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25 Wedding Anniversary Ideas on a Budget

Wedding Anniversary Ideas on a Budget

Updated on: Feb 19, 2024

Celebrating an anniversary can be so fun and romantic however, it can also be very expensive as the checklist may be extensive. This article will share 25 different romantic wedding anniversary ideas on a budget so you and your partner can enjoy yourselves without feeling guilty.

We can help you decide if you wish to host a traditional or modern anniversary. Whether you and your partner like the out or like to stay in, this list will have the perfect wedding anniversary ideas on a budget for you.

At Home Wedding Anniversary Ideas on a Budget

1. Movie Night

You and your partner can pick out a fun movie either that is your favorite or one that neither of you have watched. If you already have a subscription service like Netflix, you can pick one from there. If you do not, you could rent one online from Amazon or go to a Redbox and grab one for cheap.

Another way to make this movie night fun would be to buy some popcorn and other movie theater snacks like gummy worms and chocolate bars. If you are of age, you can make a yummy cocktail. If you are not or do not want to drink, you can have your favorite soda or juice.

2. Game Night

There are a lot of game night wedding anniversary ideas on a budget! Such as free games you can get on your phone that you and your partner could play together. Also, buying board games second-hand is inexpensive and easy. Gather up your favorite games and have a prize for the winner! The prize could be making their favorite dinner or a massage.

3. Create a Time Capsule

Gather some things that you and your spouse love and put them in a cute container with the date on it. You could print out pictures with a disposable camera or throw in pictures from fun memories. Another cute thing to add would be your favorite things currently listed on a piece of paper to look back on in the future.

4. Sip and Paint

Grab your favorite bottle of wine and some paint and get crafting. You could paint a picture of each other or paint your favorite memory. Make sure you line your floor with a plastic sheet and have some wipes to clean up afterward and during.

5. Look at the Stars

If you're looking for wedding anniversary ideas on a budget and you have a good view of the sky from your home, it could be so romantic to cuddle and stargaze. You can lay down a comfy blanket and have an extra to lay under for warmth. It is also important to remember to have some pillows so you can be nice and comfy.

6. Make a New Dish

The same food can get boring to eat over and over again. Making a new dish can spice things up and you two can cook together. Ordering a new cookbook from Amazon is not too expensive, you could also do some googling and find one.

7. Bonfire

A bonfire is cheap and easy as long as you have outdoor space. A DIY fireplace does not take long to make and wood can be found almost everywhere. You could also try these tabletop fireplace sets and roast some marshmallows! If you live at an apartment complex with a fire pit in the common outdoor area this could also be a good option.

8. Virtual Museum Tour

Taking a virtual tour of an art or history museum can be just as fun as being there in real life! You can hook your computer up to the TV and make the image even bigger so you see all of the details.

9. Host a Small Party

Inviting some of your closest friends and family over can be a great way to celebrate this special day. Everyone can make their favorite dish and bring enough to share, further cutting down on costs.

Adventurous Wedding Anniversary Ideas on a Budget

10. Go on a Picnic

Picking a nice spot in the park and having a cute basket to keep all of your food and drinks in is not very expensive and can be just as fun as eating at a restaurant. Make sure to include things like sandwiches, crunchy snacks, something sweet, and your favorite drinks.

11. Recreate Your First Date

As far as wedding anniversary ideas on a budget go, reliving your first date can be cute and entertaining option. Most first dates are usually inexpensive, such as lunch or coffee. You two can drive separate and meet each other there and wear clothes similar to the ones you wore then.

12. Free Outdoor Events

For wedding anniversary ideas on a budget, remember that many schools and parks have free events like concerts when it is nice outside. Grab a chair and some snacks and relax with your loved one while you watch the show!

13. Couples Massage

Nothing is more relaxing than a nice massage. Usually the price of a couples massage is cheaper than two individual ones. You can also decide to do the massages from home by yourselves and take turns giving each other a massage.

14. Dinner Deals

Paying full price for a meal is unnecessary! On apps like Groupon and Honey you can find great deals for local restaurants and bars. Finding special deals for a usually expensive restaurant can be a great anniversary option for all.

15. Go to an Arcade

Bring out the fun energy to your relationship by visiting an arcade! This is an excellent option for wedding anniversary ideas on a budget because you can bring some spare change and enjoy your night.

16. Go Crafting

A cute idea could be to paint pottery or do a DIY project from home. All of these ideas can range in price and fit anyone's needs. Also, if you do pottery you can use it for your house!

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17. Karaoke

If you are of age, a lot of bars have karaoke. You can get what is on special for food and drinks and sing your heart away to your favorite songs.

18. Take a Dancing Lesson

If you can find a coupon online or a deal on the company's website, a dance lesson could be an interesting way to celebrate. For wedding anniversary ideas on a budget, you can even find some YouTube dance tutorials and follow along in your living room!

19. Photoshoot

You can set up your phone or use a camera if you have one to take cute photos. Get some festive decorations to use as a background! You can then print them out and display them around your home in picture frames or on a board.

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20. Go Camping

Some campsites are free but if not they tend not to be too expensive. You can sleep in your car or choose to be in a tent with comfy blankets and pillows. Remember to bring some snacks and your favorite drinks!

Sentimental Wedding Anniversary Ideas on a Budget

21. Write Love Letters to Each Other

Writing love letters is inexpensive and they can be saved forever. You can order cute paper online and nice markers or choose to type it and print it out. This is an extra romantic option for wedding anniversary ideas on a budget.

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22. Go on a Walk

When it comes to wedding anniversary ideas on a budget, going on a walk is a simple choice! Pick your favorite place to walk or choose a new walk to go on. On this walk, you can talk about your favorite memories together while making new ones.

23. Watch Old Videos and Look at Pictures

There is nothing like walking down memory lane. Looking at old videos and pictures will remind you and your significant other of all of the good times you've had.

24. Make a Playlist

Playlists are easy to make online! You can collaborate to put your favorite songs on the list or make playlists inspired by each other! Consider one of these playlist gifts. Some even have QR or Spotify codes that link to your playlist. This is a cute and sentimental option for wedding anniversary ideas on a budget!

25. Visit a Nearby City

Making new memories together is so important. You two could go on a day trip or spend the night somewhere if you find a good deal. This could be a city you have been wanting to visit for a while or somewhere you don't know much about.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas on Budget: Conclusion

There are plenty of wedding anniversary ideas on a budget so you can celebrate this year with the help of an anniversary budget. There are sentimental ideas where you can reflect on past memories and ideas where you can both try something new together. After reading this article on wedding anniversary ideas on a budget, you can hopefully rest easy knowing that you won't have to spend your time and money on a big, lavish trip or outing. And hopefully, you have found plenty of wedding anniversary ideas on a budget that caught your eye and you're ready to plan your next adventure. Enjoy!

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