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5 Amazing North American Destination Weddings Locations

North American Destination Weddings

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

You don’t have to travel far to have an exciting destination wedding. Wanting something luxurious? Relaxed? Maybe you want something outdoors in nature or a beachy summer vibe? Here are a few wedding ideas within North America.

Try one of these North American destination weddings locations and discover that the wedding of your dreams doesn’t need to be outside of North America. There are beautiful venues located all over the continent. North America is composed of beautiful islands and stunning views of nature. These are some of the top best US destinations for vacations, honeymoons, and destination weddings.

North American Destination Weddings

Caribbean Islands

If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, but you know you’re searching for North American destination weddings with the perfect location, then the Bahamas are the perfect place to go. Beach weddings are always memorable. There are over 700 different islands to choose from, but no matter what you make it to the list of your top picks, you’ll still be able to enjoy the warm weather and gorgeous beaches of this tropical archipelago. The Bahamas is chock full of vibrancy, delicious cuisine, traditional music, culture, and more!

Another location that is close by will send you off the east coast of the United States to the island of Bermuda. The luxuriant gardens and pink sand beaches make Bermuda feel a lot farther from home than it truly is! Bermuda is also very small with only 3 cities, so it’s easy to navigate and get through tourist attractions quickly.

Conglomerated in that island sweet spot, the Caribbean has many exciting islands to choose from, including Montserrat with its Irish heritage and St. Maarten, divided between the French on the north side of the island and the Dutch on the south. If you are planning your wedding during hurricane season (June 1-November 30), make sure to check the weather ahead of time.

Another Caribbean vacation is to travel between islands on a cruise. Make the most out of each island: Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola which are Haiti and Dominican Republic. This is a perfect way to have your wedding and honeymoon, spending time with your lover with extravagant cuisine and scenery that is unforgettable.

While these destinations may not be the first thought of a wedding, consider how great the memory would be looking back knowing you got married somewhere like Cuba or Jamaica. These islands are full of liveliness, colors, music, and you’ll for sure love how the wedding pictures turned out.

United States

The United States has a wide variety of diverse locations that are perfect for a destination wedding.

1. Hawaii

The archipelago of Hawaii has a lot of different options as well. The islands are so different you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty on the island of Kauai, the bustling atmosphere of Oahu, the native culture that is preserved on Molokai, the seclusion of Lanai, the incredible beaches of Maui, or the wide range of climates on the Big Island.

One thing you’d want to consider having a wedding on the Big Island is the weather. The best time to travel is during the fall months of August, September, and October to avoid the rain. The summer months are the rainiest. Having a wedding in Hawaii has its perks of traditional food and wedding reception you could only dream of coming to reality. Imagine Hula girls and Hawaiian music, what a wedding!

Another thought you’d want to consider getting married in Hawaii is the local Hawaiians that live there. Don’t try and set up a wedding on the beach out of nowhere! Talk to a wedding planner and set up a venue or rental area, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for without disruption on public beaches.

2. California

If you wish to return to the mainland you can find everything you’re looking for in the western state of California. Aim north for stunning redwood forests or south for sunny beaches. In between, you’ll find a sprawling wine country and gorgeous mountains. California has much to offer to make a beautiful wedding. Resorts, immaculate venues, and because the climate is diverse you have options for your picture-perfect moment. Whether it’s in the woods in beautifully built cabins surrounded by nature and the tallest trees or the ocean right behind you you’ll have no issue finding what you’re looking for.

If you’re concerned about the cost of travel, not to worry! Since California is in the United States travel fairs might be in your budget and look better in your favor and your wedding guests. There are well-known places to have outside weddings like Anderson Canyon, Pali Mountain Wedding venue, and gorgeous Loma Vista gardens! All with great deals on stay and wedding planners willing and ready to work with you.

3. New York City

Driving off the tropical course, New York City is an amazing place to visit, especially for those city-loving couples. This is an excellent place to go if you love a more urban atmosphere.

If you’re looking for beaches and outside scenery, New York may not be for you. While you find many beaches or cabins there are lovely venues and even theaters to get hitched! The Big Apple has no shortage of nightlife or perfect wedding venues and of course, when you need a break, you can always escape to gorgeous Central Park for romantic carriage rides, picnics, or simple relaxation. There are also sky-high hotels and condos Airbnb’s available. Perfect for the end of the night after the wedding. If you’re not done partying yet there’s also plenty of clubs and bars to continue the night!


However, if you feel that you want to leave the country, there are many great options for a wedding in Mexico that fit any budget, from the coast of Baja to the capital of Mexico City. Make sure to check the local marriage laws with enough time to get everything squared away. The Mayan Riviera combines the best of both worlds. The peninsula has countless upscale resorts where you can enjoy the beaches in the lap of luxury, but the peninsula also contains several breathtaking ruins such as Chichen Itza and all-natural water parks.

North American Destination Weddings: Conclusion

Many places in North America fit anyone's preferences whether it be hot, cold, beaches, or city there is something for every. We hope our list of North American Destination Weddings inspired you where you would like to go.

Written by Jessica Bundy; Contributors: Artem Khaybullin and Jack Leduc