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Easy Family Reunion Budget Worksheet

Family Reunion Budget Worksheet

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

The perfect party-planning budget worksheet for your upcoming family reunion is just the click of a button away! Easy Event Planning's Family Reunion Budget Worksheet is easily downloaded into Google Sheets and includes all the possible expenses that might come up while planning your event. Pulling off a successful family gathering may seem like a daunting task, but our detailed budget planner keeps tabs on all of your finances so nothing can catch you by surprise, leaving you to plan the reunion of a lifetime that your loved ones will remember for years to come! This budget worksheet is tailored specifically for family reunions and includes all categories, from music and entertainment to family portraits and personalized party favors.

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6 Reasons You’ll Love Our Family Reunion Budget Worksheet


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1. Easy to View

We know the pain of having a long, unorganized list – that’s why our worksheet is created to be as user-friendly as possible. The sheet has separate categories designed to streamline your planning process and divide the family reunion expenses so they’re easier to manage.

Having columns to separate estimated costs from actual costs is another feature that makes this sheet easy to use. Calculating the difference between your estimated and actual costs can help you plan your spending and save you money in the long run!

2. Pie Charts

As you start to fill out your expenses, our interactive family reunion budget planner will simultaneously fill out the pie charts at the top of the page. The visual representation of your spending in the form of a pie chart will help you determine how much you’re spending on each category, and, ultimately, help you decide whether you should redistribute some of those expenses among other categories.

3. Event-Specific

Planning a successful family reunion requires a lot of detailed organization, that’s why you shouldn’t resort to using any old, generic event-planning template. Our expense sheet is tailored specifically for your type of event, all to make your event planning process as streamlined and efficient as possible!

4. Shareable

Event organization is a piece of cake when you have a team working on it – that’s why the family reunion budget sheet is conveniently shared through Google Sheets, making it easier for you to share real-time updates on the expense tracker with the family members helping you out in the planning process! Not only will you plan your event in record time by having multiple people working on it, but you will also reduce the possibility of making costly mistakes by having a second pair of eyes looking over the expenses.

5. Easy to Organize

Divide up costs across family members by using our convenient ‘who pays’ column. By allocating purchases on the tracker sheet and having everybody chip into the family celebration, you’ll have a better overview of your family reunion expenses and will avoid having to make last-minute purchases for items you may have forgotten!

6. Individual Payment Tab

The budget sheet also includes an individual payment tab at the bottom of the worksheet, making it easier for all event organizers to keep track of their spending and reallocate as needed. All you need to do is enter the name of the person paying for the items after you input the Total Cost. Once you input the payments made by that person, the budget sheet will calculate how much money you have left.

How to Use Our Family Reunion Budget Worksheet

Save the worksheet onto your own Google Drive by clicking the “Download” button below and clicking “Make a copy” when prompted. When it’s time to start planning, read through our instructions page where we explain how the worksheet is used, one step at a time. You can find the answer to any questions you may have right here, including instructions on customizing the items, sharing the worksheet with other family members, or using the individual payment tab.

Family Reunion Budget Worksheet: Conclusion

Planning a family reunion is a breeze using Easy Event Planning's Family Reunion Budget Worksheet. The integrated expense calculator will alleviate all the stress of managing the cost of your family gathering and allow you to team up with other family members in organizing the best family reunion yet! Our site has plenty of free budget worksheets tailored for specific events, so if you found the Family Reunion Budget Worksheet useful, be sure to check out our other budget sheets for any future events you might be planning!

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