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Emerald Engagement Rings

Posted on: 24-Nov-2021

Updated on: 22-Feb-2023

Emerald Engagement Rings

If you don’t want the basic diamond ring, consider Emerald engagement rings. They are a forever classic that has withstood the millennia and won’t be changing anytime soon. They are not only beautiful but have a rich history with huge sentimental associations. 

Origins of Emerald Engagement Rings

All the way back in Ancient Greece emeralds were believed to be the sacred stone of Goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The Sumerians were among the earliest people to wear emerald rings on their left ring fingers. They believed emeralds had anti-inflammatory effects, specifically on the eyes. 

Meaning and Significance of Emerald Engagement Rings

It was believed to be a symbol of eternal love. Some thought it brought wealth and power when worn in the form of a talisman. Arab, Hindu, and Spanish physicians would use emeralds as protection against infections and poisons. Since then, the emerald has been associated with serenity, new beginnings, and peace. In terms of astrology, the emerald is the birthstone for the month of May and the gemstone for the cancer astrology sign.

Tips for Buying Emerald Engagement Rings

1. See Before You Buy

The most important factor is buying anything, and especially engagement rings, is that you like it! Make sure, when you are shopping, to see every individual stone you want to get. The clarity, color, and cut all vary from emerald to emerald, it’s impossible to determine the quality of an emerald without seeing it first. Do remember that what one vendor may call “AAA” quality could be called “AA” quality by another. 

2. Consider Lab-Made Gems or Alternatives

Some people might want a green gem and not the emerald itself. There are also a handful of reasons to choose synthetic or lab-made gems over real emeralds. Mined and natural emeralds are full of imperfections that make it soft and vulnerable to breaking. For a ring you’re hopefully wearing for the rest of your life, you want it to be durable. Lab-made gems and emeralds are also significantly less expensive and can oftentimes be better quality than mined stones. Always ask the jeweler about the durability of their gems and the care necessary to keep them lasting years.

3. Go for the Best Color

Many people go in looking for deep and dark green emeralds but come out with a much lighter emerald. A lot of times it is because lighter gems reflect more light and make the ring livelier. 

4. Ask About Enhancements

Most if not all emeralds have received oil enhancements before being put out for customers. These oil enhancements are used to fill surface-reaching cracks, it makes the emerald look much better to those looking at it. Heat treatment can also be used to permanently improve emeralds color. The change in color isn’t very apparent and it can sometimes lead to breaking the stone, which is why it is rarely done. Always ask about the dyes used on the gems. Some jewelers use dye oil to fill cracks and improve the color only temporarily. Asking for a laboratory report before buying an emerald would never hurt!

Tips to Take Care of Your Emerald Engagement Ring

5. Don't Smack It Up Against Hard Surfaces

For starters trying not to hit your ring against hard surfaces and removing it before working out would be the best chance in preventing breakage. Emeralds have a higher probability of breaking because of the inclusions or internal flaws of the gems. 

6. Store in a Separate Case

When you aren’t wearing it, on those rare occasions, it is important to store them in a separate case so it doesn’t come into contact with other jewelry. 

7. Polish Your Stone

During this process, you should try and stay away from ultrasonic or steam cleaner and high temperature. They can damage the treatments on your emerald that are there to make it more durable and shiny. No commercial cleaners and harsh chemicals as well. 

8. Cleaning Off

It’s recommended to use cold water, a mild soap, and a soft-bristle toothbrush. This will ensure that nothing hot, abrasive, and aggressive touches your one of a kind and sentimental ring. 

Rose Gold Emerald Engagement Rings

9. Dazzlingrock Collection 14K Gemstone & White Diamond Halo

This 7mm Gemstone & 0.10 ct. White diamond in a prong setting is 100% natural and the diamonds are all non-treated. All rings are made when ordered and are as true to size as possible.

10. Houston Diamond District 14K White Gold Twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Split Shank Pave

Houston Diamond District is the largest diamond dealer and jewelry manufacturer in Houston. They offer the largest selection of diamond engagement rings. This 0.63 Carat diamond pave and 0.5 Carat natural emerald is just one of many within their collection and creation capability. This ring can also come in yellow gold and white gold if rose gold isn’t your style.

11. LetsBuyGold 14K Rose Gold Emerald Women Band Ring

Made in England, this ring has real solid 14K rose gold and is set with large natural oval emeralds measuring 7x5mm, two 6x4mm, and two 5x4mm. They have all been handset into the rose gold band.

12. Because Faith is Forever 14K Classic Prong Set

0.5 Carat cushion cut green emerald heirloom quality is the center focus of this ring, adorned with 0.95 Carat diamonds. All the gems are set with prongs. 

13. Lanmi Solid 14K Rose Gold Natural Green Emerald Diamond

Lanmi Jewelry specializes in hand-crafted rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made of precious gemstones like emeralds. Each product is one of a kind and carefully designed to show a combination of original qualities. The emerald in this piece is a 0.85 Carat genuine natural emerald with an oval cut. The diamonds decorating the sides of the emerald are 0.06 Carat round cut natural diamonds. 

Platinum Emerald Engagement Rings

14. Diamond Wish Platinum Round Green Emerald Solitaire

The round-cut emerald gemstone is set in a 4-prong setting crafted of a high-polished Platinum Gold. Diamond Wish handpicks their diamonds to ensure that their purchases will exceed all expectations. The Carats range from 0.25 to 1.0 Carats depending on size and what you want. 

15. Because Faith is Forever 14K Pave Set Black Diamond w/ Round Cut Emerald

1.02 Carats pave set with black diamonds and a centerpiece of a 0.75 Carat round cut green emerald of heirloom quality. This style of ring could also come in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. 

16. Angara Store Three Stone Round Emerald Ring with Diamond Accents

Angara has high-quality Emerald jewelry in an array of designs. All of their emeralds are sourced directly from mines and manufacturers. It can also be bought with a white gold or yellow gold band. 

17. Vogati Diamond & Natural Emerald Three Stone Ring

With a 2.62 Carat AA quality emerald and 2 0.20 Carat diamonds on either side, this piece is perfect for engagements and has a touch of elegance you don’t always see. 

18. Houston Diamond District Elegant Twisting Split Shank

Similar to the last Houston Diamond District engagement ring, this one has a diamond set twist in the band. Although this one has looser twists and more elegance. The emerald is round cut 0.75 Carat and heirloom quality. 

Yellow Gold Emerald Engagement Rings

19. Gem Stone King 10K Yellow Gold Simulated Emerald and Diamond

Gem Stone King’s nano Emerald and Diamond ring is fit for any occasion, big or small. This ring is crafted in 10K yellow gold which adds a polished look to any ensemble. The emerald eye-catcher is an 8x6mm oval green nano emerald, which is surrounded by 0.5x0.5mm diamonds.

20. Dazzlingrock Collection 10K Round Lab-Created Gemstone & Diamond

Dazzlingrock Collection has an amazing selection of 100% natural diamonds and gemstone jewelry, specializing in sapphires, rubies, and emeralds

21. Dazzlingrock Collection Lab-Created Emerald & Round Natural Diamond

This engagement ring features a 7x5mm lab-created emerald surrounded by 0.15 Carat white diamonds in a prong setting. This ring can also come in rose gold and white gold.

22. Lanmi 14K Yellow Gold Vintage Natural Green Emerald

The emerald is a genuine and natural oval cut emerald with a Carat weight of 0.76. It is wrapped in a flowering shape of 0.30 Carat diamonds

23. Beyond Jewelry Natural Emerald Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

The center features a genuine natural 4x6mm oval cut emerald, with an alternating array of 0.12 Carat diamonds.

24. LetsBuyGold 10K Yellow Gold Genuine Emerald

Made in England this stunning ring is set with a solitaire emerald measuring 8x6mm. It has gorgeous English carvings on the shoulders of the ring. 

25. Dainty 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Solitaire Oval Emerald

Unlike the other oval emeralds, this one is set in a different position giving it a more sleek and streamlined look but doesn’t take away from the elegance of the emerald and rope design.

26. Modern Contemporary 10K Yellow Gold Trinity Knot Heart Solitaire Emerald

Despite being made in the USA this ring plays off the idea of the Irish and Celtic Claddagh ring and other Celtic patterns. The rings are all handcrafted and hand polished for a lasting high sheen polish finish.

27. Gem Stone King 10K Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring

This ring has green simulated emerald and white created sapphires. The emerald is a 6x6mm round green Nano emerald. It is a very simple single but equally as elegant. The total carat weight is 0.8.

Emerald Engagement Rings: Conclusion

Getting emerald engagement rings requires some thought beforehand and while searching for the perfect one. All the rings within this article are from amazon but you could also never go wrong by going to a jeweler. Hopefully, no matter where you get them, this article helped you learn more about buying emerald engagement rings. If you enjoyed this blog you may like to view our others such as wedding ideas and wedding jewelry at

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