Trunk Party Invitations

Creative College Trunk Party Invitations

A trunk party is to celebrate those who are graduating and moving on to the next phase of their life. Trunk parties encourage the guests to buy gifts that will help the graduate get everything they might need for college and beyond. This could be household items such as picture frames, blankets, linens, irons, mini-fridge, coffee maker, other appliances, office supplies, a couch, etc. As long as it is something they need it works for a gift.

What’s nice about these invitations, is that they can potentially have any look you want. A trunk party is to celebrate a graduate so it could have a graduation theme, a suitcase theme, or it could just be designed to be an invitation that reflects the personality of the graduate being celebrated. Before the graduate can get these gifts though they have to invite the people to the party, so check out these different types of trunk party invitations that a graduate can use for their party.

Trunk Party Invitations Ideas

Trunk Party Invitations Ideas

1. Electronic Invite

These invites can be sent electronically, which has several advantages. You don’t have to worry about postage, and two, it is better for the environment. You can choose several designs from for evites. Here is a couple that is specifically from

This first evite has an old map as the background and talks about taking on the world. When people graduate and move on to the next stage of their life, this is what it feels like, so invite others to celebrate this part of life with the graduate taking on the adventure. 

The second one is a cute simple celebratory look for the evite. It’s simple and looks like little streamers and confetti are popping out with the words of congrats graduate. It’s a cute invitation to invite others to celebrate. 

A third invitation is an exquisite option for the evites that you can send out. It is classy in the background it has and the font is chosen with it but adds a little festivity with the sparkles on the words congrats grad. 

For any of the graduates who are moving out to Cali, or like the relaxed way of life, or maybe just like throwbacks, this is the fourth invitation is a wonderful way to celebrate their college journey. It shows a car loaded up completely with stuff, which is how it will feel when they move into their new home for the next four years. 

In preparation for college, the fifth invitation features many banners that look like the ones a college student will get that have their school’s name listed on them. Instead, though, these banners are cheering on this student for making it as far as they already have. So it’s the perfect invitation to invite people to their celebration.

This invite can actually be found on Etsy, and it is a text invite to send to all of your friends and family for your perfect Trunk party. It has a beautiful floral design and a glitter trunk. The template itself is straightforward to edit, and it makes your planning for your party a lot simpler, along with being eco-friendly.

2. Printable Invites

One of the easiest ways to get invites is to find free printable invitations online. Some though may have to be paid for if you have to type in the invitation information if it is not a fill in the blank one. Take a look at a few of these options that you can find online.

This design features a green trunk and balloons to really emphasize the trunk party theme. It can be easily printed off to be folded to look like a real card invitation that you could buy at the store. 

If you like the last invitation’s look, but you want different colors on the invitation, another one features an open yellow trunk instead. These invites stay on the trunk party’s theme and could work if you want to keep an open trunk to put all the gifts inside for the party.

There is another example of a similar invitation that you can easily download and print off to make invitations for your party. It’s a little less festive without the balloons that are in the two previous examples of invitations.

The last example of these classic trunk party invitations is this one, and It features a brown trunk and balloons. These invitations are cool because they are so simple and sort of childlike looking, and that’s what this party is about. It’s about a person moving on from their childhood and stepping out into the world as the first step to becoming a real adult. 

3. Store-Bought Invites

If you want something that looks like it was more professionally done, but you would still like to use hard copies of the invitations, look up some examples you can buy online and get shipped to you. These examples can be found on Amazon, Etsy, Zazzle, etc.

There are vintage invitations that are perfect for a trunk party. It has a vintage map and vintage suitcases representing the graduate moving away from home and having to pack up all of their stuff to leave. The invitation is also easily customizable to add in all the party information while maintaining the fun look of this invitation.

Some invitations are a little more traditional in the way they look. They look more like your normal graduation party invitation. They are customizable in that you can choose a photo of the graduate for it. Then you can put their name and the school that they are going on to now that they are done with high school. 

Or there is an option of a card that is even more traditional; it even has a graduation cap on it. You can still add a photo of the graduate onto it, but it won’t take up the entire invitation like the last one. This one, though, says that it is for a trunk party while still having all the information for the party and the success of the graduate they are honoring with the party. 

Get fancy invitations with one that is a little more elegant and sparkly. It has silver glitter and cute balloons while allowing you to put in a photo of the graduate and their name to tell everyone about the party for them. 

For the guys who are being honored with this trunk party, there are invitations they may like too. It isn’t girly, and it has a cartoon of a guy wearing a graduation cap standing in front of a car with luggage. It shows that this graduate will be ready to move out in the next few months after graduating, and they are ready. Or at least they will be after this party.

This invitation can be found on Amazon, and they are printed onto matte card stock, and they are in a postcard style. They are exquisite designs that your guests are sure to love that are still durable enough that they won’t get ruined right away. 

This invitation will get your party started, and every party does begin with an invitation. When your guests get this invite, they will be excited for the party to come. This invitation, in particular, has a modern but classy look to it. The font is very classy, but the rest of the design helps with the modern look.

Everyone will look forward to your celebration with these modern and elegant black and gold invitations. They will be the perfect invite to send out to your coworkers, friends, and other family members. These invitations can make your guests feel special that they are being invited to your trunk party.

With these gold floral invitations, your family and friends will be excited about your trunk party. It’s a design with a lasting impression that your guests won’t forget about being invited to. The gold on the invitation has a metallic look to it that will add a classiness that shows the maturity of moving on in life. 

If you like travel invitations but want one that isn’t as obvious as the rest of them, this invitation is the one for you. Complete with a little bike at the bottom of the invitation, this sets the tone for the beginning of the next adventure. It’s inviting everyone to a banger for the college-bound graduate. This invitation can both be printed off or sent electronically to everyone. The party will help the graduate make sure they have everything they need before they say goodbye.

When you say goodbye, the last thing your family sees as you drive away is your license plate. So get prepared for that sad goodbye with these invitations for your trunk party. 

This invitation is an adorable feminine one that goes along with a charming trend right now. A lot of invitations for different parties include a wood background of some sort with cute stringed lights. It still works for a trunk party, though. 

For the last one, we end with a more traditional moving trunk party style invite. These invitations are the perfect way to send off the graduate with the cute retro van and all of the luggage bags. It’s the perfect invitation for a farewell to your guest of honor. 


Trunk parties are a party every graduate can get excited about. Not only are they celebrating their accomplishment, but they are also getting help before they move on to the next phase of their life. Everyone’s next phase of life looks different, so their invitations should be too. These trunk party invitations should help every party planner think of what they want for their own party.

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