Ice Cream Theme Party

How to Make a Sweet Ice Cream Theme Party

An ice-cream-themed party is a sweet way to celebrate a child’s birthday. Follow these tips for ice cream party decorations and favors to make your parties a success!

Ice Cream Theme Party: Decorations 

1. Bright colors

Ice cream colors are bright and vibrant. Use bright colors to outfit your party area.

2. Ice cream scoops 

Use ice cream scoops as a centerpiece idea. Purchase some scoops with different color handles and put them in various places around the house in cups and bowls. Maybe stick a few to the walls or hang them from the ceiling!

3. 3D Ice Cream Cones

Make 3D ice cream cones using simple supplies. Water balloons (for their small size) and colored construction paper. Twist the piece of construction paper into a cone shape and use tape to hold it in the cone shape. Tape the air-filled water balloon to the inside of the cone. Be careful, as the edges of the paper can be sharp enough to pop the balloon! Once done, hang them from the ceilings by attaching the bottom of the cone to a ribbon, or tape them to walls.

4. Cardboard cutouts

Get some cardboard (old boxes will work perfectly). Cut out ice cream cone shapes from the cardboard, paint them in ice cream colors, and hang them on the walls. Then, try cutting out circles. This works best when using a cutting knife. Hang them on top of the cones or glue them together!

Ice Cream Theme Party: Menu 

1. Banana Split Bar 

Set up tables with everything guests will need to make a banana split, including sprinkles, ice cream, ice cream scoopers, bananas, cherries, nuts, strawberries, marshmallows, and anything else you can think of! Make sure to put labels on everything and keep nuts separate in case of allergies.

2. Cupcakes & Cookies 

Make delicious ice cream cone cupcake treats (you typically serve cupcake balls on wafer cones). Quick, easy recipes for these can be found online. If possible, make the cupcakes into ice cream flavors. You can also serve some traditional chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry wafer cookies.

3. Mini Main Course

 Even though this is an ice cream party, it is important to have a variety of foods present. Things like salads, sausages, sandwiches, and mac & cheese are easy to serve in smaller sizes and are not too filling. Make sure that the guests keep in mind the dessert and don’t eat too much too soon!

4. Frosty Fondue 

Use a ball scooper to make small, round scoops of ice cream to place on a cookie sheet. Insert a large toothpick into each ice cream ball, and then place the tray in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then, take them out, and dip them into chocolate syrup (make sure it’s the kind that hardens), and roll the balls into nuts, chocolate chips, crushed candy, sprinkles, or crushed cookies. Put them in the freezer until guests arrive- and there you go!

5. Marvelous Milkshakes

Nothing adds to the frozen goodness like a good old-fashioned milkshake. Serve them in miniature glasses. For a special touch, have each party guest’s glass engraved with his or her name. 

Ice Cream Theme Party: Games and Activities

1. Sweet Spoon Race 

A new twist on an old classic party game! You’ll need: guests, ice cream cones, preferably hot weather, scoops, and very cold balls of ice cream. Position two guests holding ice cream cones (one empty, one with ice cream) a running distance from each other. Have the guests first scoop the ice cream out of the cone. Then, they must run across and place the ice cream into the 2nd cone. They must keep the scoop from falling off the spoon! The first one to reach to put their ice cream ball in the cone wins. If there is enough willing to participate, split people into teams. 

2. Yummy Crafts 

Buy some wooden ice cream sundae cutouts to be painted, glittered, and bejeweled. Also, have foam sheets cut out in the shape of Popsicles that guests can add a funny face to using googly eyes and markers. 

3. Incredible Ice Cream 

Allow guests to create their very own frozen treat ideas using a simple homemade ice cream recipe. After everyone chooses their flavor, host a mini cooking class-style demonstration, and have everyone follow along. Guests will have a blast learning about and creating ice cream! 

4. Bingo Time 

Search online for templates, or make your own. The winner gets a gift card to an ice cream shop.

5. Guess the Flavor 

This activity will test how well your guests know their ice cream flavors. See who can correctly guess the most flavors of ice cream. Participants must be blindfolded, and the winner is whoever guesses the most flavors correctly throughout the games!

6. Pin The Cherry On The Sundae

For this activity, print out a large picture of an ice cream sundae that is missing a cherry on top and hang it on the wall. You’ll also need a paper cherry for every guest playing. Each child tries to pin the cherry on the sundae while being blindfolded.

7. Hot Fudge Sundae

 Play this game like Hot Potato, using an object to represent a hot fudge sundae rather than a potato to stick with the theme of your dessert event. Print out a picture of a sundae or use a bowl with clean balled-up socks and brown felt cut to look like fudge. Sit in a small circle on the floor and pass around the sundae while ice cream truck music is playing. When the music is stopped, the person left holding the ice cream sundae is out. The last person left is the winner!

8. Scoop Toys

Every child at your party will absolutely love a pretend-play ice cream set! Arrange together ice cream scoops, kinetic sand, cups, and “saucers”- anything from shiny rocks to slime. Make sure the younger kids are not trying to eat the sand or “saucers”.

Ice Cream Theme Party: Favors

Ice cream dishes 

You can purchase some small brightly colored ice cream dishes from any department store.

Flavored syrups: 

Go to a grocery store and purchase small bottles of flavored syrup, such as chocolate, strawberry, or caramel.

Ice cream shaped piñata: 

Buy an ice cream shaped piñata and fill with candy. You can play the pinata game, and have the winners take the sweets or just give it away to someone- up to you!

Ice cream scoops: 

Give out fancy ice cream scoops as party favors. Tie a ribbon around the scoops as a decorative touch.

Tasty Bowls

Give your guests their very own personal ice cream bowls! Purchase the ones that look like ice cream waffle cones. Customize each guest’s bowl by engraving/painting his or her name on it. 

Creative Candles

Candles shaped like ice cream cones are both great decorations and favors. Make sure they are wrapped in clear cellophane and secured with a shiny ribbon for extra prettiness. Buy them in different colors to match the ice cream flavors- and maybe give out each guest their “favorite”.

Mini Recipes

Make a mini recipe book for each guest that features how to make ice cream, popsicles, smoothies, milkshakes, and other frozen treats. The easiest way to make one is by handwriting each page, copying the pictures, arranging them in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, printing out, and stapling/sewing them together! Sounds like a lot of work? Don’t be deceived- the process is fairly quick and very, very satisfying. In the end, decorate the mini-books with ribbons. Guests may use these recipes at their own parties!

Sweet Soaps

Purchase oval-shaped soap bars and icicle sticks. Wet the icicles with warm water, and stick them into the soap bars. Once dried up, they should stick together fairly well. Attach flavor tags to each “icicle”. You can make up your own flavors or look up some of the more exotic ice cream flavors out there- after all, they will taste like soap anyways.

Goody Bags

Little things like ice-cream-shaped erasers, ice-cream themed notepads, and other accordingly themed, cheap and simple items would be perfect! Tiny bags with ice-cream flavored jelly beans or gummy bears would be the cherry on top.

Gracious Gift Card

Giveaways such as gift cards for your local ice cream parlor are a wonderful way to pass on the ice cream spirit! Everyone will appreciate the thoughtfulness of these favors and will always remember your generosity.  


We hope you enjoyed these unique ideas for an Ice Cream Theme Party. A lot of foods can be used for other parties as well so we hope this article has inspired you to be creative.

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