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How to Wear Wedding Sets

How To Wear Wedding Sets

Updated on: Nov 17, 2023

Congratulations! If you are reading this article it most likely means that you just got married or engaged and are wondering how to wear wedding sets. It can seem confusing at first but don’t you worry, this blog will take you through all of the ways to wear wedding ring sets. Whether your set is too big or small or you just don’t know what order to wear them in, by the end of your read you will know exactly how to wear wedding sets!

How to Wear Wedding Sets on the Left Hand

What order to wear them in

When determining how you want to wear your wedding set, you can choose which hand you want to wear them on. It is most common in Western countries to wear them on the left ring finger however, in many other places it is completely normal to wear them on your right hand. We will first discuss how to wear them on the left ring finger.

You can choose to wear the wedding ring on top of your engagement ring, which is a very popular choice. This way you can secure your engagement ring onto your finger with the added protection of your wedding band. It makes it less likely to fall off of your finger, preventing disaster.

You may also decide to wear your wedding band under your engagement ring. This style is popular to some because they think it can help show a relationship timeline due to the engagement ring being given first. Having the wedding band on the bottom also resonates with some people because it keeps it close to their hearts, signifying how much they love their significant other.

Wear Them on Separate Hands

Best of both worlds

Nothing is wrong with wearing your wedding band and your engagement ring on two separate hands. This may work better for people whose wedding band and engagement ring do not sit flush on each other. This also may be more comfortable if your wedding and engagement rings slide around too, the constant feeling of them moving around can get very annoying very quickly.

Also, in some countries, such as Spain, it is a popular idea to wear the engagement ring on the left hand and the wedding ring on the right hand. You can also choose to wear the two rings on different fingers to please both traditions there may be in your life, such as culture and religion.

If you are a fan of having your jewelry match and your wedding and engagement rings are different styles, separating them will make them look better rather than having them stacked on top of each other.

How to Wear Wedding Sets on the Right Hand

Why This Option May Work for You

The right hand may be a better choice for you to wear your wedding set. Some people in the LBGTQ community wear it on the right hand and show that they are in an exclusive relationship. Also, in Catholic and eastern European cultures it is the norm to wear them on the right instead of the left. You may also choose to wear them on your right hand for functionality purposes.

If you are left-handed, wearing both an engagement and wedding ring on that hand might get a little uncomfortable when writing and performing everyday tasks. Also, if you have a left hand that tends to get swollen or have had past trauma to it, the right hand might be the better option.

Wear Them One at a Time

One or the Other

Just because you are married now does not mean you are any less busy in life! Depending on the style of your wedding band and engagement ring, it might not be practical to wear both all of the time. Also wearing both all of the time may be nerve wracking if you have a messy job or are constantly moving around and do not want to lose your precious jewelry. If you like your engagement ring a little more than your wedding band and are not worried about it getting lost, you could read the above topics about wearing the ring on either your left or right hand.

If you are not comfortable wearing your engagement ring all of the time, wearing your subtle wedding band may be the better option. This could work better for you because it might not stick out and get caught on things like your wedding band could, it lays flat so putting on gloves and washing hands will be easy if that is a part of your job, and you just might not be the type of person who wants flashy jewelry always on. Also, you can save your engagement ring for special occasions such as anniversaries and special events, keeping an extraordinary quality to it. 

How to Wear Wedding Sets in Alternate Ways

On a Necklace

It is not practical for everyone to wear a full wedding set or even half of it every day. If you are a person who works with your hands a lot or tends to lose things a little too easily, it can be extremely stressful wearing expensive jewelry all the time. You could choose to wear both an engagement and wedding ring on a necklace, so they are close to you at all times but less likely to get misplaced or ruined. Also, if you are a man and want to keep your wedding ring close to you at all times, wearing it on a necklace could be the perfect thing. 

Wedding Rings for Men

Inspiration for men

How to wear wedding sets for men is simple as it is for women. Some men prefer to wear a wedding band instead of an engagement ring or some like to wear both. Whatever it may be, there are various ways for men to wear wedding sets! The same rules apply for men: you can choose which hand to wear your ring, which finger, and what style. What hand you choose may depend on your culture and preference. There's the option of wearing an engagement ring on one hand and the wedding ring on another.

Men often wear only one wedding band instead of stacking the rings. The most common way to wear a ring is on the ring finger. But you can also wear your wedding or engagement ring on your middle finger, index finger, or even your thumb. In some cultures, a man wearing a thumb ring represents wealth and influence. If you like to wear multiple rings on the same hand then a thumb ring can help balance your set as well.

Some popular wedding band colors for men are white gold, black, or platinum. A more traditional option would be yellow gold. If the partner you're with likes to experiment with their style then a gold ring with a rose gold overtone is a unique pick. You can even find inspiration from celebrities. Some male celebrities who embrace their engagement rings are Ed Sheeran, Michael Bublé, and David Otunga. Learning how they wear their rings can spark inspiration for you.

Do What Makes You Happy

It is Up to You

At the end of the day, you are the person who is in charge of the wedding set. There is no need to feel pressured by societal standards. If you choose to wear a wedding set in full, that is your choice to make and feel free to do it. If you decide that wearing the full wedding set is not something you want or feel comfortable doing, then don’t!

It is also always an option to choose to not wear a wedding band or engagement ring at all. This could be because they are slightly uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time or they do not fit the same anymore. That is no matter. You can wear them for special occasions or wear them when you see fit.


This article on how to wear wedding sets gives you ample ideas on how to wear your new set! Whether it is on your left or right hand, or not at all, the choice is up to you. The way and order you wear your ring may depend on your cultural background as well so keep this in mind when considering all your options.

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