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Beer Theme Party - 35 Unique Ideas to Throw a Beer-tastic Event

Beer Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

Beer Theme Party Decorations

1. Beer Garland

For a fun DIY project, try creating your own beer garland. Cut various colored pieces of cardstock into the shape of beer bottles and string them through a piece of twine. If you're not so crafty, you could try purchasing a garland instead. It will be the perfect beer party decorations idea.

2. Bar-Style Setup

To create the atmosphere of a tavern or a pub, set up the room bar-style with a bar alongside one wall. Have bar-height tables and barstools spread out throughout the party area, so guests feel as if they’re inside a real bar!

3. Beer Cooler

If you're having a beer-themed party, chances are you'll have real beer for your guests. If you want ice-cold beer, a beer-shaped cooler could be a really cool touch for your party bash, plus it'll do the job of keeping your beverages cold.

4. Beer Backdrop

Need the perfect photo op? Grab a beer backdrop to create a photo booth where your guests can take pictures. Include photo props and beers to enhance your photos.

5. Beer Bottle Caps

There are several ways that you can use bottle caps as decoration — you could make coasters out of them, fill a bowl with them to use as a centerpiece, or you could punch holes in them and place them on strings for a decorative garland to hang up around the party area.

Beer Theme Party Favors

6. Bottle of Beer

Giving away bottles of your favorite beer can be a welcome present for guests to take home and enjoy. Some breweries will let you personalize beer bottle labels to be specific to your party. You could also include customized beer cartons for them to carry their drinks. Even better, it could include guests' names on each carton and bottle.

7. Beer Opener

Preorder customized bottle-openers are a great gift for your guests to take home. These will not only be a convenient tool but a memorable favor for your guests.

8. Beer Mug

Beer mugs are an easy party favor to hand out to your guests. It's even better if you get the beer mugs customized, that way your party will remain memorable. It is one of those beer ideas that will for sure be the star of the beer party.

9. Beer Koozies

Koozies and beer go hand in hand. Get creative and customize your koozies with your guests' faces or inside jokes. Whatever design you decide on, it's a great party favor to remember the night by.

10. Beer Posters

Purchase some beer-themed posters and tie them up with some ribbons for a fun party favor. It'll look beer-iful in your guests' homes. The perfect poster themes go well with each beer party decoration.

11. Edible Beer

Edible party favors might just be the way to go. Beer-flavored candy can be the perfect treat to send off to your guests. You could also opt for lollipops shaped like a mug of beer. These sugary treats will remind your friends just how sweet your party was. The candy suggestion is just one of the beer party ideas that can be included in any beer party favors.

Beer Theme Party Foods

12. Beer Bread

Beer bread can be a terrific addition to a number of meals, notably beef stew and soups. It can also be used as an appetizer with ranch dip, vegetable spread, or hummus. There are beer bread kits to help make it easier. Helpful hint: the darker the beer, the more flavorful the bread will be.

13. Beer and Cheese

Fondue is a tasty way of serving beer outside of its traditional form. Search beer and cheese fondue recipes for one that suits your fancy. Prepare the fondue and serve it with your choice of bread, meatballs, or an assortment of fruits and vegetables. With this in mind, it will for sure be the best beer for party appetizers.

14. Beer Brats

Bratwursts are a summertime food staple, and submerging them in beer before putting them on the grill is a great twist to the traditional bratwurst. For the best flavor, cook bratwursts in a light domestic beer. Serve with homemade coleslaw, substituting vinegar for honey/fruit-infused ale in the slaw dressing.

15. Beer Sauce

You'll need to spice up your party with beer-infused sauces. Your guests will be impressed by how committed you are to your theme. These sauces will give a nice touch to any food items on the menu. These unique table beer party decorations could be something everyone will enjoy with their food.

16. Beer Cookies

We must not forget about dessert! Beer cookies will look great on your plate. These are not cookies made with actual beer, but cookies made in the shape of a mug of beer. They'll be a cute addition to your dessert menu.

17. Beer Toppers

If your having dessert you might as well decorate it with beers too! Well, not actual beer. You can place toothpicks with beer-shaped tips on some cupcakes or include a beer cake topper on the surface of your cake.

18. Beer-Infused Chocolate Cake

You can switch up your everyday chocolate cake recipe by using a rich stout beer instead of milk or water. Any stout will work, but try using a chocolate stout for an added touch. There are tons of recipes online that can be used, all a little different from the next.

Beer Theme Party Games and Activities

19. Drinking Board Games

There are plenty of creative and elaborate drinking board games for you to play with your guests. These games will surely make the night memorable. Get your beers ready! Who knows how this game will end?

20. Beer Tasting

Any beer enthusiast would love to have a beer tasting at their party. Choose beers with varying degrees of malt concentrations and hops. You can take the beer tasting in a number of different directions — introduce beers from local breweries, outline the differences in commercial beers, or provide a sample of imported beers such as Budweiser or Heineken. Brewery event ideas are a good start at helping anyone find their ideal favorite beer.

21. Brewery Ed

If you have the option, take your guests on location to a brewery for an educative beer brewing process tour. Most breweries provide samples to guests throughout the tour. You can start out with a brewery tour, take your group and wear personalized matching shirts.

22. Beer Pong

This classic beer game is a college favorite! This is a team game based on ping-pong principles. To play beer pong, make teams of two players each. Have the pairs stand on either side of a table. Form a 10-cup pyramid on each side of the table, the pyramid's top is facing the middle of the table. To start the game, each team should try to toss a ball into the opposing team’s cup. When a player lands a ball in one of the cups, a teammate from the other team must drink a glass of beer. Many beer pong themes end up being a party favorite for most adults, Thus, making the beer pong team theme ideas a way to bring friends and family together.

23. Shoot Your (Beer) Shot

Getting a toy gun really changes the meaning of taking a shot. Anyone can take a shot of beer with this little gadget. This prop will surely make your party more entertaining and engage party-goers. This game will be something to talk about for years to come.

24. Flip Cup

Another college classic, this game also consists of two teams on opposite sides of a table. Each player must have a cup of beer in front of them. The game starts with the first person on each team chugging their beer until the cup is empty. Next, they should try to flip their empty cups upside down. When they are successful, the next person in line downs their beer and also tries to flip their cup. The team who finishes flipping their cups first wins. Get festive cups to get everyone in the mood to play.

Beer Theme Party Supplies

25. Beer Napkins

Bring your A-game, even your napkins can fit into your beer theme. You might as well add beer-shaped napkins into the equation! If you like your napkins in a traditional shape, search for napkins with beer patterns.

26. Signal Your Location

If you're having guests over who have never been to your party's location, it would be helpful to have signage to help them distinguish the party's location. Not any sign will do, you can implement a beer mug sign to help people find you.

27. Beer Decorated Tablecloth

Even a tablecloth can make a statement. Try incorporating beer-decorated table covers for your party so your guest can dine in style while they drink their own beer, too.

28. Beer Cans

If you want to make your nonalcohol-drinking friends feel welcome, look for beer can imitation sippy cups for added laughs. Anyone can sip from a beer-shaped disposable cup and fit in at your party.

29. Beer Plates

At this point, even the dessert plates have to follow the beer-themed guidelines. You can incorporate dessert plates with small beer designs so that when people are finished with their dessert, they'll see a little surprise on their plate.

30. Beer Piñata

You can't have a party without a piñata! How could we forget? A beer-bottle-shaped piñata will be a great touch for your party. All of your guests will be lining up to crack it open.

Beer Theme Party Invites

31. Beer-vitation

If you can't wait to start your beer-themed party and would like to have a beer with your guests beforehand, why not drop off actual beers as invitations? You can create any beer label to put over your drinks, the label will include party details for your guests.

32. Mug Invitations

Show your guests how seriously you are taking your theme by sending them a beer-mug-shaped invite. They'll definitely pick up on your theme and know there's no way they'll want to miss the party.

33. Beer Print

If you want a more subtle, simple invitation, maybe you'd prefer to have a normal-shaped invitation to send out. There are plenty of invitations decorated with beer bottles, beer mugs, or beer cans you can choose from.

34. Rustic Moonshine Invites

Rustic-themed mason jar invitations are a cool and unique way to entice your guests into coming to the party. It's trendy and old-fashioned, and who doesn't love that?

35. Cork Textured Invitations

These cork-textured invitations are super unique and have a subtle way of hinting at what the theme of your party will be.

Beer Theme Party: Conclusion

A beer theme party can be a fun and easy way for adults to celebrate their upcoming occasion, whether it's a beer-themed birthday party or just a casual get-together. This unique themed party will for sure be the one everyone remembers. This list provides you with helpful ideas to host the beer-fect event and hopefully stay within your budget! Don’t forget to check back with us when planning your future parties at

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