Ways to de-Stress Before Wedding

5 Helpful Ways to de-Stress Before Wedding

One way to look great before your wedding day is to be relaxed. This means being well-rested, hydrated, and less stressed. So along with visiting your appointments at nail spas, beauty salons, stylists, or the gym, follow these tips below to help you enjoy and look great at your wedding. 

Ways to de-Stress Before Wedding

1. Plan Ahead

Giving yourself time to complete the tasks before your special day helps stop the stresses of a wedding. One way to do this is to plan all of your appointments early on. You can make an itinerary for the weeks leading up to the big day. Allocating certain days for working on specific tasks is also helpful. Monday’s could be for finding or making your wedding decorations while Thursday could be calling for updates on your wedding cake. Keeping your plans organized will keep your mind organized as well! This also allows you to track crucial scheduled wedding appointments, like tasting cake samples, or delivery dates. A wedding has many things to keep track of, so writing it all down on a calendar and creating an itinerary for everything will help you rest more easily.

2. Make the Day Easier

You can make the time you have on your wedding day a lot easier and less stressful by doing little things beforehand. Start to organize and prepare for the wedding by creating lists of items that still need to be done. You can put all makeup on your makeup artist’s needs in one place, as well as strainers and blow dryers that your hairstylists will need.

Ask your maid of honor to be in charge of your wedding day kit, which you can fill with things like lipstick, mints, and a phone charger; this will allow you to feel more prepared for touch-ups during the day. Getting your things organized will have you totally prepared for your celebration. It will also help avoid forgetting essential items, which allows you to celebrate and be ready for your wedding.

3. Work to Relax

Sometimes getting in a good workout can help you relax too. Things like yoga help release toxins, and going for a jog can help you channel your stress into some good work for your body. Additionally, a workout is a great time to start building up your mental “tough” mindset. By completing exercises that are harder or more challenging for you, you’ll feel more ready to take on wedding tasks or last-minute mishaps that happen during the day. 

4. Pre-Wedding Dates

Go on a relaxing and fun date with your soon to be spouse to create some memories and give you another reminder of why you love them. While wedding planning can be time-consuming and can create strains with your partner, be sure to slow down and take time to be together. Be sure to remember why you’re getting married and that the importance is upon celebrating your relationship and commitment. Be sure to spend quality time together before the wedding. This will help you both relax and continue to work well as a pair while planning for the wedding and afterward.

5. Pamper

There are many things you can do that will help you relax and complete the things you need to do simultaneously. Get your hair done at hair salons or your nails done at the salon. Get a massage or facial at day spas to help you relax and get ready for your wedding. Be sure to reach out to friends or family members and invite them to some of these excursions. This way, you’ll be able to catch up and talk before the wedding. Being around the people you love will make you more relaxed and less stressed. 


While planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, be sure to take time for yourself. Enjoy the moments that you have with your partner before the wedding by spending time with them. Organizing and planning ahead will help you feel more confident because everything will be ready before the wedding day. Remember to enjoy the process and enjoy celebrating on the big day! 

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