He or She What Will It Be

40 Exciting He or She What Will It Be Gender Reveal Ideas

Hosting a gender reveal party has become a growing trend with all of the fun ideas of letting all of your friends and family know the gender of your baby. Out of all of the different themes that you can throw, the He or She What Will It Be gender reveal party theme is simple and easy. In this blog post not only will you find great ideas for decorations, activities and party favors but you’ll also be able to apply your very own personal touch! In addition to this He or She theme, you can also find some other neat ideas and gender reveal themes that can pair very well with this one too!

He or She What Will It Be Decorations 

He or She What Will It Be Decorations 
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The decorations of any celebration make up the first impression that your guests have once they arrive. For a He or She gender reveal party you’ll probably want to include the classic blue and pink duo with a tertiary color such as gold or green. Either way, there are some decorations that you’ll need so that your event comes to life. 

1. He or She sign 

A minimalistic sign that features your very own sonogram photo and the event’s name right underneath, you can hang this up as a He or She welcome sign or anywhere in your house after your celebration has ended. The pink, blue and gold are great compliments and can lend beautifully to a similar color scheme. 

2. He or She table confetti 

Although a small detail, some confetti will make your tables sparkle and less bland. You can find and purchase all kinds of He or She table confetti, whether you want it to only be He or She or another theme woven together with it. 

3. He or She garland 

A piece of decoration that can be hung in the entrance or somewhere that everyone can take photos in front of, this garland can tie together your entire gender reveal party theme. 

4. He or She photo booth backdrop

As another place in your party that can be used to take photos in front of, your He or She photo booth backdrop* can have almost anything that you’d like it to have. It can have words or no words, clouds with falling stars, pink and blue balloons, baby-related items and much more. 

5. He or She photo booth photo sticks

Along with a backdrop, you’ll need some photo sticks to go along with it so that taking photos together is more fun and enjoyable. For the He or She theme, you can have pink and blue photo sticks* that come in the shapes of baby hats, bodysuits, baby feet, bows and crowns. Some photo stick packs come with “team boy” or “team girl” options too! 

6. He or She reveal balloon drop bag

To make the anticipation so much more exciting, you can incorporate a balloon drop bag* that’s filled with colored balloons that coincide with the baby’s gender! To release the balloons from the bag all you have to do is pull a string, which makes it easy and accessible for everyone. 

7. He or She table centerpiece 

There are some traditional gender reveal table centerpieces that would work perfectly for your He or She-themed celebration. Some of the most popular ones include pink and blue fake roses, bows, bodysuits and many others. 

He or She What Will It Be Party Favors

He or She What Will It Be Party Favors
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Once the party is over, it’s always nice to bring something home that will remind you of all of the good moments that you shared with your family and friends. Especially for a He or She gender reveal celebration, it’s a great idea to incorporate favors that revolve around your theme. Here is our list of nifty party favor gifts that you can consider. 

8. “Poppin bottles” bottle opener

Coming in a variety of baby blue and pink packaging, these bottle openers come in the shape of a baby bottle. Wrapped in a bow and a little box, this party favor gift is great for all of your older guests! 

9. He or She hand sanitizer

Especially since it’s become increasingly important to keep our hands clean due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it would be handy and helpful to hand out custom gender reveal labeled hand sanitizers to all of your guests.

10. He or She candle reveal 

If you plan on hosting a gender reveal celebration and not letting the cat out of the bag then and there, you can send everyone home to find out the gender of the baby for themselves with this gender reveal candle! After burning for a while, a blue or a pink heart will appear in the wax! 

11. He or She custom silver mint tins

You can purchase bags of mints in bulk and put a handful of them into a metal round tin with a custom He or She label on top of it. Not only is this party favor useful but once the metal tin is empty it can be reused for something within everyone’s households. 

12. He or She soap 

For either the shower or for your hands, a gender reveal soap favor is useful and fun for everyone. Coming in shapes of elephants, baby feet, baby bottles or regular bar soaps, you can also get these in a baby pink or blue. 

13. He or She baby bars 

As Hershey bars that are made to look like babies, you can add other information to the packaging including the baby’s name, the date of the gender reveal party and much more. 

He or She What Will It Be Menu Ideas

He or She What Will It Be Menu Ideas
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Food makes up a large part of parties as it allows people to get through the day without being hungry. At your He or She gender reveal celebration you can incorporate different food items that have the baby pink and blue colors and are just as tasty as they are pretty. 

14. Cake pops 

If you don’t plan on having a large cake to feed everyone, you can have cake pops instead. There can be an equal number of cake pops that are either baby pink or blue. The cake flavors inside can also vary according to your preferences. 

15. Chocolate dipped pretzel rods

A sweet and salty treat, you can serve white chocolate dipped pretzel rods that are colored to be either or both pink and blue. You can also add toppings to them such as sprinkles and edible crystals. 

16. Gender reveal cookies 

In the shape of a baby’s foot you can create your favorite kind of cookie and serve it to your guests. There are a large variety of cookie recipes to choose from so it’s best to select one that goes best with the other foods that you’re offering. 

17. Blue and pink punches 

With two different colored beverages such as the Sonic ocean water drink for blue and a pink lemonade for pink, you can put both of them in their own separate beverage dispensers so that people have a choice. If you plan on having more adult guests, you can include shots of liquor in both too! 

18. Colorful deviled eggs 

If you’re looking for something more savory rather than sweet for your gender reveal party, you can serve deviled eggs but make them fun by coloring them pink or blue! 

19. Gender reveal popcorn

Another savory snack that everyone can enjoy, colored popcorn can also be fun as it can be a mix of pink and blue popcorn pieces. You can display the popcorn in gender reveal popcorn boxes* that have the traditional blue and pink colors to make it more fun! 

20. Baked brie gender reveal

This is an opportunity for you to incorporate a deliciously baked good at your gender reveal party. Who doesn’t like a puff pastry that’s stuffed with a fruity and cheesy center? You can use blueberry and raspberry jam as signifiers for the He or She theme. 

He or She What Will It Be Activities 

He or She What Will It Be Activities 
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A part of planning a party is keeping everyone entertained, which will be important for your very own gender reveal party! For your He or She celebration there are a handful of games that you can play that everyone is sure to enjoy. 

21. He or She gender reveal game

A fun poster game that everyone can be a part of, everyone will have to sign a heart and place it on either the pink or blue side of the poster. Then you can have everyone guess what each person guesses the gender of the baby to be. After the party is over you can frame this and keep it as a reminder of your celebration! 

22. Punch pong 

If you’ve ever played beer pong, this is a variation of that game but instead of beer, you’ll be replacing the liquid in the cups with spiked or virgin punch! You can play individually or in teams and incorporate pink and blue punch. 

23. Baby name race 

Especially for a gender reveal party, it could be fun to see what your guests are thinking that you’ll name your newborn child. For this baby name race game you’ll set a timer and have everyone write as many names as they can down and you can reward the person who guesses the name you were thinking about! 

24. He or She scavenger hunt 

Depending on your venue you can incorporate a scavenger hunt all around that has clues about the expected birth date of the baby, it’s name, a sonogram or photos of yourself or your guests. It’s your own party, so you make the rules up and generate the clues that could lead everyone to figure out the gender of the baby! 

25. He or She pop to see

With black balloons tacked or tapped to a wall, you can have everyone try to pop the balloons inside to see the colored powder, confetti or paint that’s inside. The color that appears the most can reveal the gender of the baby! 

26. Balloon popping relay race

Split into teams, your guests will have to run to the end of each line and pull out a balloon and try to pop it by jumping, sitting or stepping on it. When it’s popped they’ll have to race to the other end of the line and tag someone to begin running next. For this game it’s best to use pink and blue balloons. The winning team can get a fun prize! 

He or She What Will It Be Supplies 

He or She What Will It Be Supplies 
Source: Amazon

Every celebration needs supplies so that they’re able to run smoothly while also enabling an easy cleanup process. For your He or She gender reveal party there are some theme-specific supplies that you can incorporate so that your party is tied together nicely throughout. 

27. Latex balloons

What’s a party without any balloons? These balloons and others feature the words “He or She” while others have question marks. 

28. Paper plates 

For an easy cleanup you’ll need some paper plates, especially ones that contribute to your overall theme. You can either get plain baby blue and pink plates or ones that have the He or She theme. 

29. Cupcake toppers 

If you’re planning on having some cupcakes at your gender reveal party you can top them off with some cute He or She cupcake toppers that come with the traditional baby blue and pink colors. 

30. Napkins 

Needed for the inevitable spills and messes, you can also incorporate plain napkins or ones that have a cute design that contribute to your overall gender reveal party theme. 

31. Paper cups 

Paper cups also make for an easy cleanup as they can be thrown out once they’ve been used. You can get plain cups, ones that match your plates and napkins, or cups that have the He or She theme inscribed on it. 

32. Plastic Utensils 

Whether you’re serving finger foods or not, you’ll need some utensils just in case. Just some plain pink, blue or white plastic utensils will do as people can choose their preferred color as they guess the gender of the baby! 

33. Paper straws 

If you’re not going to provide cups or if you’d like to offer an alternative to that, you can include paper straws on your supply list for any younger guests that’ll be attending your gender reveal party. You can purchase all kinds of gender reveal straws*, many of them include different variations of baby pink and blue patterns. 

He or She What Will It Be Invitations

Invitations set the tone of the kind of party that you’ll be hosting, especially for the kind of theme that you’re going for with your own gender reveal party. Since the He or She gender reveal theme is quite a general one, there are a variety of different invitations that you can choose from that will represent your celebration the best. You can choose from generic invitations or He or She customizable invitations so that all you have to do is print and send them! 

34. Blue and pink watercolor invitations 

Decorated with a simple bright pink and blue watercolor design on the top and bottom, this invitation features a cute script and a sans-serif rounded font for the body of the invitation so there can be no mistakes made about where and when the gender reveal party will be! 

35. Baby bodysuit invitation

With pink, blue and gold circles decorating the edges of the invitation, this one is great if you’re planning to go with a bright and shining color scheme. With a fun font for the body copy and a twirling script for the title, this invitation is fun and cute at the same time! 

36. Gold and green eucalyptus invitation 

With a soft design that is done by the watercolor illustrations at the top, this invitation is great if you’re planning on hosting a minimalistic gender reveal party. 

37. Blue and pink flowers invitation

With another minimalistic design, this one has pink and blue flowers at the corners of the invitation. There is a swirling script in the middle with another typeface that is easy and simple to read. 

38. Blue and pink balloons invitation 

Including a beautiful combination of balloons and flowers, this invitation has a dark navy blue and blush pink. To complement these colors, there are dark and light green leaves on the edges of the invitation. 

39. Raining cloud invitation 

With a raining cloud as the focus of this invitation, its colors ombre from pink to blue with gold specs as decoration. With a gray background, the invitation information will be written in gold and white and in a script and bold typeface. 

40. Two balloons invitation 

Although this is another invitation that has navy blue and blush pink balloons, this one is simpler and allows you to customize the baby’s name if you’ve already planned for it. 


Now that you’ve gotten all of the baby pink and blue ideas that you’ll need for a He or She what will it be gender reveal party, you can start planning! 

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