Glow Party Invitations

Glowing Ideas for Glow Party Invitations

Glow parties are always fun themes. You can do so many different things with this theme, such as glowsticks, glow paint, and glow in the dark items. You can make t-shirts that glow in the dark, there are raves where you get covered in glow paint and then just dance the night away. Or you could just go with the classic, take a bunch of glow sticks and wear them while doing normal party stuff.

Before you can do any of this though, you have to get glow party invitations out to people so it’s not just you standing in a room along with glowing items. That would be a little awkward. 

DIY Glow Party Invitations

Different Glow Party Invitations

One of the biggest trends nowadays is DIY invitations, well DIY anything really. Here are just a few ideas that could get you started on coming up with your own ideas to make your invitations for your party. 

Glow in the Dark 

For one of the DIY ideas for Glow Party invitations, you can find a template for a glow party invitation online. Then you just have to download it, edit in the details of your party, and print off the invitations. 

For the real DIY part of this, you need to get puffy paint that glows and then trace the parts of the invitations that you want to make glow. Allow the paint to dry before you insert into envelopes, and then mail. The paint will help add the cool edge to this invitation that not everyone else would think of. 

Glow Stick

With these invitations, you can help set the mood for your party before they even arrive. First, find free downloadable invites that you would like to use, then you can save it and edit it with all the details for your party. This part is just like the last idea, but what makes it DIY and different is what you do next. 

Get the guests invited excited by adding a glow stick in the envelope with the invitation. It will add a little excitement to the invitation, but you have to make sure that when you add the glow stick you crack it so it’s already all lit up for the guest when they open up the invite. Just don’t crack the glow stick until right before you seal up and mail out the invitations.

Printable Glow Party Invitations

Printable Glow Party Invitations

An easy way to make invitations is to find free downloadable designs. A lot of the ones you can find online can be edited too, which is even better. Here is a couple that you can find online, that might get you inspired to get your glow on. 


This invitation doesn’t glow like the DIY invitations but it is very colorful and fun and filled with neon colors to go with the theme of the party. It’s a very simple design compared to others but if you just want an invitation to reflect the colorfulness of a glow party this colorful invitation hits its mark. 

Printable & Classic

This printable invitation has a more classic vibrant glow look to it. They use a black background and are about the size of a postcard. It has extra lines after all the basic info that you might need to put on the invitation, to put extra information, or just use it as decoration. The extra lines could be used for something as simple as just telling people what they should wear to the party, or what they should bring.

Design Your Own Glow Party Invitations

Design Your Own Glow Party Invitations

These designs are not exactly DIY but they are very easily designed by yourself. These specific designs can be found on, which is a free design website that you can create invitations like this. What is nice too, is you can get them professionally printed, print them yourself, or even just email or send them electronically to your guests. You can also change any elements of the invitations that you do not like into whatever you may want.


Get the word out about your glow party with this creative invitation. Instead of using lots of bright colors or making it look like it is glowing use this design from Canva that is easily customizable. This design uses a lightbulb effect to make the words instead. This helps grab attention in a different way than the other invitations do.

Glowing Brush Strokes

Another way to invite your friends to get glowing is by sending this customizable invite to everyone. It uses neon colors that look like they have been brushed on to invite people to the party. It works especially well if you also plan on having glowing paint at your party.

Social Media Glow Party Invitations

Social Media Glow Party Invitations

With a new generation comes a new way of throwing and telling people about parties. While Facebook may even still seem outdated for some high schoolers to want to use to plan their parties, it is still an effective way, especially because at a press of a button, you can see who is coming and answer any questions people leave in the comments about the party. You can come up with Facebook banners such as this one. 

Facebook Event 

Facebook makes it very easy for people to send invites to others without having to spend a bunch of money on fancy invites. Plus, it becomes very easy to see who can, possibly, and cannot come to the party. This vibrant Facebook event banner can be an eye-catching photo for someone to see when they open up the event page to get more details and respond if they can even go. 

Professionally Done Glow Party Invitations

Professionally Done Glow Party Invitations

If you still don’t like these ideas and you want something that may seem more store-bought but original, you can go on Amazon and Etsy and look through the several glow party designs they have on there. Here are just a few of the designs that you can find on those sites. 

Get Glowing

These Amazon invitations are in a classic neon glow paint design, that includes printed on paint splatters to make it look like neon paint, neon lettering that looks like a light-up neon sign, and even what looks like glow in the dark bracelets. It leaves plenty of blanks so that when you order them you just have to write in your own information and then mail or hand them out. Maybe use some neon or bright colored pens though, to keep with the bright colors of the invitations. 

Invitation Card

These cards make for cute invitations as they are foldover invitations. They are actually the same design as a printable version that you can find online, but with the difference being that they are foldover and printed professionally and on better paper than what you can do yourself. This is a nice option in case you want the same design, but you were hoping to find the ones that were printed for you. Plus, they are the perfect feel for a glow party invitation. 

Rainbow Stars Space

You can personalize this invitation, download it, and then print it as well. When you buy this Etsy invitation the designer will send you an invitation to edit. What’s nice about this Etsy design, is you can continually edit and change it, and that once you buy it, you don’t have to buy the design again.

This design looks like neon stars in space and they alternate between just bright colors on the invitation and neon glow to the letters and the design. You can also choose to print them yourself or get the designer of them to print them for you in two different options. This is especially nice if you want your invitations printed on cardstock, or to have a shinier look to them then just printing it in a regular printer. 

VIP Pass

This invitation is unlike all the rest. Instead of being one you can just print off and mail out like every other invitation you see. It is actually a VIP pass, that is an invite. It looks like a VIP pass but just has all the details of the party, and even has the ability to have a photo of the guest of honor printed on it. It’s printed on plastic, and it comes with a black lanyard, so your guests can walk into the party feeling like they are a million bucks. 


There are lots of different options that you can go with to create invites for your glow parties. There are also lots of different websites you can go to find those websites. Hopefully, these glow party invitations have made you inspired by what type of invitation you want to have.

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