Teacher Theme Party

18 Fun Teacher Theme Party Ideas

Everyone has that special teacher in their lives who has made a memorable impact in one way or another. One way to celebrate the hard work that they put in is with a teacher theme party. Another reason to throw this kind of party could be to celebrate a milestone in the guest of honor’s career or a promotion to a new position. No matter the reason for the celebration, a teacher theme party can be more fun than a summer break!

Teacher Theme Party Venue Considerations

Teacher Theme Party

An important thing to consider when planning a teacher theme party is the venue. Location is an important consideration as you plan activities, menu, and the size of the crowd you can expect. Here are some teacher theme party venue ideas to consider.

1. Back to School

The most convenient place to host a party would be at their school. The gymnasium or the cafeteria can be a great setting for a large group. For a more intimate party, you could plan a surprise in the teacher’s classroom or even the staff room. Both of these ideas require approaching the office to get permission to use the building.

2. A Special Event

For a more elaborate event, you can book a local event venue. Often, there will be space to have student performances and fun activities. Many venues have dance floors for all of your guests to let loose and dance their socks off.

3. The Public Library

If there is a public library in your town, ask if you can host the party in their community room. Add the rows of books to the convenient location and you have made your work that much easier.

Teacher Approved Menu Ideas

Teacher Theme Party

For me, food is the deal-breaker that makes or breaks the party. With a little leg work, you can celebrate with your guest of honor’s favorite foods. If you don’t know their favorites, it’s easy to plan the menu around some traditional teacher favorites.

4. Dessert Galore

Teachers often find a sweet treat a great escape from the stress of a long day. If your guest of honor has a huge sweet tooth, you can make your menu extra sweet. Bake a cake or cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, brownies, etc. You can also decorate brownies by writing “Brownie Points” on them with frosting. Sweets can be decorated with “#1 Teacher” or “Best Teacher Award.”

5. Takeout Food/Catering

Delicious food is always a hit at any party, and if you know your guest of honor’s favorite food, ordering catering from their favorite restaurant is one of the easiest ways to make a party come together. Not only does this save you the fuss of all the prep work, but it also is a pretty good guarantee that your food will be a hit. Does your teacher like sushi? Chinese food? Chipotle? All of them? Delicious food will most definitely be the way to their heart.

6. An Apple a Day

Bing Crosby sang, “An apple for the teacher will meet with great success.” When we think about teachers, we often think about apples. This theme works especially well in the fall when apple orchards are brimming with fresh fruit. Some ideas include preparing homemade candy or caramel apples for your guests to enjoy, along with bringing in an apple pie or some cute apple decorated cupcakes.

Top of the Class Party Favor Ideas

Teacher Theme Party

Use your creativity to put some great teacher theme party favors together! Below is a list of amazing educator giveaways that we hope will help you while preparing for this event!

7. Sugary Treats!

With this activity, you can turn parts of your menu into an activity. Provide supplies for guests to make their own candied apple or provide frosting and decorations for cupcakes or cookies.

8. Event Planner

A planner is a perfect gift to give away at a party. Provide your guests with something practical so that they can manage their time and be organized!

9. Wake Up Call

Coffee is the new water when you are busy day-in and day-out. Give your guests some coffee mugs or reusable tumblers (environmentally friendly) that they can use. You can even include a box of instant coffee to these unique giveaways!

10. Note Takers

No pen means work can’t get done. Give out some fun pens and pencils. These will always be useful to your guests! Put several together by tying ribbons around them!

Recess for Teacher Party Games

Teacher Theme Party

Create fun and laughter by preparing teacher theme party games and activities to make your guests feel like it’s their own personal recess. We have included a list of special teacher themed ideas to get you started!

12. Teacher Themed Charades

Ask guests to take turns imitating past teachers or professors that they’ve had! These activity ideas will be hilarious as people start to guess what teachers they are! A great idea is to divide your guests up into teams and award the team who has the greatest number of correct guesses!

13. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane!

Have your guests bring their old yearbooks to your party! This is an excellent way of getting to know your friends and family even better. People will share experiences and stories about the memories they’ve had with the school staff. Maybe you could learn something surprising about your favorite teacher.

14. The Alphabet Game

Have one of your guests start by thinking of a word that begins with an “A.” This word has to pertain to teachers or schools, such as apple, academics, or arithmetic. The next person in line must then recall the previous word that was said and, in addition, state a word that begins with the next letter in the alphabet, “B.” All words must be related to teachers! This game continues until the last letter of the alphabet has been given a word! The trick is to be able to recollect all the words that have been said for each letter plus the task of coming up with another!

15. Lend a Hand!

This event is great for a children’s party. Help the children trace the outline of their hands onto a piece of colored construction paper. Ask them to write their names on these hands and decorate them with their favorite color, animal, or food! Hang these up around the room for them to find later in the party!

16. Question Master

Put jeopardy games together with academic questions! Divide your guests into groups and challenge them to answer as many questions as they can correctly! If you are hosting an adult party, prepare questions that pertain to elementary or middle schools subjects, such as algebra or geography. Your guests will remember studying these subjects but will have to recall, after several years, what the answers are to these basic questions!

17. Superlatives

Brainstorm superlatives that you think fit your guests. Before the event, create a poll for them to vote for who they think fits the superlative. Examples include Sleeping Beauty, Class Clown, etc. You can use this time to acknowledge hard work, good character, and bring out laughs and good memories. 

18. Sugary Treats!

You can easily turn parts of your menu into an activity. Have guests make their own candied apple or provide frosting to decorate cupcakes.


In one way or another teachers shape us to who we are today. We want you to feel that you can show your appreciation by these fun party ideas. These ideas will ensure they will have the best time of their lives!

Written by Laura Sastre and Samantha Shek

Edited by Chris Legere

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