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Ambulance Theme Party - 18 Exciting Ideas

Ambulance Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

EMTs and first responders have thrilling jobs, especially to young children. If your child wants to have an ambulance theme party, here are some activities, decorations, candy, and party favor ideas for your child’s special day! Challenge their medical and observation skills with these games and leave your guests with the cutest party favors that parents and children alike will love.

Fun Activities for Your Ambulance Theme Party


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1. Four Corners

This is a great inclusive game for all your guests that calls for very little preparation. Before the party, print out four pictures of items that can be found in an ambulance. This could include a stethoscope, medical bags, a stretcher, a cardiac monitor, etc. Print out these pictures so that they are large enough to see from the other side of the room. Print another set of smaller pictures that the host/hostess will hold and select when the game is being played.

Next, hang one picture in each corner of the room and begin playing music. When the music ends, guests will have to run to a corner of their choosing. You will then shuffle the small cards that you have with each of the pictures on them and choose one to show your guests. Whoever is standing at the corner with that picture on it is out. Continue playing until there is only one person left. The last one left is the winner!

2. EMT Search

Part of being a good EMT is having great observational skills. Purchase some miniature toy ambulances and hide them around the party venue. This game is every man for themselves--every kid is playing as their own team. Tell the kids how many ambulances are hidden and let them loose to find the miniature ambulances. The kid who ends up finding the most miniature ambulances wins an EMT badge.

3. Medical Rush!

EMTs are always working at a fast pace to ensure that they are doing their best to respond to any emergency. For this game, gather various items that could be found in a medical kit as well as things that don’t belong in a medical kit. When you play this game, divide the guests into two even teams and explain the rules. Provide each team with a medical kit and lay the tools out in front of them. The first team to place all the correct items into their medical bag wins! If you want to make the game even more challenging, have the winning team explain what an EMT uses each of the tools for.

4. Meet a Paramedic

Some places offer the chance to schedule a meeting with first responders like paramedics and firemen. Depending on where you live, you might be able to invite a fire truck or ambulance to your party. Allowing your guests a closeup look at these amazing vehicles and a meet and greet with professionals will make for a party they won’t soon forget!

5. Online Printouts

Don’t let the burden of creating themed activities fall to you! Online you’ll find plenty of free printouts of the ambulance and paramedic-themed games and activities. These include counting games, sewing/lace practicing games, and more. These can make for a great activity table or a party favor for kiddos to take home.

Perfect Ambulance Theme Party Favors

toy truck

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6. First Aid Kit

Have your guests take home a travel-size first aid kit. If you would like a more customized first aid kit, order some small empty first aid kit bags and fill them with whatever your guests may like. Candy, bracelets, temporary tattoos, medical badges, etc.

7. Face Masks

Send your guests home with a customized face mask. You can customize each face mask to say your child's name and their birthday. So for example, “Ryan’s 8th EMT Birthday Party” or anything along those lines. “Certified EMT” is another cute idea. Kids can take these home and play doctor.

8. Hand Sanitizer

Get your guests in the groove of using hand sanitizer. When they have their own personal hand sanitizer they will become more responsible and germ conscious. Guests might also enjoy bath and body works mini hand sanitizers with assorted scents. Guests will love smelling them and trading with each other.

9. EMT Patches

Add some EMT patches to your party favors for guests to take home. Kids will love adding these to their clothes when they get home. With these patches as a part of their clothing, they’ll feel like part of an EMT team. It may even spark aspirations for future careers!

10. T-Shirts

Take a plain black t-shirt and iron on the EMT emblem! Go a step farther and iron on each of the names of your guests on each of the shirts. Perfect for group pictures and as party favors/memories.

Ambulance Theme Party Decorations

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10. Candy Bar

Use various candies to create a one-of-a-kind candy bar for your EMT party. Purchase various candy jars and get creative with labeling what’s inside. Twizzlers can be “clogged arteries”, Mike and Ike’s can be “antibiotics”, Nutter Butters can be “bandaids”, marshmallows can be “cotton balls”, cotton candy can be “gauze”, and gummy Lifesavers can be used as a funny play on words. Have some Hawaiian Punch in an IV-shaped bag with a straw and valve and call in "Blood Donations". Wrap your silverware in plastic with a blue napkin like the Sanitized Medical Instruments they use at the hospital and in the ambulance. For the adult guests, have an alcoholic bar and call it the "Numbing Station".

11. Saline Solution

Label individual bottles of water as “saline solution” or if you have a beverage dispenser with a spigot you can label the whole thing as saline solution. If you want to serve red fruit punch, you can label it as an IV fluid.

12. Emergency Lights

Add some extra spunk to a room with red and blue rotating strobe lights to simulate that of an emergency vehicle. Have the lights dim so your strobe lights are very apparent. Be sure to check in with kiddos’ parents beforehand to ascertain if any guests might have conditions exacerbated or triggered by strobe lights, like photosensitive epilepsy, and hang appropriate signage before implementing this tip.

13. Balloons

Balloons are one of the most simple and eye-catching party decorations. Choose red and white balloons to scatter throughout your venue. To create an EMT bundle of balloons, bunch a few red ones with one white balloon in the middle. If you want special EMT balloons, you can purchase some for cheap and blow them up with the helium tank.

14. Red Crosses

Decorate your venue’s walls with Red Crosses. This is one of the symbols for EMT workers and you cannot go wrong with displaying it at your EMT theme party.

16. Ambulance Piñata

Get an ambulance-shaped piñata, fill it with candy, and let the party begin. Such a fun and classic tradition to include for the party. Everyone gets candy and alleviates some anger.

Keeping the Party Alive With the Menu

cake topper

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15. Cake Topper

A simple cake topper can go a long way in adding to the theme and aesthetic of your party! Place an ambulance cake topper on top of the birthday cake, or get creative and use a search LEGO first responder! Your kiddo may very well have one in their room already.

16. Decorate Cookies

Cookies are a perfect canvas! You could decorate cookies with a white icing background and red heart rate line, print off a free template for cookie decorating online, or set out lots of colored frosting and let the guests go wild creating their own ambulance-themed cookies.

17. Puppy Chow

Classic snack: Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddies. It's corn check, peanut butter, melted chocolate, COVERED in powdered sugar! So perfect for a party. You can make it yourself or buy it! Got a nut allergy or want to make it a little healthier? You can change the ingredients a bit to make it more appropriate like sunflower butter or soy butter. Want to make it colorful? Add some mini M&Ms, mini chocolate chips, or whatever you want! Kids love it and adults love it! Put some in bags and perfect for the goodie bags.

18. Entree

Sweets are a must for any party, but don’t forget about the main dish! Depending on the time of day you hold your party, guests will most likely anticipate a meal being served. Hot dogs with plenty of toppings is a perfect and easy lunch or dinner! Make sure to include some yummy sides and accommodate dietary restrictions.

Ambulance Theme Party: Conclusion

An ambulance theme party is a perfect style for any youngster who has a fascination for EMTs and their work. Hopefully, this helps inspire you to plan the perfect event! On the other hand, if you are looking to have a birthday party for an adult in your life, we have articles on adult birthday party ideas and a budget sheet for just such an occasion. We also have resources for gift ideas, party themes, and all you'll need to plan a birthday party.

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