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A message from's CEO

During this time of crisis in our nation, it’s essential that we join together to honor and thank the first responders in the hospitals, nursing homes and health care facilities – both the seen (nurses, doctors, aids, pharmacists, medics, phlebotomists, etc) and the unseen (those who work in labs, food service, janitorial, security, administration, etc). They are putting their own health and the health of their loved ones back home at risk every single day.

These people are akin to the firefighters of 911 and the law enforcement officers who run toward a shooter. While the rest of us are social distancing, they’re choosing to walk into highly challenging conditions day after day. They face angry, panicked patients (many of whom don’t qualify for testing), overcrowded facilities and increasingly limited medical supplies, including personal protective equipment essential to keep themselves from contracting the virus and bringing it home to their loved ones. And they still face the same empty grocery shelves, childcare crises, etc that we all do.

This isn't anything like dealing with a natural disaster or mass shooting. In those instances, they're also called upon to be heroes. But they're not putting their own lives or the lives of their families at risk in answering the call. And there is an end point in those instances - usually a few days or weeks. This situation requires them to put others first and even ahead of their own loved ones and there isn't a person among us who can say how long this will last. Till there's a vaccine a year from now? They choose whether to go into work or not every day and we desperately need them to keep showing up. Our lives depend on it.

You alone can make a difference by recognizing the tremendous sacrifice they're making for you and your loved ones. Applaud their unbelievable courage. Build them up by sending them a message of love, support and encouragement. You can post a very personalized message to one or several facilities in your area or spread your love and gratitude to the heroes at 12,000+ US facilities. Let’s honor these heros who aren't hearing the words "thank you" in person very often.

I would like to personally thank three of my sisters out there on the front lines every day and Rosemarie Kleitz of A Balloon Affair in Binghamton NY (another sister) who has worked with me to get this initiative going. We could really use some volunteers to ensure this Honor and Thank campaign hits its mark. We believe it can save lives.

Kathleen Kilmer, CEO