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31 Fun 30th Birthday Party Ideas

30th Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on: Mar 21, 2024

So, you're turning thirty and want to ring in this exciting new decade in style; right on! We have cool 30th birthday party ideas (for her and him!) to fit every budget and lifestyle -- whether you want to keep it low-key and light on the pocketbook, or whether you want to pull out all the stops! Either way, these 30-year-old birthday party ideas can help you throw a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable beginning to your dirty 30 birthday. Not only can we help you with general birthday party ideas but we also offer help with handmade decorations, favors, and gift ideas! We also have other resources like an expense worksheet that can help you stay within your budget.

30th Birthday Party Ideas

1. Spa Weekend

If you're like many embarking on their thirties, you've started a career and/or a family, both of which can be rewarding -- but draining. Turning thirty is a perfect excuse to treat yourself to a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend. Even better if you bring a few of your besties to enjoy the time.

There are bound to be at least a few options near where you live, whether they be high-end spas or more rustic retreats. Either way, the point is to take a breather. You can soak in a hot tub, get massages and hot rock treatments, enjoy a few cocktails, or meditate. Most of these places offer a wide menu of options for helping you kick back and get centered.

2. Bed and Breakfast

Maybe for your 30th birthday celebration, you want to get away but don't need all the frills offered by spas. You could find a local bed and breakfast. And not just any AirBnB; find a place that is truly cozy and offers a nice breakfast or brunch. You can research online for places with the amenities you are looking for, whether it be a fireplace, a pool, or maybe a nice mini-library.

You may want to find a place with a quaint little town nearby. Depending on how far you want to travel, the options could be limitless. But most areas within our country have at least an option or two nearby. And it could be low-cost too! You could also go on your own for some solitude, or bring some dear friends along. This is another great way to reset before a new era of your life!

3. Horseback Riding

Whether you are an experienced professional or have never ridden a horse in your life, your 30th birthday is a perfect opportunity to give it a try. Go on a horseback riding session and celebrate this special event with a horse riding ornament.

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4. Great beer party

A great beer party with families and friends is another creative idea to welcome a new page in your life with many desires and ambitions. A variety of delicious and cold beers in nice glasses, lots of fresh fruit, and a few side dishes will make this party richer and more enjoyable than ever.

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5. Take a Wine-tasting Tour

Turning thirty represents reaching true adulthood and all the sophistication that comes with it. Why not celebrate with something equally refined? Even if you don't live in Napa Valley -- or can't afford to make a trip out -- you can usually find a few wineries nearby. If it's a nice day, you can take a stroll through the vineyards. You can plan to visit a few in one day, depending on your time frame and pace.

In fact, there are wine trails in many areas of the country with plenty of research posted online. Some in fact offer guides who will point you in the right direction and provide tips to make the most of your experience. You can also hire a driver to take you around in a fancy car!

If you would rather stay in the comfort of your home, create a wine tasting party at your house. Buy a couple of wine bottles and cover up their labels with wine bags. Invite family and friends over and enjoy a relaxing night with good company.

6. Visit a theme park

You may, however, want to celebrate in a more youthful, family-friendly way. An amusement park can be just the “ticket!” Maybe you want to go all out and book a stay at Disney World, Disneyland, or Universal Studios. Or you could find your nearest Six Flags. If that is too far away, you can still usually find some great roller coasters in or near your own county.

Sometimes the food is the big draw, with an assortment of fried offerings like funnel cakes and sweet treats like candy apples, caramel popcorn, and other delicious fares. The games can be a nice diversion if you are competitive and/or well-coordinated. You and your friends/family will have the time of their lives! You can think of it as one last youthful hurrah before your thirties. Or just a fun way to celebrate such an important birthday.

7. Throw a Gatsby-themed soiree

You may prefer to keep your partying indoors. You can still keep the booze and sophistication with an homage to American literature's most famous partier! In keeping with the book, you could go with a “Roaring 20's” theme (you are celebrating the tail end of your own “roaring” 20's after all).

You could host in your own home with flashy 1920s' decorations or look for a nearby mansion that can be rented out for the evening. You can find flapper dresses and tuxes at a local store or online. Remember to also buy more jewelry. But most importantly, make sure to keep the champagne, wine, and beer flowing. You could even rent or buy a champagne fountain to really glam it up! Get some flapper music going in the background for people who want to cut a rug. You can do this by hiring a big band or just finding some tunes online to pipe through your sound system. Either way, you're sure to be the toast of the town!

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8. Casino Night

Perhaps you want a sophisticated grown-up theme with more of a “007” vibe. You and your friends could either trek out to the nearest casino, which may not be very near at all, or you could host an in-home casino. You may not be able to install slot machines, but you could rent or buy tables for craps and roulette, along with plenty of card games. Online you are guaranteed to find casino-themed decor.

You can also possibly find some costumes, or simply have your guests show up dressed to “kill.” Be sure to have plenty of drinks and appetizers to enhance the experience. Whether you make it a “Night in Vegas” or in “Monte Carlo,” it will be an apt tribute to being “truly grown up.”

9. Murder Mystery Party

Perhaps you want to turn your night into a game with a plot. Who wouldn't want to play a part in a gripping whodunit? There are plenty of scripts online featuring all kinds of themes and time periods. You could rent a mansion for this, too; or perhaps just a large room at a fancy hotel or restaurant.

Most prefer to host these within their own homes, though. Costumes may be rented, or you get creative and cobble together your own with whatever you have in your closet. You could make a dinner of it or just serve up some nice snacks. You're sure to make some great memories in honor of the “death” of your twenties.

10. Escape Room

Another way to bring on the suspense is an escape room adventure. Locked in a room with limited time, your adrenaline will spike as you race against the clock and/or another team, searching for a trail of clues that will (hopefully) set you free! These places have become ubiquitous over the last few years; you're likely to find at least a few within driving distance of your home.

As with murder mystery parties, a wide variety of themes are offered, all serving up plenty of fun! Who knows? Maybe you'll make a tradition of it! Anyway, this is another great, non-run-of-the-mill, way to celebrate such a great milestone!

11. Karaoke

This one is a little more traditional, but there are many ways to personalize it. You can choose the type of venue to fit your purpose -- a small pub can work well for smaller groups or you could find a large restaurant if you want to celebrate big!

In either case, you can accompany the karaoke with dinner, drinks, and dancing. Or if you aren't into celebrating with strangers around, your own living room or backyard could provide a perfect backdrop. Plus you can decorate it any way you want with flashing lights and a karaoke machine. If you are going to a place that does not have karaoke, you can invest in portable karaoke microphones and sing with family and friends. So if belting out your favorite tunes makes you happy, karaoke is the way to go!

12. Concert Tix

Find a concert that suits your musical taste, whether it's outdoors, at the theater or at a live music bar, whatever it is, make sure to dress up with your friends before your go - that is always the best part!

13. 90's Theme Party

Another fun way to celebrate such an important age is an homage to your childhood. This one you can throw in the comfort of your own home; or you could still rent a venue. In any case, there are plenty of ways to pay tribute to this decade. You can find plenty of 90's-themed decor online and at your local party store. Or you could throw up some posters of your fave boy bands like N'Sync or Backstreet Boys.

As for dressing up, use your imagination! If you idolized the Spice Girls, you could find some totally “posh” getups of mini skirts and platform boots. Or you could go the grunge route and have Stone Temple Pilots blasting through your speakers as you roam around in jeans and flannel tops. Don't forget to have some 90's movies or TV shows playing! Most importantly, just remember what you loved best about our culture when you were a kid, and that will guide you on the food and entertainment to serve up.

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14. Feature your favorite Country

There are many international themes you could go with; why not pick one that truly resonates with you? It could be a country of your heritage or one you visited and fell in love with. Whether it be Parisian, Moroccan, or Indian, your theme will be a hit if your heart is in it. For food, you can show off your cooking skills to serve guests. You can also decorate your birthday space with flags, featured images, or symbolic objects from different countries to highlight your birthday theme.

You're also likely to find movies on Netflix or Hulu that can be featured or played in the background. And it won't be difficult to find a channel devoted to your nation of choice on Spotify or Pandora. You could even have cultural dance lessons or play some games unique to the country. The important point is that you are celebrating something you love in order to celebrate yourself!

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15. “Kiss” your Twenties good-bye

A fun, flirty way to welcome in your thirties is with this cute spin on saying farewell to your twenties. This theme is fairly simple; you just need food and/or decor in the shape of lips. You could bake or order a pink or red cake that is covered with “kisses”; lip-shaped cookies painted pink or red are also a good option. Search for decorations online, or even visit your local craft or party store if it's close to Valentine's Day. Along with the pinks and red, a splash of gold here and there can really glam up the place.

As favors for your guests, you could give out the cookies, lip-shaped candies, or Hershey's kisses, or a mix thereof. You could feature a movie like “French Kiss” just for the fun of it. Or your favorite rom-com will also do! If you want a light-hearted take on ushering in a new decade, this is the theme for you!

16. “Thirty” everything

To go with an obvious theme, you could adorn every corner of the place with the number thirty. Spell the word “Thirty” on your cake, have balloons in the shape of the number 30, 30-shaped cookies, the word/number thirty plastered all over the wall; you name it! For a kooky twist, you could have thirty of everything, including balloons, chairs, treats, plates, etc. Nobody will forget which birthday this is for you, and you should own it!

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17. Pizza and Game night

If you prefer something more low-key, or you and your friends have kids and want to include them in the festivities, you could throw a pizza and game night for the ages! You could simply order in, or for a fun spin, you could pick up a few plain cheese unbaked pizzas from the grocery store.

Grab some peppers, onions, olives, pepperoni, sausage, or whatever toppings you and your friends like, and everyone can create their own pie or slice! You can offer some beer for the grown-ups and juice and sodas for the little ones if they're joining you.

Provide a mix of games to play. These games could be on a console like the Wii, or card games at a table, or more interactive games like role playing and Pictionary. Have prizes too! You can host a trivia night about the birthday person and whoever wins gets a prize to take home. Or have your guest bring their favorite games and you can make it an epic night! If you're into low-fuss fun, you will have the time of your life and make great memories.

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18. Pajama Party

If you want to go even more low-key, have everyone come in their PJs and enjoy lounging. Have plenty of cushions and pillows for friends to sit on; you could even find some bean bag chairs, or have guests bring their own. Get some relaxing tunes going and offer some light snacks and drinks. Maybe play some slumber party games, like truth or dare!

You could do some mani-pedis too, along with facial masks. A nice rom-com or old movie could be another nice touch. It can be a throwback to your younger years with a few grown-up touches. In other words, a perfect way to celebrate such a transitional birthday!

19. Paint Night

If you're artistically inclined, one of the latest, trendy birthday party ideas is a paint night! You and your friends can either visit an art studio or host this in your home. You are usually given a canvas and paints, along with a work of art to mimic. Perhaps the example will have some birthday themes!

An instructor can give you tips for the best results. The end products are oftentimes quite stunning! Plus, you will have a nice physical memento of your night of celebration. These nights are not complete without yummy treats and drinks, so make sure someone provides!

20. Brunch

If there's one thing that people start doing more of in their thirties, it's brunch! Most restaurants that offer a weekend brunch worth its salt are booked solid with lines out the door (mostly consisting of those in the thirty-plus crowd!). After all, who doesn't love pancakes with delicious fruit and a side of bacon? And fresh-squeezed orange juice? But you don't have to book a reservation weeks in advance or wait for hours in line. You can host your own brunch! You can even make it a potluck to yield an enticing spread of waffles, crepes, omelets, breakfast meat, fruits, and whatever else people come up with.

Find some nice linens to dress up the table, and add some flowers to spruce up the room. You can use your grandmother's fancy china or simply buy fancy-looking disposable plates and silverware. This yields just the right balance of elegance and homey. It's sure to impress your friends and mark an auspicious beginning to this new chapter of your life.

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21. Have a night with cheese and wine

Cheese and wine are the perfect pairings for a lively party to let go of worries and welcome happy things. If you want to do your best to celebrate your 30s, serve wine to your guests. Or just have people bring in their favorite bottles, so everyone can try something new.

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22. Trip Down Memory Lane

Your thirtieth birthday party is the perfect day to reminisce and say goodbye to a past era. Bring out all the memorabilia, clothes, shoes, makeup, photos, books, anything you have from the past 30 years. I would even bring out the old college degree and invite those unforgettable college friends! Place them all around the area as decor, like an exhibition of your life so far.

It is not a bad idea if you can wrap your memorable photos in pretty frames and arrange them around the party space as your guests will love to walk around, see all those photos, and watch you grow up over the years. Everyone is sure to enjoy the little trip down memory lane! This is a cheap but great birthday party idea for adults!

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23. Do a little Tarot-reading

Chances are you and your friends are at least a little interested in how the stars affect your day. Your guests would love an astrology-themed party! Look into local psychics or tarot readers and book them for a few hours. You can also provide tarot cards and books so you and your friends can have a go at it yourselves.

For decorations, try to stick with your sign's theme or color scheme. Tapestries, scented candles, and incense are a great way to start, but feel free to get as creative as you can!

24. Do a peddle tavern

Peddle taverns are a unique way to get your drinks and your workout in! Get a couple of friends and book a local peddle tavern ride around your downtown area. This creative birthday party idea for adults might be a little expensive, but totally worth the experience. Ask the driver if you can stop to take pictures during the ride, and make the most out of it!

Make sure to dress for the weather, and keep in mind that depending on your state, this might only be a good idea for a unique 30th birthday party during the summer months!

25. Go Glamping

Ever thought of unplugging and just enjoying nature for your birthday party? Booking a woodsy cabin or a beach yurt might just be the perfect get-away for you and the girls. Enjoy the wanderlust vibes and take a few days to reset, relax, and glam with your best friends.

26. Go Paintballing

If you want to do something more exciting, go to a paintball park with your friends. Shoot your friends in a fun and competitive sport that will leave you excited. There are plenty of modes to play in paintball including capture the flag, speedball, woodsball, MilSim (Military Simulation), Zombie Hunt, and more fun activities!

27. Go to Trampoline Park

Like bouncing on trampolines? Well then, you're going to love bouncing in a park with trampolines on the walls and floors. Some trampoline parks like Skyzone offer multiple activities to do while you're bouncing around like freestyle jumping, dodgeball, basketball, jousting, volleyball, and more fun activities that will leave you laughing and tired!

28. Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an exotic and eploration way to celebrate your 30th birthday. Hire a scuba instructor if you're new to it and explore the deep depths of various bodies of water. Explore and see the fish and other sea life with your own eyes and enjoy all of the wonders the sea has to offer!

29. Go to Water Park

Going to a water park is a great way to feel young again. Do some of the fun wet activities like going on the water slides, going in the wave pools, relaxing on the lazy river, and more activities that leave you wet and thrilled!

30. Go to a Sport Games

A sports game is a simple and relaxing way to celebrate your birthday. Cheer on your favorite team in the stands with your favorite sports food. Some sport games you can go to include basketball games, football, baseball, soccer, and other sports of your choice!

31. Doing some Recreational Shooting

A real fun activity that will get your adrenaline rolling is shooting. Some shooting activities you can do include skeet shooting, trap shooting, regular target shooting, and more activities. Remember to follow the range rules and ask for instruction if you're new!


Hopefully, one of these 30th birthday party ideas has at least sparked your creativity to create a one-of-a-kind celebration of the onset of your thirties, no matter the pace of your lifestyle or the size of your pocketbook. This new decade can offer many exciting benchmarks and transitions. Its beginning should be marked in a joyful, unforgettable way. So go to, and make the most of it! If you're looking for other adult birthday party ideas, our blog has got you covered.

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