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13 Dazzling Quinceañera Party Favors

Quinceanera Party Favors

Updated on: Feb 10, 2024

The day of a girl’s quinceañera is a day that she's been looking forward to her whole childhood. A quinceañera is not just a party, it's the day that a girl begins her transition to womanhood. An essential part of every good party is the party favors. They are a nice way to thank loved ones for celebrating the special day with you. So, here are some quinceañera party favor ideas that’ll make your party even more memorable!

Top Quinceañera Party Favors

1. Gumball Machines

Rent or purchase a few gumball machines (any size that you’d like) to place throughout your party’s venue. Guests will love the leisure of going up to the gumball machine for a burst of flavor right before they head back out to the dance floor. If you would like to have smaller gumball machines, you can use some as centerpieces. After the party, send each of your guests home with a customized mini gumball machine that goes with the theme of your quiñceanera. Place gumballs in the color(s) of your theme inside the gumball machines.

2. Birthday Cake Soap

Birthday cake soap is a fun and useful party favor! You can add some birthday cake bath bombs if you want to keep up with the self-care theme. After dancing the night away, your guests will definitely need some relaxation. You can also make a bundle using the customized hand sanitizer mentioned above. Place all of these into a white sheer drawstring organza bag and pass them out before everyone goes home.

3. Bedazzled Baseball Caps

There are two ways to go here. You could customize baseball caps that have the birthday girl’s name with the date of her quinceañera or customize some bedazzled baseball caps with the initials of each of your guests. If you want to do the latter, you must send out your RSVP list early in the party planning process. You will need enough time to know who is coming to the party to place an order on time for their baseball caps with their bedazzled initials.

4. Sweet Treats

This day is all about the birthday girl. Send the guests home with a goodie bag filled with all the birthday girl’s favorite candy. Wrap up the sweet treat's in a white sheer drawstring organza bag. To match the bag to the theme of the quiñceanera, add colored marbles or thin shreds of colored pieces of paper.

5. Stickers

Design cute stickers with the date of the quinceañera and the name of the birthday girl for your guests to take home. This is a great keepsake for your guests. They can stick it on school binders, laptop cases, water bottles, or in their room! Whenever they see it, they'll be reminded all those years ago of the fun night they had dancing away with friends.

6. Quinceañera Hand Sanitizer

If there is one thing that 15-year-old girls love, it’s scented hand sanitizer. Customize your own assorted hand sanitizers by decorating the sanitizer bottle with markers and paint. It might be smart to add keychain clips to the hand sanitizers so guests can clip them to their backpacks and use them at school. This is a great party favor for girls because it promotes hygiene and staying healthy!

7. Personalized Cups

Get creative and artsy with your party favors by customizing your own cups to send home. Go for a theme-colored cup or a clear cup and have the writing/design the color(s) of your party. To turn this party favor into something sweet, fill the cups up with individually packaged candy so that your guests can snack on it during the car ride home. Try and find candy that is individually packaged such as StarBursts, Laffy Taffy, Pixy Stix, Tootsie Pops, or Kisses.

8. Personalized Chocolate Covered Pretzels

This sweet and salty snack can easily be done at home without spending a lot of money. Making your own chocolate-covered pretzels is a great way for your birthday girl to thank her guests for coming. First decide what type of pretzels you want to use: pretzel rods, mini pretzel rods, or traditional pretzels. Many times, you can purchase different colored chocolate. Look for colored chocolate that goes along with the colors of your party. If you can’t find chocolate to go along with the colors of your party, you can purchase white candy melts and use food coloring to make the perfect shade.

9. Candles

Show off your artistic side by customizing your own candle to go with the theme of your quiñceanerea. Light some of these candles at the venue of your party and save a few to give out as party favors. When your guests use them they will be reminded of the night of your quiñceanera.

10. Chocolate Bars

When it comes to party food, chocolate is always a yes. Make it even sweeter by customizing Hershey's candy bar wrapper to make it a quinceañera candy bar! You can get very creative with what you put on the back for “ingredients." Try and capture the personality of the birthday girl and put it into ingredients on the wrapper. These chocolate bars will not only be yummy but also a cute keepsake of the night.

11. Customized Keychain

Customized Keychains are also a great party favor! A practical and super cute quinceañera accessory, customized keychains are sure to be a quinceañera hit! You could go for a keychain that has the age you're turning, the colors of your party, or perhaps your initials. The great thing about keychains is that there is such a wide range of super affordable charms to choose from.

12. Crystal Pen

Who doesn't like cute stationery!? Order a bunch of glittery or color-themed pens and give them out to guests as party favors! You can bedazzle the balls of your pens by hot-gluing a crystal to the top of each pen. Every time one of your guests writes with their pen they'll think of you. When it's their turn to have a quinceañera, they might even write their quinceañera invitations using your pen! If you want to go all out with your pens you can customize them by printing out a special slogan like "name_Quiñceanera'21" to read on the side of your pens.

13. Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Whether it's sunny outside or not, sunglasses are always a fashion statement. Get your squad all geared up with matching quinceañera sunglasses. You can add heart-shaped lenses to your party sunglasses to make them extra cute. Be sure to take some nice group quinceañera pictures with your matching sunglasses!

Quinceañera Party Favors: Conclusion

These are all the ideas for quinceañera party favor ideas! Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for celebrating your special day with you. They are souvenirs from a special day that your guests can cherish for a long time. Whether you take these quinceañera party favor ideas as written or choose to customize them to your liking, they are bound to add a special touch to your quinceañera and create memorable moments for you and your guests. Good luck with planning and customizing your party favors, hopefully, these quinceañera favors gave you some inspiration!

Written by Nicole Carabajal and Mackenzie Tolrud; Contributor: Jack Leduc

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