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37 Brilliant Wine Tasting Party Ideas

Theme parties are a unique way to escape, relax, and enjoy the company of others. Wine tasting parties are chic, sophisticated, and a great idea for adult parties. For this wine tasting party, your décor is essential to make your wine party lively and exciting.

Wine Tasting Party Decorations

wine tasting party decorations
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1. Tuscan Theme

Decorate with deep browns, reds, greens, and purples, accented with gold. Use real flowers and decorative grapes with vines as the focus. The goal is to complement the event while creating eye-catching decor.

2. Frozen Fun

Decorate the bar area with wine glasses full of frozen grapes. This is a classy way to cool down wine and prevent them from being watered down. Make sure to freeze both red and green grapes for different wines.

3. Light Up

If you are looking for a fun DIY project, you can cut the bottoms off empty wine bottles and stuff with Christmas lights for décor that is sure to catch your guests’ eyes. Also, it’s a perfect way to add a little hint of light and sparkle. Pressed on time? These LED wine bottle lights are a great alternative.

4. Set the Mood

Lighting is a make or break point for any get-together. Keep overhead lights, and table or floor lamps turned off so guests can correctly judge the color and infusions of wine. To avoid glare, cover your table with dark linen, which will block the stains’ sight.

5. Photo Booth

Set up an area for your guests to take pictures with friends and family. Photo booths are a fun way to preserve memories and look great! Hang up white mesh, string lights, and decorate the surroundings with flowers (or whatever fits your theme). You can also make cute props with which people can pose.

wine tasting party decorations

6. Playing With Food

On top of a mirror, create a classy candelabra out of fresh grapes and vines (Don’t throw off your taste buds with scented candles and flowers). Unleash your inner architect and form a centerpiece tower of crackers, olives, apples, cheese, and other supplies you see fit.

Wine Tasting Party Food Ideas

wine tasting food ideas
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Although it is a wine tasting party, it wouldn’t hurt to have little snacks on which your guests can munch. It will help soak up the alcohol but do keep them simply because the wine should be the star of the show.

7. Cheese, Please!

What goes best with a nice glass of wine? CHEESE! Never let your guests go hungry and surprise them with a cheeseboard. Pepperjack to cheddar cheese blocks would be good. Try to select cheeses that compliment the wine choices and other snacks. For example, Brie is a soft cheese that pairs well with apples and Chardonnay. The possibilities are endless.

8. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Sweet tooth? Chocolate + Strawberries = Heaven. You can buy it or make it yourself or even bring out a chocolate fountain for your guests to enjoy. Keep in mind that the appropriate wine pairing may change depending on the type or flavor of the chocolate.

Wine Tasting Party Food Ideas: chocolate covered strawberries

9. Garlic Bread

Garlic and wine are an excellent pairing and can be served in a variety of ways. A natural crowd-pleaser is garlic bread! Buy sliced bread and spread melted butter with garlic and parsley leaves on top. Bake it for 5-8 minutes or until toasted at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Garlic pairs well with acidity, like citrusy white wines or Merlot.

10. Charcuterie board

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also add layers of flavor and texture. The attention to detail with the intricate placement can elevate a simple party tray into an elegant display. You can find a variety of charcuterie board book recipes inspiration and ideas.

Wine Tasting Party Favors

wine tasting party favors
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11. Bottle Stoppers

The basic cork is so last season, pick out a fun decorative wine stopper favor for your guest, so they can enjoy wine and still preserve it. You can potentially color-code them for organizational purposes.

12. Wine-O’s Unite

Spread the love of wine, with a gift card to a local winery. If there is none in your area, a specialty liquor store will do.

13. Mini Bottles

When picking out wines to taste, order an assortment of 3 mini bottles to give to each guest. The optional idea is to tie tags to each bottle with wine pairing recommendations or a personalized message thanking them for coming to the party.

wine tasting party favors: mini bottles

14. Bottle Charms

Visit a local department store for sets of bottle charms. These are excellent wine tasting favors since each guest can use them to identify their glass.

15. Empty Bottles

After the wine tasting is over, let the guest take the empty bottles home as a favor.

16. Wine Glasses

Personalize a wine glass per person and have them take it home with them. They add sentimental value and your guests will remember your party forever and ever.

wine tasting party favors: wine glasses

17. Wine Swap

What is a better way to try a new bottle of wine than by doing a wine sway? Ask your party guests to bring the best bottle of wine they can think of to swap. Set them all out, then let each guest choose one on their way out.

Wine Tasting Party Games & Activities

wine tasting party games & activities
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Breakaway from the cookie-cutter wine parties with activities, crafts, and other ideas for wine tasting games. Find out who the real “Wine-O” in the bunch is! If within your budget, give a nice bottle of wine to the winners.

18. Guess How Many Corks

This a simple and fun activity your guests can participate in as soon as they step inside your home. Simply fill a gallon size glass jar with cork stoppers. On a piece of paper or cardstock, instruct your guest to write their name and guess how many corks are inside the glass jar. The person who guesses the right number or closest wins a prize!

19. Wine Keepsake

Provide guests with a list of each wine’s name, and space for them to rate it, writing down their opinions. This way, they can save it for future buying purposes.

20. Corky Crafts

After you open the bottle, cork crafts are a great idea! Create wreaths or cork boards, and if there is not enough, you can buy them at a local craft store. Have ribbons and dyes in colors of deep purples, greens, and tans.

21. Training and Tasting

Lead your guests towards becoming wine connoisseurs. Before diving in for a taste, coach them on how to experience the wines – through smell and taste. As an extra, you can hand out wine tasting guides to understand what to look for while tasting at parties.

wine tasting party games & ideas: training and tasting

22. Matching With Food

Ask questions about the different wines in relation to foods like meats, cheeses, and fruits. Create some competition with trivia games and throw a prize in the mix, like a gift card for a Tuscan inspired restaurant.

23. Word Search

Make a word search containing popular brands and styles of wine. Word search makers can help you make custom puzzles that fit the wine and food provided.

24. Polaroid Coasters

At the beginning of the party, take Polaroid pictures of each guest or couple. Small tiles will be the bases of the coasters; mod podge and clear spray paint will hold the tiles’ pictures. Coat the bottom with a piece of felt, and viola!

25. Crowd Favorites

After guests get to taste each wine, tally up the results, and decide what was the favorite wine of the night. You can judge different categories such as “best paired with cheese,” “best red wine,” “Best with Chocolate,” and so many more.

wine tasting party games & activities: crowd favorites

26. The Ultimate Wine Presentation

Instruct the how-to’s of a wine presentation, having guests compete after on who could do it the best!

27. Wine Bottle Word Scramble

Whichever guest can make the most words out of “Wine Bottle” is a fun activity. A bottle of wine should be the prize, of course!

28. Draw the Label

An easy drawing game while sipping some win sounds like a great time, right? This is a great way to see who’s the most artistic in the group with no skills necessary. Give everyone a label and have them try a wine. Don’t let anyone see what the actual label looks like for the wine they are trying, and then ask them to draw what they think would be the label for that bottle.

Wine Tasting Party Supplies

wine tasting party supplies
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29. Charcuterie Board

You can find a variety of charcuterie boards to elevate your cheese and savory presentation. This adds a rustic and elegant touch to your party.

30. Cheese Markers

“Do you like cheese?” “Why yes, I do! my favorite is Gouda”. These chalkboard markers are a perfect addition that will complete your wine and cheese tasting. It helps guests identify what cheese they like.

wine tasting party supplies: cheese markers

31. Plastic Wine Glass

Let’s be honest, everybody wants to enjoy the party and not have to worry about breaking anything! These plastic wine glasses are durable and a great alternative to real ones. Don’t worry, the wine tasting police will not show up at your doorstep for having these.

32. Tablecloth

We recommend sticking with neutral or dark linen tablecloths. Avoid using bright or patterned materials. Remember, the wine should be the highlight of your party!

33. Ice Bucket

Light and fruitier wines are best served cold. Simply fill any ice bucket with ice and your choice of wine. We also recommend this galvanized ice bucket that you can personalize for keepsake.

wine tasting party supplies: ice bucket

Wine Tasting Party Invitations

wine tasting party invitations

34. Wine Tasting Invitations

Invitations are a great way to get your guests excited for what’s to come. You can find a variety of wine tasting party invitations that can be shipped to you, or download and print at home.

35. Virtual Wine Tasting

Don’t let the pandemic prevent you from having a good time with friends and family. Use video services like Skype, Zoom, Facebook, etc. to host a virtual wine night!

wine tasting party invitations: virtual wine tasting

36. Wine Stain Invitation

This invitation is simple and customizable. You can let your guests know to bring their favorite wine to share.

wine tasting party invitations: wine stain invitation

37. Wine & Cheese Invitation

This wine and cheese invitation is perfect for any occasion. You can easily download the template and customize it on your phone! whether it be a housewarming party or an engagement, you can include a gift registry so your guest will know what to bring.

wine tasting party invitations: wine and cheese invitation


Wine is more than just a drink, it’s a beautiful accompaniment to explore different flavors. With this, you’re in the right direction to planning a perfect wine tasting party!

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