24 Fun Music Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Music is a universal language. People from all walks of life are able to connect with each other or to themselves. Music displays emotion and feelings without limits or boundaries. If you do not know how to express your emotion it is typical of people to turn to the music that represents how they are feeling and others can pick up on that. With that being said, a music-themed baby shower is an event a lot of people can get behind. With our help, you will be able to get everyone together, share your favorite music, dance along to it, and have the baby shower of your dreams!

Music Themed Baby Shower Decorations

Music Themed Baby Shower Decorations
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Create the vibe you wish to give off for your guests with the suggestions down below. Music is a broad topic since there are so many different genres. The focus is not on that however, with every genre the same equipment, instruments and concepts are applied one way or another so the decorations will be centered around such ideas.

1. Sound Systems

You can’t play music if there is not a device to play it on. Impress your guests with a sound system that will metaphorically and literally make you feel the music.  Allow their hearts to beat to the rhythm of the songs with a large, blaring, colorful sound system.

2. Bright Color Scheme

Because music can accurately describe and display our emotions it only makes sense to choose the right colors. Colors are linked to emotion and emotion is linked to music. Since this is a happy occasion we would want brighter colors such as reds, yellows, oranges, blues, and greens.

3.  Concert Posters

Concert Posters
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Have a variety of posters scattered around from different events or artists to set the atmosphere you are looking for. Let it be posters from a certain decade, your favorite artists, retro or new, there is something out there for you.

4. Sheet Music

Leave sheet music on the tables for people to enjoy. Sheet music has existed as early as 1400B.C.and is still continued to be used to this day. Whether they can read it or not, it is still a nice piece to include and look at for decoration.

5. Vinyl and CDs

Take vinyl and CDs and place them on the wall or have them hang from the ceiling. Tie a string through the center or just glue the string on. If you are feeling extra sophisticated, create or buy vinyl/CD chandeliers to hang from the ceiling. This will be a unique piece that will for sure be one of the main attractions.

6. Disco Ball

What is a music-themed event without a disco ball? It is such a classic and iconic symbol related to music that brings life to the dance floor. Let it shine like your favorite stars and have a ball with your guests.

7. Party Lights

Truly immerse yourself with the feeling of being at a concert. Bright, colorful flashing lights will accompany a disco ball well to really get the people moving.

Music Themed Baby Shower Favors

Foil Guitar Balloons
Source: Etsy

Give your guests a favor to show your appreciation and something for them to remember this special moment! Everyone loves gifts so treat them right with these favors.

8. Guitar Picks

Have them match the color scheme of the baby shower or have an assortment of colors to choose from. Custom guitar picks with the name of the baby would make a great party favor. Keep them in a bowl or pile the picks along with a table for everyone to grab.

9. Mixtape

Devise a collection of songs on a CD of the parents’ favorite songs. This creates a personal and timeless piece for your guests to have as a souvenir or their favorite CD for car rides!

10. Music Note Keychain

A memorable and decorative piece to remind your guests of an eventful time at your baby shower. This is a small favor but in terms of significance, the music note keychain is rather large.

11. Foil Guitar Balloons

Rock out with your guests with these foil guitar balloons! Have them already inflated for the party or keep them deflated for the guests to easily bring home.

Music Themed Baby Shower Menu Ideas

Music Themed Baby Shower Menu Ideas
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Here we have a few ideas for treats that fit along with the music theme of your baby shower!

12. Microphone Cake Pops

Create your own dough by putting your favorite cookies in a food processor and adding cream cheese in the process. This dough creates the top of the microphone and the base that holds it all together will be mini ice cream cones!

13. Drumsticks


Order some or make your own chicken however you like! Fried, baked or grilled, or dipped in a variety of sauces. There is so much to be had here!

14. Sandwiches

Use a star-shaped cookie cutter to create star-shaped sandwiches!  Sandwiches are always welcomed on any occasion.

Music Themed Baby Shower Games and Activities

Music Themed Baby Shower Games and Activities

Lighten up the mood and have some fun with your guests playing any one of these games!

15. Musical Chairs

A classic game, everyone can get behind, and is fun for all ages as it is very easy to pick up. Play your favorite songs and keep playing until there is one person left. The person who is able to sit on the last chair is the winner.

16. Karaoke

Sing your hearts out! All you need is your voice. Don’t worry about how it sounds, give it your best shot, and go have fun! Everyone cannot be their favorite singer but you sure can try.

17. Baby Song List Game

Players are to name as many songs as possible with “Baby” in the title of the song within 5 minutes. The person who can get the most songs once the time is up is the winner. Make sure to provide paper and writing utensils.

Music Themed Baby Shower Party Supplies

You are going to need supplies so everyone can eat and drink appropriately. Don’t worry we got you covered!

18. Music Note Plastic Cups

Music Note Plastic Cups
Source: Etsy

These cups will go perfectly with the theme of the party. The black and white color scheme on the cups makes it easy to match the colorway of your party. The clear cups No need for those boring, solid-colored, plastic solo cups!

19. Musical Note Party Plates

Musical Note Party Plates
Source: Etsy

Sticking with the scheme, these musical note paper plates will go perfectly with the cups that were listed above. These plates are strong enough to hold lots of your yummy treats. The easy clean-up is also a plus!

20. Musical Notes Napkins

Musical Notes Napkins
Source: Etsy

We don’t want to overdo it with the black and white-colored party supplies. Switch it up with the napkins. These embossed, solid-colored napkins come with so many colors to select!

21. Gold Premium Plastic Cutlery Set

Gold Premium Plastic Cutlery Set
Source: Etsy

Have your utensils shine just like your favorite musicians! We strive to make this event go smoothly as possible, and that includes the clean-up. Similar to the cups and napkins, these utensils are disposable.

Music Themed Baby Shower Invitations

People are going to need to know that this event is taking place. Why not send them any one of these invites to your baby shower!

22. Music Notes Baby Shower Invitation

Music Notes Baby Shower Invitation
Source: Etsy

A very simple-looking invitation to send to your guests. The music notes that flow across the invitation is a nice touch to further add to the music theme. A more classic look as it resembles a piece of sheet music.  Personalize your message your way on this card.

23.  Rock-a-Bye Baby Shower Invitation

Rock-a-Bye Baby Shower Invitation
Source: Etsy

This invitation is more eye-catching to the reader. The blue and gold stand out really grabbing people’s attention. The baby with its outfit is funny to look at and for sure will get your guests excited to come to your baby shower. 

24. Concert Ticket Baby Shower Invitation

Concert Ticket Baby Shower Invitation
Source: Etsy

On our list of ideas for invitations, this for sure is one of the most creative invitations on here. Do you really want to sell the feeling of your baby shower being a fun and professional event? These concert ticket invitations are the way to go. The information will be on the front of the ticket and you can have a personalized message on the back. Not only does it come with the tickets but also with V.I.P guest passes attached to a small lanyard.


Planning a baby shower or any event for that matter can certainly be stressful. Especially considering this day in age where COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, more ways than just one. An event such as this is an exciting moment in people’s lives but it is important to be safe while having fun as well.

There is less risk holding an event such as a baby’s shower outside than inside but if everyone follows the necessary safety protocols, everything can go safely and smoothly. Rock out with your guests and enjoy this special day. Our mission here was to help spark some ideas for you and help plan your baby shower. A music theme for a baby shower is a fantastic idea, as there is nothing like music that truly brings everyone together!

Written by Joshua Yovella

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