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Brunch Checklist

Brunch Checklist

Updated on: Mar 10, 2024

Hosting a brunch can be stressful when you're planning out a menu and drinks while simultaneously entertaining all of your guests. Don’t let any of this intimidate you because we are here to help with our specialized brunch checklist that is completely customizable for your specific event. You are able to input every part of your event from your budget to your hired vendors. Our brunch checklist will help your planning be much easier and faster. We also have other resources like brunch decoration ideas or brunch game ideas that will surely help you plan a wonderful event.

5 Reasons to Use Our Helpful Brunch Checklist!

1. Timeline

It can’t take that long to plan out a brunch. There is actually a lot more that goes into planning a brunch than you would think! Our customized brunch checklist will help you plan out your complete timeline from the start of your planning to the day of the event. All of the tasks in between will be filled in with dates! The brunch checklist allows you to plan out each specific task with specific dates to help you stay on task with your planning. By using the brunch checklist, it will help you make sure you have all of your planning in line before the day of the event.

2. Specific to your Event

This is no generic party planning list! Our brunch checklist is completely designed to help you plan to perfect brunch for yourself and your guests. All of the tasks were assigned and chosen to be completely relevant to your event. You can even add in your own tasks that are specific to your brunch. See tasks that you do not believe you need? You can omit and add any tasks specific to your event and planning.

3. Visual

Our brunch checklist has been made visually pleasing to make your planning process even smoother. Dates are assigned based on importance and can be ordered this way as well. Due dates are color-coded to show if dates are coming up in yellow and if a due date has passed in red. Did you already finish some tasks? You can check off these tasks and they will turn green to help show their completion! These formats will help you know what tasks to prioritize and make your brunch checklist easy to read.

4. Share with Anyone

Are you hosting your brunch with a friend or family member? You can share your brunch checklist with them! Our brunch checklist is shareable and can be used through Google Drive for all hosts to be able to update it in real-time. No need for back-and-forth emails or phone tag! Your checklist can be shared with all of your brunch hosts and can help keep track and delegate tasks easily.

5. Helpful Links to Use

Not only is the brunch checklist a great way to stay organized for your planning, but it is a great source filled with multiple resources to help you plan out your brunch. Need to create a survey to send out to your friends to pick a date? Need some tips to make your brunch decorations creative and unique? Find multiple programs and helpful tips listed in the brunch checklist! Check out our budget sheet to use to link with your brunch checklist to keep your event within your budget. There are so many resources to use to help your event planning!

How to Use Our Brunch Checklist!

Start by clicking the download button below to download your checklist to your computer. It is that easy! From there you can open up your checklist and begin by selecting the day you start your planning and picking a date of your event. All of the due dates will be preassigned to the tasks in the brunch checklist. Make sure to read over our step-by-step guide on how to use our checklists. This guide will help describe in-depth how to add or delete tasks, assign the importance, and reorder the tasks.

Brunch Checklist: Conclusion

There are still some other things needed to plan your brunch but this brunch checklist is here to help you plan your event. Stressed? Don’t be! Your event is going to be a success, especially with a customizable checklist made just for you. Planning your brunch will be a breeze. You will be able to enjoy every moment as all of your plans and details will be organized and together in one document. Don’t forget to look at our site and other event planning resources to help plan your other future events! We have other checklists for other parties you plan on throwing, more brunch ideas for your future brunch plans, and so much more.

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