events. For men its easier because they can wear their suits to multiple weddings if they normally go to alot.


Surprisingly, some flower shops will actually let you rent their flowers, but more often than not, they are artificial. With faux flowers looking and smelling more real every year, your guests may not even realize that you rented a few blooms.

It is less stress worrying about what to do with your left over flowers after the wedding. If you are feeling sentimental I suggest buying just one set of real or faux flowers to keep for yourself after your wedding to look back and remember.


Decorations can make or break any party, so you want to be sure that you have great ones for your wedding reception. Check at local party places and rental facilities to see what kind of accouterments they have available for rent. 

Like the flowers you may feel a little sentimental and want to keep some but decorations are very unlikely to keep so a good way to save money is rent your decorations. This is a very special day so it is unlikely to reuse your decorations which is why renting is very common.


Many venues will require you to rent their own tables and chairs, but you may also be able to bring in an outside source. If you can, there are a variety of rental facilities that offer all kinds of furniture from dining chairs to buffet tables and lounges. Here is an example of what you might be able to find online.

Again not alot of couple plan on keeping the furniture since whatevr they choose for their wedding day is specifically for that day so it is unlikely to keep all the chairs. Unless you previoulsy own furniture that can fit the theme of the wedding ,which is a good way to save money, then I would suggest renting.


We hope these 5 Essential Wedding Supplies to Rent were helpful they come fairly cheap and can be cute in many ways. Alot of these supplies can be different in color or style to accomodate to your preferences and personality of your wedding.

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