Monterey Wedding Venues for a Laid-Back California Celebration

18 Best Monterey Wedding Venues for a Laid-Back California Celebration

Finding a wedding location anywhere can be a tough task to accomplish. You want to make sure it has everything you want for your wedding so you’ll go to the ends of the earth to find the best one. Well, if you are looking to celebrate in beautiful Monterey, California, look no further. Take a look at these amazing venues that are sure to fit your needs. 

Top 18 Monterey Wedding Venues for a Laid-Back California Celebration

1. Folktale Winery and Vineyards

8940 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA, Phone: 831-293-7500

This romantic wedding venue is great for a small intimate wedding. Surrounded by a 5-acre vineyard, this venue supplies great food, great scenery, and obviously great wine. At Folktale Winery and Vineyard, they can customize their venue to what you are looking for in your wedding. Although it is a smaller venue, you can expect to have all your needs met through impeccable service, food, and wine. 

2. Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa

400 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA, Phone: 877-862-7552

Looking for a beautiful scenic venue that looks over the Monterey Bay? This is the place for you. This unbelievably beautiful venue is perfect for an outdoor and convenient wedding. It is a hotel so everyone at the wedding can go to the wedding knowing that they can just turn around and go to their rooms when done partying. Also, don’t forget about the spa. For all you brides out there, this spa will have you feeling the best you’ve ever felt for one of the biggest days of your lives. There’s no other venue like this!

3. The Holly Farm

9200 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA, Phone: 831-625-1926

The Holly Farm is a unique and majestic family-owned farm that you will not forget once you have been here. This rustic, vintage feeling venue makes you feel you are in your own little place that truly makes your wedding feel like yours. Its intimate and small setup creates a magnificent venue unlike any other. If you are looking for a place that is truly special, this is the place for you!

4. Gardener Ranch

114 West Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley, CA, Phone: 831-298-7360

Gardener Ranch is a venue with the best of both worlds. At this venue, you get the feeling of a small and intimate wedding but have space for plenty of people. In the middle of Carmel Valley, this venue has five different ceremony locations to choose from, a pool, and includes full use of the ranch for your party. Gardener Ranch truly is what most brides are looking for. I am sure you will not be disappointed with this venue.

5. Hotel 1110

 1110 Del Monte Avenue, Monterey, CA, Phone: 831-655-0515

This quaint, little hotel is a very cute wedding spot for some weddings. The hotel only has 17 rooms which may or may not fit your wedding perfectly. It is very close to downtown restaurants, Carmel Beach, and almost anything you need for your wedding. This venue will definitely provide a quiet yet beautiful setting for a wedding you will cherish forever.

6. InterContinental The Clement Monterey

750 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA, Phone: 831-375-4500

This three-time WeddingWire Couples’ Choice award-winner speaks for itself. This beautiful hotel is exactly what you are looking for. This venue has a panoramic view of the coast while having a hotel that is not pretentious at all and will go above and beyond for your wedding. Its large windows, ballroom, and courtyard make for a fairytale wedding that will be sure to please. This wedding venue is something out of a movie and it will for sure make you feel like the star of the movie. Doesn’t get much better than this!

7. Memory Garden

20 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, CA, Phone: 831-649-7118

Memory Garden is a very special wedding venue. Although it is not a place for your wedding to stay, it is without a doubt a stunning venue. It can seat up to 250 guests and is enclosed by an eight-foot adobe wall. It truly makes you feel that there is no other place in the world. With twinkly lights, cute table setups, and obviously the garden this venue will provide one of the most romantic weddings out there. Can’t go wrong with this!

8. Mission Ranch

26270 Dolores Street, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA, Phone: 831-624-6436

Are you from California but have a little country in you? Do you have some sort of connection to rural areas? Then this is the wedding venue for you. It provides a beautiful open area with two barns and patio areas to host ceremonies. During the wedding, you may gasp at the views of the meadows and sheep grazing across it. This also will provide a great spot for a reception that gives you plenty of space to dance, mingle, and enjoy the biggest night of your life. It’s a venue that will give you a rustic yet romantic evening.

9. Monterey Beach House

285 Figueroa Street, Monterey, CA, Phone: 831-648-7240

Looking for a wedding on the beach? Well, here it is! This beach house will give you everything you need for your wedding. Literally steps from the ocean, this venue will truly offer a laid-back wedding for you. Your wedding can enjoy the ocean while standing in the sand, sitting around a fire, or watch their friend or family member get married. This venue can hold up to 220 seated guests and provide everything from white wedding chairs, a wooden arch, twinkly lights, and a great night! This is a place where everyone will enjoy the night.

10. Monterey Dance and Event Center

71 Soledad Drive, Monterey, CA, Phone: 831-293-3000

Monterey Dance and Event Center lets everyone enjoy their time while not having to worry about much. This simple yet elegant event center will accommodate up to 150 guests that will truly be in awe of the venue you have chosen. This place has arched ceilings and wood floors that compliment every aspect of your wedding. With lots of space and creative designs, your wedding will be one people will talk about for weeks to come.

11. Monterey Marriott

350 Calle Principal, Monterey, CA, Phone: 831-649-4234

The Monterey Marriott offers up two different ballrooms depending on the size of your wedding. The first holds up to 180 guests with floor to ceiling windows for a panoramic view of the ocean. The second can hold up to 450 guests and has a large dance floor for your wedding to get down on. Not only does it offer those two, it has a garden, stone fountain, bricked courtyard, and an altar surrounded by trees so it does not feel like you are at just a hotel but a venue that is unique to you and yours. This elegant space will provide a simple and smooth night that you will never forget.

12. Old Whaling Station Adobe and Gardens

Jhg391 Decatur Street, Monterey, CA, Phone: 831-375-5356

Old Whaling Station is a historic state park that adheres to the budget-minded couple. The outdoor courtyard holds up to 125 guests in a beautiful outdoor garden. This simple yet cute venue provides what you need at a price that you are more than ok with. If you are not looking for an over the top wedding or just want to get married to the person who means the most to you, this may be the place. Even though it may not sound like much this venue will surprise you in its beauty when you see it.

13. Quail Lodge and Golf Club

8205 Valley Greens Drive, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA, Phone: 831-624-2888

At Quail Lodge and Golf Club, the mesmerizing golf course is your venue. It’s beautifully kept up course makes for a jaw-dropping and scenic venue that will make you look your best on your special day. Its picturesque views will make your wedding be more than glad they came to your wedding. Not only is it lovely, but its ballroom holds up to 250 guests and has three large windows that keeps the views in sight. With a lake, hills, and mountains surrounding you, this venue will make your wedding the best night of not just your life but your wedding’s lives.

14. Tarpy’s Roadhouse

2999 Salinas Highway, Monterey, CA, Phone: 831-647-1444

Tarpy’s is a very unique place with a very cute setting. Enclosed in the back, this 1917 stone ranch house gives you an extremely vintage wedding. It is a small venue providing only up to 80 seated guests but you would only come here for a small, intimate wedding. In “The Library”, you will find a cozy fireplace and private patio for your wedding to relax and enjoy Tarpy’s. This is a one of a kind place that will leave you happy with the choice of choosing Tarpy’s.

15. The Barns at Cooper Molera

535 Polk Street, Monterey, CA, Phone: 831-920-0170

The Barns at Cooper Molera is a truly beautiful modern barn that is for a couple who is looking for a country-chic wedding. With the country feel but the recent renovations of the venue, it will adhere to all wedding-goers. It is a very cute location with orchards, oak trees, and rose gardens that makes this place a top consideration for most couples that can be very hard to pass on. Take a close look and you will be very content with the decision to host your wedding here.

16. The Club at Pasadera

100 Pasadera Drive, Monterey, CA, Phone: 831-647-2400

The Club at Pasadera can provide any type of wedding you are looking for whether that be a large, elaborate wedding or small, intimate wedding. The Club has all things necessary for either type. With old Spanish décor, 150 holding capacity, and personalized service this venue is a shoo-in for a top choice for couples that is hard to deny. While looking over the northern slopes of Santa Lucia, your wedding will be one to remember and will be everything you are hoping for. Good luck passing on this one!

17. The Perry House

201 Van Buren Street, Monterey, CA, Phone: 831-920-1682

The Perry House is an award-winning wedding venue. Although it may not look like much, this venue will be sure to open your eyes to what a wedding venue means. With views of the Monterey Bay, gardens, and outdoor ceremony patio this venue is so incredibly cute yet awe-inspiring that it will make you ever wonder why you wanted a big, over the top wedding. This venue will get the job done for you and more so make sure you take your time passing on this one because you will be missing out if you do.

18. Wedgewood Weddings

4860 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA, Phone: 866-966-3009

This wedding is surely a special one in that it offers two types of weddings. You can either have your ceremony on the beach facing the coastline or you can have one in nature surrounded by trees and gardens. This choice is up to you and allows you to customize your wedding to exactly what you are looking for. After the ceremony, The Fiesta Room accommodates 250 guests with wood beams and white columns that give it a Spanish-style home feeling you can’t find anywhere else. There are plenty of options at this venue which allows you to make it your own and unlike any other wedding.


I know we just dropped plenty of information and options and it can be somewhat overwhelming. Take your time going through this list. Go to each website see what everyone has to offer and move forward. Make this process fun for you and your partner. It’s a special time so make it one. You have options from a beach wedding, a hotel scenic wedding, a small intimate wedding, and many more. Talk with your partner, figure out what you are looking for whether that be size, look, or location, there are lots to choose from and not just from here.

This is a special time in your lives and finding a venue that fits you is just a small part of this. If the venue is chosen correctly, however, the decision can make this more memorable than you ever could have thought.

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