Legos Birthday Party Invitations

31 Brick-Tastic LEGOs Birthday Party Ideas

The best parties start with good planning to keep your guests excited! LEGOs are a hit with children and adults alike. If you’re planning a LEGOs theme party for your birthday or someone else’s, take a look at these fun LEGOs birthday party ideas to get inspired and make your party memorable.

LEGOs Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

1. LEGO Block Birthday Banner

Celebrate the birthday girl or boy with colorful LEGO birthday banners*. They light up the room and quickly get your guests into the jolly atmosphere of your party.

Birthday banner with letters in block-patterned squares in red, green, blue, and yellow.
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2. LEGO Balloons

Put balloons of LEGO bricks and characters all around the room to keep up the LEGO spirit. You can tie them to chairs and other furniture.

3. LEGO Block Hanging Decorations

Hang assortments of paper LEGO block structures along the walls. You can take it up a notch by getting a box of actual LEGOs and attaching the blocks to ribbon strings.

4. LEGO Photo Backdrop

Give all the party goers a nice LEGO backdrop* to take photos that will be treasured well after the party.

5. LEGO Centerpieces

Build any kind of centerpiece, from pianos to mini houses, with LEGO building sets*. They can go on tables and other furniture. You can also go your own path and create something else using just a box of blocks and your imagination.

LEGOs Birthday Party Ideas: Favors

6. LEGO Block Notepads

Keep organized in style with LEGO block notepads. Guests can use them in their daily lives for keeping track of errands, writing down shopping lists, taking notes, and other purposes.

5 notepads with yellow, green, red, and blue LEGO blocks and a pencil near the bottom. 1 notepad is opened to a page with a grocery list.
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7. LEGO Bracelets

Give the party guests colorful LEGO bracelets* that everyone can easily wear. They can add cheer to any outfit.

8. LEGO Block Sunglasses

LEGO sunglasses* are as cool as it gets. They’re especially handy if the birthday party is outdoors in the sun. The bright colors make for silly and memorable photos.

9. LEGO-Shaped Party Favor Box

Put small goodies and treats for your guests in a LEGO brick box to continue the LEGO theme. They can serve as reminders of the good time they had at your party.

10. The LEGO Movie Figures

Fans of The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Movie 2 will be thrilled to find figures* of their favorite characters in their party favors box.

LEGOs Birthday Party Ideas: Food Ideas

11. LEGO Candles

What better candles to add some colorful fun to the birthday cake than LEGO candles*? They can make candle-blowing extra enjoyable. They would be a lovely touch to a LEGO cake, which you can order or even bake yourself if you are so inclined.

12. LEGO Molds

Get creative with LEGO molds* and make anything from lollipops to chocolates. Aside from the standard bricks, you can get molds of LEGO men and LEGO cars to delight guests.

13. LEGO Cookies

Leave out some of these LEGO cookies for guests to munch on anytime. LEGO heads with various expressions are fun to eat.

14. LEGO Cookie Cutter Arrangements

For creative presentation, you can fill LEGO cookie cutters with treats like Kisses, M&Ms, gummies, and many others.

15. LEGO Block Lollipops

Lollipops in the shape of LEGO blocks will be a hit at the party. They can be put on the snacks table and even used as prizes for games.

LEGOs Birthday Party Ideas: Games/Activities

16. LEGO Twister

Put a LEGO spin on the classic game of Twister. Watching everyone try not to lose their balance in awkward poses never gets old.

A young boy and girl on a Twister floor with LEGO blocks.
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17. LEGO Car Building Contest

All you’d need for this simple contest is a box of LEGOs*. Players race to build the best cars they can, scoring points for speed, creativity, and other categories. Winners can get candies or something else as prizes.

18. LEGO Bingo

You can print out Bingo sheets* and put stickers of LEGO characters over the numbers on the squares. You can also take plain paper and divide it into bingo squares with a pen or pencil. Instead of calling out numbers, you can call out character names. Everyone competing to fill their sheets with bingos just got even more exciting!

19. Tallest LEGO Tower Challenge

Have guests divided into teams. Each team tries to build the tallest tower out of LEGO blocks without tipping the tower over. The team with the tallest standing tower wins prizes.

20. LEGO Block Version of Hot Potato

Have everyone sit in a circle and pass a soft building block* around. When the music stops, the person holding the LEGO block or structure is out of the game. The last player standing in the game wins a prize.

LEGOs Birthday Party Ideas: Party Supplies

21. LEGO Napkins

Wiping spills and crumbs off lips is more fun with these colorful napkins. You can put stacks of them on the snacks and drinks table.

A napkin with blue, green, red, and yellow LEGO blocks.
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22. LEGO Block Forks and Spoons

The party food can become even more delicious when your guests are using red, yellow, and blue utensils* to eat them. You can even find utensils with LEGO blocks on them for an even more fitting touch.

3 pairs of plastic brick forks and spoons in blue, yellow, and red.
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23. LEGO Paper Plates

Plate cake, sweets, and your other party foods in style with LEGO plates.

Square paper plate with green, red, blue, and yellow LEGO blocks.
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24. LEGO-Patterned Tablecloths

Brighten the beverage and snacks tables with multicolor LEGO block tablecloths*.

25. LEGO Block Cups

What better way to enjoy beverages at a LEGO birthday party than drinking out of a block cup*? Guests can fill their blocks with beverages of their choice. The sturdy designs are good for kids and make for fewer spills.

LEGOs Birthday Party Ideas: Invitations

Online Invitation Ideas

If you’re looking to send invitations via instant messaging, email, or in other virtual ways, these are the perfect invitations for you. Especially in the state of our world right now, virtual invitations are an easy hassle-free way to send info out in these times. 

26. LEGO Age Blocks

This fun digital invitation features the age of the birthday boy or girl in awesome LEGO block lettering. There are LEGO robot arms on the card and lots of space for you to write your own title and details. It is sure to get your guests excited for what’s to come! You can check out similar age-centered invitations and also LEGO block numbers if you want make it a DIY project.

Birthday invitation card with age in LEGO blocks and yellow robotic LEGO arms with event information.

27. LEGO Car

This invitation features a fun car and allows you to digitally write out all your details. You can virtually send these cards to everyone in seconds.

Two stacked birthday invitations with a car, event details, and LEGO blocks in background.

Pre-Printed Mailable Invitations

If you want to stick to the classic mailed invitations, here are some fun ideas to use. Nothing brightens your day more than finding a cool party invitation in the mail and a party to look forward to. 

28. LEGO Batman

If you’re a fan of LEGO Batman, these invitations are perfect for you. Some also feature other superheroes like Catwoman and Robin. Everyone will be flocking to your party when they see such cool invitations, which will make for a great beginning to the best party. 

29. LEGO Block

Nice and simple cards can go a long way. The enlarged basic block card is really cool and perfectly resembles a LEGO. The multicolored LEGO pieces card is bright and colorful and leaves plenty of room to write out all the details of your party. 

Custom Mailable Invitations

If you want your invitations to be personalized to really impress your guests, look towards websites such as Etsy that will give you the coolest invitations ever. Ask artists to create a cool design for you or simply customize the card with your name and party details. 

30. LEGO Package

This invitation is designed to look like the packaging of a new LEGO set! Personalize your name in the corner in substitute for the LEGO logo, add the age of the special birthday person where the age recommendation goes, and add RSVP details where the warning message goes. 

Party invitations card in format of LEGO package with name, event information, and LEGO pieces in background.

31. LEGO Photo

Make the ultimate customization to your invitation by creating a card with the birthday boy or girl’s picture on it! This card is sure to wow your guests. Include a picture of your choice that is embedded on top of colorful rainbow LEGO blocks.

Two LEGO block-patterned birthday invitation cards stacked on top of each other with event description on the left and a photo of the birthday boy on the right.


LEGOs are a part of virtually every kid’s childhood. What better way to celebrate that than by having a LEGOs themed party for your birthday. You will surely have the coolest birthday party of the year if you use our LEGOs birthday party ideas! To further help you with your party planning, be sure to check out our helpful budget and party checklist as well as ideas for kid’s gifts.

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