Legos Birthday Party Invitations

Creative Ideas for Legos Birthday Party Invitations

The best parties start right from the beginning, with awesome invitations that get your guests excited! If you’re planning a LEGOs party for yourself or someone else, take a look at these creative and fun Legos birthday party invitations. Provided are ideas for three different forms of invitations: online, pre-printed mailable, and custom mailed invites. 

Legos Birthday Party Invitations

Online Invitation Ideas

If you’re looking to send virtual invitations, these are the perfect invitations for you. Especially in the state of our world right now, virtual invitations are a perfect way to set up a virtual birthday party or just an easy hassle free way to send info out in these times. 

1. LEGO Celebrate

This fun invitation builds the lettering for your invitation in awesome lego blocks. There’s different colored LEGOs that flash and space for you to write your own title and details. It is sure to get your guests excited for what’s to come!

2. LEGO Party

Similar to the last invitation, this one creates the lettering in lego blocks as well! This invitation spells out “PARTY” with different colors. Perfect and clear for reaching out to your guests.  

3. LEGO Castle

This interactive invitation has waving flags on a cool LEGO castle. There’s plenty of space to write out all your detail while still leaving plenty of space to enjoy the visuals.


Pre-Printed Mailable Invitations:

If you want to stick to the classic mailed invitations, here are some fun ideas to use. Nothing brightens your day more than finding a cool party invitation in the mail and a party to look forward to. 

4. LEGO Batman

If you’re a fan of LEGO Batman, this invitation is perfect for you. This card has LEGO characters including Batman, Catwoman, and Robin in action. The text is written in block LEGO font and together this card is sure to be a great beginning to the best party. 

5. LEGO Ninjago

If you’re more of a LEGO Ninjago lover, this invitation will suit you better. This invitation captures an epic battle between two characters. The visual is accompanied by blue lettering. 

6. LEGO Block

These cards are nice and simple. The enlarged basic block card is really cool and perfectly resembles a LEGO. The multicolored LEGO pieces card is bright and colorful and leaves plenty of room to write out all the details of your party. 

Custom Mailable Invitations

If you want your invitations to be personalized to really impress your guests, look towards websites such as Etsy that will give you the coolest invitations ever. Ask artists to create a cool design for you or simply customize the card with your name and party details. 

7. LEGO Package

This invitation is designed to look like the packaging of a new LEGO set! Personalize your name in the corner in substitute for the LEGO logo, add the age of the special birthday person where the age recommendation goes, and add RSVP details where the warning message goes. 

8. LEGO Number Block

Personalize your invitation with a big block number to emphasize the special reason for celebration. The important title and information can be written inside the block number, with a colorful and fun LEGO block background.


9. LEGO Photo

Make the ultimate customization to your invitation by creating a card with the birthday boy or girl’s picture on it! This card is sure to wow your guests. Include a picture of your choice that is embedded on top of colorful rainbow LEGO blocks.


LEGOs are a part of virtually every kids’ childhood. What better way to celebrate that than by having a LEGOs themed party for your birthday. You will surely have the coolest birthday party of the year if you use one of these LEGOs birthday party invitations!

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