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18 Creative Bridal Shower Bingo Games

Bridal Shower Bingo

Updated on: Feb 18, 2024

Bingo is a game for all ages and provides endless entertainment. An even better way to imagine bingo is to combine bingo into a bridal shower game - now imagine all the fun that can be had at your next bridal shower! Bridal shower bingo is the perfect game to test how much guests know about the bridge and a way to have the guests get to know each other better. It's so simple and easy to play. You can even spice up the game to make it more entertaining and related to the event.

There are so many different ways to design bridal shower bingo and this article will get into everything you need to know. As the bride wins presents, the bridal shower guest can also earn fun trinkets along the way. Below is a whole guide on how to play bridal shower bingo, awesome prizes to give away, and types of different bingo styles. Be sure to check out our budget and bridal checklist to make the most out of your bridal shower planning experience.

How to Play Bridal Shower Bingo

1. Distribute Bingo Cards

Depending on the type of bingo, trivia or guessing format, guests will need cards before or after the bride opens her presents. Don’t forget to give guests pens and pencils, or else the game can’t really be played!

A bingo checklist


2. Fill Bingo Cards

Guests can fill their own cards before the game begins or the bride can pre-fill out cards for guests. Always make sure there is a free space in the center to make it like classic bingo.

3. Cross Off Correct Boxes

As the game continues every time a guest guesses an answer correctly they need to cross it off in whatever pattern creates a line. There are some versions of bingo that blackout the board, create a line vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or just the corners, etc. The most simple and basic are vertical, horizontal, and diagonal, this is the safe bet for people who may not remember all the rules to bingo.

4. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

The first person to get 5 in a row calls out “BINGO” to indicate that they’ve won. The bride or judge can either check the card to make sure or just trust the guest's word. It’s recommended to check the card so no funny business happens. You can also set places so that more than one person can win a round.

DIY Bridal Shower Bingo Cards

DIY bridal shower bingo cards are very simple to make and can make them feel more personal to the guests. All you need are cardstock, rulers, scissors, and colorful pens. Depending on how many guests there will be for the bridal shower you can either hand make the bingo cards or find free printable cards. There are dozens of printable bingo cards and templates on the internet if making them from scratch is too much.

The basics for a bingo card are to change “Bingo” to “Bride” and make it personal! With bingo card templates it is easy to make them much more personal. Adding pictures of the happy couple, continuing the theme, and specifying the card to the type of bingo game are all ways to do so.

Bridal Shower Bingo Gifts

5. Skin and Body Care Products

You can never go wrong with some additional skincare products. Everyone at some point will use them and you can never have too many. There is also such a wide range of skin and body care products. They could be used as prizes for multiple games and for winners of different places.

A basket with bath supplies inside


6. Snack Bags

Even though most bridal parties are catered sometimes there are certain snacks you are just constantly crazing. These types of snacks could also be handed out as prizes.

7. Assortment of Chocolates

Chocolate is hands down one of the best small gifts ever. Getting an assortment of chocolates of different flavors and styles is sure to get the competitive juices flowing within the attendees.

8. Candles

Who can say no to an amazing smelling candle? There is a never-ending list of scents for candles and sizes. Candles big, medium, and small can all be passed out as presents that all will enjoy.

9. Wine Basket

Wine is a forever classic gift, not just for housewarming parties. Getting a basket of two or three different wines along with cheeses and other appropriate snacks would definitely be the most sought-after prize.

A pile of chocolates and wine


10. Gift Cards

If you are working with a budget or just don’t want to give out bigger presents, gift cards are a perfect alternative. Gift cards to Starbucks, Dunkin, TJ Maxx, iTunes, and Amazon are just a handful of places that are perfect for gift cards.

Types of Bridal Shower Bingo

11. Bride Trivia

In this version of a bridal shower bingo will test the bride's friends and family on their knowledge of her. All you need to do is create some questions, for example, “What was the name of the bride's first pet?” “When did the bride get her ears pierced?” etc. These questions will be asked to the guests and there will be answers to these questions randomly scattered around the bingo cards. Hopefully, the person that knows you best will win, if not, they get prizes anyway!

12. Gift Guessing

Before the bride opens her presents the guests can get their bingo cards and fill them out with their guessing of what the gifts are going to be. Once they fill their card the present opening can commence. The person who guesses right enough to fill a whole row wins. This one can always be fun to see both what the presents are and who has the best judgment and guessing skills.

A stack of wrapped gifts


13. Most Likely To

For each card, the bride will put in possible answers to some scenarios. This could be like a bingo version of cards against humanity. The bride will bring up a scenario like “What would I do if I was given a million dollars?” On the bingo card, some of the answers could be buying a boat, traveling the world, buying a house, etc. Making sure guests number their answers is important for the bingo game to make sense.

14. Who Said It?

The bingo cards are filled with a random order of “Bride” and “Grooms.” The guests will be told quotes that either the bride or groom has said and the guests need to figure out who said what. This game works best if the quotes are fun. This game is very similar to the shoe raising game you often see at the end of weddings.

15. Guess the Celeb

Each box should have the names of random celebrities and the guests will get told a rough description or a random detail about a celebrity. For example, if the guests are asked “Which celeb stars as Danny Ocean in Ocean's Eleven?” The guests would have to correctly guess the actor’s name to get the point and win. The answer is George Clooney by the way.

16. What's in My Purse?

Guests should fill out their own cars for this game, the big question they are answering?? What's in the brides’ purse! Once everyone's cards are full the bride can start emptying her purse one by one. Every time a guest guessed correctly they could cross out a box.

A pile of pink items, including a purse, a phone, a stick of lipstick, a book, a pair of glasses, and a camera


17. Guess the Song

This version of bingo is similar to guessing the celebrity. The bride can pick some of her favorite songs or artists to be the answers on the cards. The guests would then be told either lyric to a song or the song title. For lyrics, they would have to guess the song title correctly. For song titles, they would then have to guess the artist correctly.

18. Wedding Theme Bingo

Sometimes weddings are themed either with colors or styles. Once a theme is set it's almost a sin for it to not be a part of everything wedding-related! Bingo cards could both look like and have answers related to the theme. For example, if a wedding was beach-themed then the card could not only look “beachy” but also have beach trivia on it. Asking questions like “What mammal is the largest in the ocean?” or “The deepest point on Earth is in what ocean?” They would keep with the theme and who doesn’t love learning random fun facts?

Bridal Shower Bingo: Conclusion

Bridal showers are meant to be exciting, entertaining, and stress-free; a perfect way to ease the stress and anxiety of the upcoming wedding. After months of planning and going crazy over all the small details of a wedding, bridal showers are the time to decompress and relax and most importantly, to spend time with the bride. One of the best and classic games to play is bingo. Bridal shower bingo is the perfect way to bring fun and entertainment to each guest. You can easily use bingo card templates or quickly generate personal questions to play.

Bingo is a simple and easy game that can fit well with many other party activities. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to host bingo at your next bridal shower, and hopefully, you have a wonderful list of prizes to offer your amazing guests and friends. Enjoy the next wedding and events!

Written by Anna Dickson; Contributor: Royce Legaspi