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Dream Wedding Venue Ideas

Dream Wedding Venue Ideas

Updated on: Feb 18, 2024

So you said yes! Woohoo! Love is in the air, and a wedding is on the way - congratulations. Planning your wedding should be as exciting as the event itself, but in all honesty, it’s quite the herculean task: there are just so many choices to make and questions to ask! Perhaps the most important of these choices is finding dream wedding venue ideas. Where will you host your special day?

Thankfully, here at Easy Event Planning, wedding planning is, well, easy. To aid you in your brainstorming, search, and final decision on your wedding venue, we’ve compiled a list of steps and potential venues to help you narrow down the perfect site for your event, stress-free.

Dream Wedding Venue Ideas: Indoor Options

Now that you have a foundation for what you want your venue to include, here’s a comprehensive list of wedding venue ideas, with the pros and cons of each venue, to get you started on your search!

1. Hotel

Pros: The ultimate one-stop-shop of wedding planning. Because the ceremony and reception will take place in the same building, you can eliminate all transportation considerations. Plus, guests have a place to relax between events, and you might get great savings on room rates.

Cons: Not the most creative option. Also, some venues have limited seating.

wedding hotel


2. House or Private Residence

Pros: Get married at home! You’ll save so much money, and you’ll get to relive childhood memories while saying goodbye to your old life. Friends and family can help you with prep and decorations, which saves a boatload of labor costs. Plus, you’ll have lots of decorative freedom, especially if the homeowner is a good friend or relative.

Cons: If you choose to cater or rent decorations/supplies, possible downsides to an at-home wedding include high rental, storage, and insurance costs. Plus, there usually isn’t too much space in a house for a lot of guests, so it’s really only an option for more intimate gatherings. Plan to keep noise levels low during the event, so you do not bother neighbors.

3. Church, Temple, or Synagogue

Pros: Provides a traditional ceremony location that could honor your family and religion on your special day. Many religious spots can be quite breathtaking, too, and hold a large number of people.

Cons: Houses of worship, while beautiful, can limit your decorative freedoms a bit. Plus, nonreligious guests or family members may have varying degrees of comfort about being in a religious building.

4. Country Club

Pros: With beautiful scenery and room for many guests, country clubs are great for ceremonies and receptions alike. Many country clubs have separate rooms for ceremonies and receptions, the latter of which includes ample space for dancing.

Cons: You may have to plan to order extra decorations, music, and dining services at an additional cost, as the club may not offer these services.

wedding country club


5. Mansion or Estate

Pros: These venues can fit massive amounts of people and feature a range in architectural styles. Pick a mansion that fits the style of your wedding and feel like a princess for the day.

Cons: As estates like these have become quite a hit, they often tend to be booked up. Not to mention, they tend to be pricey. Book the venue very far in advance for a good deal.

6. Yacht Club

Pros: Oh, the luxury. Yacht club buildings tend to have large windows overlooking the water and the club’s many boats. They’ll usually allow for ample decorative freedom, and often include a full-service bar and restaurant. This is an excellent option for couples who love luxury and the feeling of being on the water.

Cons: More often than not, yacht clubs are exclusive and are only willing to host weddings for members. They also don’t always have a room quite large enough to host a wedding with a hefty guest list.

7. Museum

Pros: Why decorate when you’re getting married in a museum? These are great sites if you have a special attachment to the location (maybe it was the site of a first date!).

Cons: Expense. (Just think of the revenue costs they would lose shutting down for a day!) There would likely be mandatory security guards in and around the premises to protect the displays. In addition, you’d have to have your reception off-site, as there will be no food and beverages allowed anywhere near the displays.

8. Performance Hall or Theatre

Pros: Imagine getting married on a stage! For actors, theatre lovers, or just dramatic couples, getting married in a performance hall is a great option.

Cons: The space could be too big for a smaller wedding and may be poorly lit (at least for the guests). Plus, it may be a bit tricky to book.

9. Government Building

Pros: Government buildings can provide a unique architectural style backdrop for your wedding. The indoor architecture and decor tend to be upscale and chic as well. Because these places are publicly funded, you’re likely to save on rental costs. Plus, on-site flowers will reduce the price you pay on florals.

Cons: Civic sites may offer strict time frames and beverage limits. Find out all preparation and event time limits before choosing a site venue.

10. Art Gallery

Pros: Again, no décor needed! Art galleries are not only great for art lovers, but for those that want to have an upscale, formal affair as well.

Cons: Each gallery has different space capacities, so it’s essential to do your research before settling on one that might not accommodate your guest list. Price and strict rules (including security) may also be an issue. Consider the site of your reception before booking your ceremony here, as you will have to transport your party there somehow.

Dream Wedding Venue Ideas: Outdoor Options

11. Backyard

Pros: Just like an at-home wedding, backyard weddings are wonderful for smaller, family-oriented weddings.

Cons: While cost-effective, elegance is limited. Space will be limited, too.

wedding backyard


12. By a River or Lake

Pros: Imagine the pictures! Natural settings near bodies of water make excellent wedding ceremony sites, and it usually isn’t too hard to book a reception site nearby. Play up the natural beauty of the area by waiting for the trees to change colors, or for the flowers to be in full bloom.

Cons: Be mindful that a site by the water could be both windier and buggier than an alternative site.

13. Top of a Mountain

Pros: For unmeasurable views, beauty and seclusion, choose the top of a mountain for your ceremony. Great for climbers, hikers, and all-around nature enthusiasts.

Cons: Mountains aren’t exactly the warmest locations, so make sure you pick a date and time that accounts for the weather. Plus, there may be some transportation and parking issues if you don’t carefully plan your route and guest list. For mountainous spots on a national park or government land, make sure to obtain the appropriate permits and permissions.

14. Gardens at a Historical Home

Pros: Just like a mansion or estate wedding, garden weddings at these sites showcase the rich history of older homes while celebrating the newness of your union.

Cons: Due to historical societies working so carefully to preserve these places, often, it is hard to bring in decorations that could threaten to change or alter a single thing about the estate. For the same reason, these locations tend to be pricey.

15. Golf Course

Pros: A golf course is a gorgeous, romantic setting. The rolling greens are always immaculately maintained and give an air of sophistication to any event. They are also generally quiet and peaceful, making them the perfect venue for a relaxed wedding.

Cons: While the greens are immaculate, there may not be the kind of floral background in this outdoor setting that a couple, especially a bride, may want. Some feel this is a more masculine wedding venue.

16. Winery, Brewery, or Vineyard

Pros: The gently sloping vineyards of a winery or brewery destinations are the perfect backdrop for any outdoor wedding. Many wineries also have beautiful indoor venues on the property, so in case of inclement weather, you can still have the romantic wedding of your dreams. Wineries also come with the added bonus of an excellent selection of local wines for you to enjoy on your wedding day.

Cons: Some quaint wineries are smaller and harder to fit a large guest list. In addition, you have to use their wine, not your own.

wedding winery


17. Walt Disney World

Pros: What’s better than starting your life together at the happiest place on earth? Whether you’ve envisioned Mickey and Minnie making an appearance at dinner or just want the beautiful castle in the background, the folks at Disney can offer a wide range of choices. Your guests can enjoy spending a few days before or after your wedding playing in the parks too!

Cons: The magic of Disney comes with a pretty large price tag, and while they give you some creative license with your wedding decorations, your creativity will come at a premium.

18. In a Cave

Pros: Yes, you can get married in a cave!! Have your guests go underground to get to your location and line their path with candles for a romantic, yet mysterious journey to your ceremony. Minimal decorations are needed (nature did it for you!), and the lighting inside the cave is usually pretty spectacular.

Cons: Though cave weddings have been done before, they can be difficult to pull off. Not all caves are handicap accessible, and they can be frightening for claustrophobic guests.

19. Park

Pros: For a location that truly feels like the great outdoors, hold your ceremony at a local or national park. Find a quiet, open space in the park amongst plenty of large trees.

Cons: As we’ve mentioned before, many national parks are government-controlled, and probably have strict rules on things such as decorations and guestlists. Make sure to get the right permits and permissions before inviting your guests.

20. Boat or Yacht Cruise

Pros: Get married on the seas! The luxury of being on the water is not a feeling you’ll soon forget. Most boats willing to host weddings include packages that include a full-service bar and catering, so you likely won’t need outside vendors.

Cons: Space is a consideration, as not all boats can accommodate large parties. Rental rates may also be quite high. It’s also a good idea to check your guests’ sea legs beforehand, as seasickness may be an issue for some people.

21. Underwater

Pros: Are you and your fiancé scuba diving enthusiasts? Get married underwater! Don scuba gear over your wedding dress (or rent a white wetsuit!), grab some diving slates for written vows and tie the knot mermaid-style. Host your reception on a boat or a nearby beach.

Cons: You can’t just take your entire wedding party underwater, so you’ll have to have your guests watch via live video feed. In addition, boat receptions may leave guests a bit seasick.

22. Beach

Pros: Whether you’re flying to the Bahamas, Hawaii, or driving to Malibu, beaches provide an unmatched atmosphere of relaxation and beauty that is perfect for your wedding. A beach wedding is great for the couple that prefers to kick off their shoes and have fun! Beach weddings are also very low maintenance in terms of décor.

Cons: You will have to closely watch the tides and weather, as you don’t want Mother Nature to ruin your special day. Also be mindful that your hairstyle will be windblown, and sand will get everywhere. It’s all part of the fun!

wedding beach


23. Botanical Garden

Pros: For free décor, hold your ceremony in a botanical garden. Just think, you won’t have to worry about buying flowers!

Cons: Botanical gardens are usually pretty pricey, and you may have to hold your reception at a different venue.

Dream Wedding Venue Ideas: Conclusion

Do we hear wedding bells ringing? We hope this list of dream wedding venue ideas helped you solidify your plans and has greatly helped you along your wedding planning journey.

Still haven’t decided on your perfect venue? We’ll help you out - Easy Event Planning connects you to hundreds of local vendors that will be perfect for your wedding, with offers and pricing delivered right to your inbox. Make an account with us today!

Written by Katherine Frabotta, Brittney Casad, Brittany Schmidt and Jillian Smith; Contributor: June Park