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Family Reunion Checklist

Family Reunion Checklist

Updated on: Feb 18, 2024

Time to start planning your family reunion! Whether you see your family members daily or annually, it is still an exciting time to get together and reconnect with relatives. While this is an exciting event, it can also become very stressful when all the planning falls on one person. Fear not! Our specialized family reunion checklist will show you how to plan a family reunion and is completely customizable for your event. It will make your planning process faster and easier! Let us help you start planning your next family reunion.

5 Reasons to Use Our Helpful Family Reunion Checklist

1. Timeline

You may be wondering: How long does it take to plan a family reunion? Though family reunion planning can be very stressful and time-consuming but our family reunion checklist will help make the planning much easier and faster! First, you download the checklist and put on the date you are beginning your planning. Then, add the final date you decide to host your family reunion. The checklist will assign the due date to all of the tasks already inputted. It is that easy! You have a whole checklist with assigned due dates to complete to get ready for your reunion.

2. Specific to Your Event

No more boring and unhelpful party planning lists. These checklists were completely customized to help plan a family reunion. Each task was specifically chosen because it would be useful in the planning of a family reunion. You can make your checklist even more specific as it is completely customizable! You can add in any tasks that you may have added to your family reunion that we missed. Make sure to review our step-by-step helpful guide to learn how to add and omit tasks.

3. Visual

Our family reunion checklist is made to be easy to use and easy to read! The checklist is formatted to be easy to see what tasks need to be completed in red and which ones are coming up in yellow. Did you already complete some tasks on the checklist? Check it off and the task will turn green once it is completed! This organization will help you prioritize your tasks easier and keep track of upcoming deadlines.

4. Share With Anyone

Are you planning your family reunion with some other family members? You can share your family reunion checklist with all of your family members! Our checklist is designed to be shared through Google Drive and can be updated in real-time with all of the planners. No need to play phone tag or have any missed emails for updates on the event. This helps all of the planners stay organized and on the same page on where everyone is in the planning process.

5. Helpful Links

Not only does the family reunion checklist help you plan and organize your event, but there are many useful links to help guide you to resources in helping plan parts of your event. Are you having a hard time finding a program to put together a video montage? We have links to computer programs to help you create one! Having trouble planning activities for family members? Follow the links to other posts with game ideas. You can even check out our article for ideas for party favors.

How to Use the Family Reunion Checklist

We made our family reunion checklist easy to use for all! First, start by downloading the checklist to your laptop. It is that easy! From there you can open up your checklist and begin by selecting the day you start your planning and picking a date of your event. All of the due dates will be preassigned to the tasks in the brunch checklist. Make sure to read over our step-by-step guide on how to use our checklists. This guide will give an in-depth description of how to add or delete tasks, assign importance, and reorder the tasks.

Family Reunion Checklist: Conclusion

Family reunions are a time of remembrance and planning a family reunion should be a fun and exciting time! By being organized and prepared, you will be able to enjoy your event without any worries. Use our family reunion checklist and cater to your specific event. You will be able to budget and plan the whole event all in one organized space. Allow yourself to not stress and enjoy your special family time.

Written by Tatum Yusz; Contributor: Jack Leduc

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