Event Site Helps Healthcare Heroes and Struggling Entrepreneurs at the Same Time

Las Vegas, NV – 7/20/20 – With COVID-19 cases spiking from coast to coast, honoring and thanking healthcare workers is more important than ever.  If first responders don’t get the support they need to keep showing up to work every day, our entire healthcare system will become compromised.  This deadly virus isn’t just killing Americans at an alarming rate; it’s killing the hopes and dreams of millions of entrepreneurs, especially those in the event industry.  Kathleen Kilmer, founder of EasyEventPlanning.com, found a way to help both at-risk groups at the same time.

She created HonorAndThank.com as a sub-site of her event site.  It’s a first-of-its-kind platform to allow all Americans to express gratitude – be it with words, images or video – to their local healthcare heroes.  And now when people post a message of support, they have an opportunity to also send a gift if they choose – meals, desserts, flowers, balloons, etc. Those gifts could help a struggling event business stay afloat until in-person gatherings are once again permitted.

“I have three sisters who work in healthcare right now.  Heroes across the country are risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones to save strangers.  They need to know how grateful we all are” Kilmer said. “I also used to own an event decorating business.  I know so many small businesses in our industry are struggling to cope.  I want to help them, too – any way I possibly can.” 

Healthcare workers from coast to coast are starting to experience a toxic combination of anxiety and depression. Kilmer created HonorAndThank.com to provide on-demand support when it’s needed the most.  Anyone can follow a facility and be notified when new messages are received. 

She has created a number of ways to support the event industry at the same time.  The “Support & Save” initiative at EasyEventPlanning.com, for example, lets the community know how they can support local event businesses while saving money at the same time.

How she got the idea to start EasyEventPlanning.com to begin with
All the ways she is helping event vendors
The changes she’s made at her site for COVID
The purpose of the GoFundMe campaign  

You can schedule an interview right on her calendar – https://meetings.hubspot.com/kkilmer or contact her at  kkilmer@easyeventplanning.com or 877-337-5261 x13.

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