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Venue Ideas

Venue Ideas

Updated on: Mar 20, 2024

Hosting a fun party can only be done if you have the perfect venue to host it at! Everything from destination wedding venues to possible venues right around the corner from you, there is something there that is perfect for you and your needs. We have amazing venue ideas for all sorts of parties and events. There are also so included tips and tricks for when it comes to venues to make your life easier. We make party planning fast and easy!

Venue Ideas for Various Events

15 Beautiful Baby Shower Venue Ideas

baby shower venue ideas feature image

Baby showers are so exciting to host, welcoming a new beautiful life should be celebrated accordingly! We have so many venue ideas to help inspire you when planning a baby shower. If you are hosting the baby shower in the spring or summer months, even the early fall, hosting the baby shower outside at a vineyard or farm is the perfect way to get some fresh air while celebrating. Of course, there is always indoors at your home or a relatives home. We have 15 baby shower venue ideas in total to help you out and get your gears turning!

Best Birthday Party Venue Ideas

birthday party venue ideas feature image

Everyone loves a fun birthday party, but as you get older, planning the best birthday party can be hard or difficult. If you start out with finding the perfect venue, it can be easier to plan around there. You can get very creative with your venue such as renting a boat or going glamping! For kid's birthday parties, venue ideas can range anywhere from the zoo to a bowling alley. With the right venue and people, your birthday party can be so much more than you would think! We have come up with lots of fun and unique venue ideas for birthday parties.

36 Best Kids Party Places

kids party places feature image

Where you host an adult birthday party may be a little different than if you were going to host a kid's birthday party. We have lots of venue ideas for kid's birthday parties. Everything from indoor pools and ice skating rinks for the cooler months to miniature golf courses and the zoo for the warmer months. With the right budget, there are so many different ideas that you can choose from for your kid's birthday party!

Venue Ideas for Traveling

6 of the Most Basic yet Amazing North American Destination Weddings Locations

north American destination weddings feature image

You do not have to travel far to have a relaxing and fun wedding! We have some great North American destination wedding locations to help inspire you with your wedding planning. Anywhere from the Caribbean Islands to Hawaii and Mexico, there are so many beautiful places you can travel to for the most beautiful venue.

14 Seaside Wedding Tips and Theme Ideas

Seaside Weddings

A beachfront, seaside wedding at sunset is what almost every girl has dreamt about for their wedding day! You can make your dream a reality by planning a seaside wedding! We have lots of tips pertaining to beachfront weddings and how to plan them! Tips such as which month and where to have your wedding it a great start when planning your beachside wedding. There are lots of beautiful color schemes and themes you can plan to go around your scenery!

Venue Ideas for Wedding Events

8 Unique Bridal Shower at a Restaurant Ideas

bridal shower at a restaurant ideas feature image

Restaurants are one of the most popular venue ideas for bridal showers! Typically at a restaurant you get a private room and clean up is usually taken care of for you by the restaurant staff! As if restaurant bridal showers could not get any better, you can honestly make them whatever you want them to be! You can go upscale or very simple. Do not forget about the lighting options for pictures and what personal touches you are going to add to the bridal shower!

6 Best Bridal Shower Location Ideas

bridal shower location ideas feature image

The location of bridal showers is very important and helps plan the activities and what can be done at the bridal shower. When picking out a venue, think about how many guests are going to be attending and what the weather may or may not be. We have provided you with lots of different venue ideas for bridal showers as well as a few other tips to help with planning accordingly!

Hawaii Wedding Venues: 20 Affordable Options

Hawaii wedding venues feature image

Hawaiian weddings can be a little pricey, but it is almost a 100% guarantee that it will be worth it all the way! Lots of venues in Hawaii plan to be venues for weddings, therefore, many of them offer wedding packages to help with the planning and save you a little bit of money. We have broken down what a wedding in Hawaii may look like in terms of cost, wedding packages, and 20 of the best venue ideas for weddings in the beautiful state!

38 Best U.S. Cities for a Brewery Wedding

best US cities for a brewery wedding feature image

A brewery is a beautiful place to have a wedding, especially if the bride and groom are quite fond of their beers! We have provided you with different breweries all across the United States. We have broken it down by region then by state. There we have listed out the most popular breweries that are in the different states. From there it is up to you on deciding which one, and trust us when we say, there are a lot of options!

15 Beautiful Garden Wedding Venues

beautiful garden wedding venues feature image

Garden venues are absolutely gorgeous. If you are wanting to be surrounded by nature when getting married to the love of your life, then a garden is the place for you. Not only will the pictures be so beautiful, but the environment will also be very happy and welcoming to guests. We have 15 beautiful garden venue ideas for weddings that you can look at and see if the venue works for you!

20 Most Popular Reception Venues - Budget Tips Included

popular reception venues feature image

Your wedding venue is one of the first things that you need to get planned and ready to go before you start planning the rest of your wedding. We say this because once you have the venue set in stone, planning for decorations, flowers, so on and so fourth will be so much easier. We have 20 popular venue ideas for receptions as well as tips to stay budget friendly!

The Ultimate Dream Wedding Venue Ideas & Guide

dream wedding venue ideas feature image

Once you say yes to being proposed to, it is time to say yes to all the different planning steps! Planning a wedding can be very stressful though, but do not worry, we are here to help you out! We have a decent sized list of things to consider when looking for venues such as you budget and how many people you are inviting. There are also ideas for indoor and outdoor venue ideas that will all be a beautiful option. The hard part is just finding what works for you and your partner!

Tips and Tricks for Various Venue Ideas

Tips on Tipping: 10 Situational and General Useful Tips

Knowing how to tip is a great trait to have when going out anywhere. Many venues include tips in their prices, especially if there is a large group involved. However, that being said, it is always nice to leave something extra for those that are waiting on you. We have provided you with 10 different situations and how to go about tipping in those situations.

4 Key Steps to Renting Party Supplies and Questions to Ask

Renting Party Supplies

Renting your party supplies is a great way to save money when planning any event. Before you go about renting, see if your venue will allow for you to bring other party supplies from a different supplier and if the venue charges any other fees. That all being said, we have provided you with lots of different tips and questions to ask when you are going about renting party supplies.

Types of Nightclubs and Restaurants

Types of Nightclubs and Restaurants

Yes, believe it or not, there are so many different types of nightclubs and restaurants that you can choose from for a night out on the town! Think sports-themed clubs, comedy clubs, buffet restaurants, or casual restaurants. Know where you are going beforehand is a great way to plan your evening accordingly.


Picking out the perfect venue can be difficult but we are here to help make it as easy as possible. Don't see any venue ideas that work for you? Don't worry! Check back on our website often, we update it frequently.

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Written by: Lauren Bolt