Sports League Banquet Checklist

After you or your child has completed a long, grueling season of the sport you’re most passionate about, that deserves a celebration! Knowing where to start in planning an event like this can be tough, but our easy Sports League Banquet Checklist is here to help you!

There are so many people to be acknowledged at an event such as these because you’re a sports team! You’ll want the best event possible for those you have shared so many amazing victories with and even some tough losses. Easy Event Planning is here to help you with every step of the planning process. 

5 Reasons to Utilize our Sports League Banquet Checklist

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1. Automatic Timeline

The end of a long season comes quickly, so you’ll want to be prepared for when that time does come! You’ll also want to plan your event close enough to the end of the season that it doesn’t overlap with the start of the next season. Odds are you and your team are busy people, so you want to have the perfect date where everyone can join. Using our automatic timeline is easy and efficient to lay out everything you need to do before the event, set a date for the event, when to alert others, and so much more! This will ensure that you have everything taken care of for when the day of the event comes. 

2. Event-specific

Finding instructions for specific types of events can be tough, but not for Easy Event Planning. We have specific instructions for your Sports League Banquet right here!

3. Visuals

Having a template that is easy on the eyes makes it so much less draining when it comes time to look and see what needs to be done. We have formatted everything in a visually appealing way so that it is easy to see what tasks need to be completed and which have the highest priority. 

  • Found the perfect location for your banquet? Simply check the box in the row for choosing a venue, and it will turn green. Satisfying and easy!
  • Life can get busy and some tasks may be forgotten,  when a due date is approaching for a task it will turn yellow.  If it passes without completion, it will turn red.  This will help you easily see what needs to be done and at what pace.

4. Shareable

This is especially important when planning an event that involves a whole team! You may want to share this template with other coaches, parents, or friends. Thankfully it is easily shareable and accessible to anyone whom you wish! Multiple people can edit at the same time and it will stay up to date.

5. Helpful Links

Not only are we saving you time and energy by laying out everything you need in front of you, but we also connect you to amazing resources hand-picked by us. Our links can take you to amazing venues, decorators, DJs, florists, photographers, party stores and so much more!

How to Use our Sports League Banquet Checklist

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Simply click the download button below to get started. We have created a step-by-step guide to take you through using our checklists: how to share your checklists with fellow planners, how to add/edit/delete tasks, how to sort/filter/reorder tasks, and more.


The last step is to always have fun! Here at Easy Event Planning, we want every event to be the most special it can possibly be. Using our checklist will ensure this for your event!

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