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11 Helpful Event Voting Apps

Event Voting Apps

Updated on: Feb 09, 2024

Have you ever considered engaging your party guests with a simple poll? Party planners should take advantage of the available technology to enhance the event experience and party planning. Event Voting apps and websites allow your guests to participate uniquely. Sharing a simple survey or posting a poll allows you to decide how guests can contribute to your event. Additionally, voting websites and apps can help you receive live feedback. This will help you gauge how your guests are feeling and see how you can improve for your next event.

Polling can also be used before the event so that guests can play a role in the party planning process. This allows them to become more connected and invested in your event before it even takes place. Easy Event Planning has compiled a list of 11 different voting websites and apps for you to consider when planning your next event, you can learn more about them below:

Top 11 Event Voting Apps

1. Google Forms

This is a great way to manage event registrations/details, collect contact information, share a fun quiz, or even just obtain general poll information. Simply send your guests your personalized link form that can be used on any smartphone. Google Forms allows you to add your photos or logo to your survey/poll and gives you the ability to make questions and answers any way you prefer. Poll responses are automatically organized for you with statistics, pie charts, and bar graphs.

2. Social Media Polls

Social media platforms allow you to connect with your guests in many ways, including posting a poll. Facebook and Instagram allow you to share a poll on your story for 24 hours. Twitter lets you tweet out a poll that lasts between 5 minutes and 7 days!

3. Poll Junkie

If you want to create a poll without signing up for an account, or using your personal social media, Poll Junkie is a website where you can create free polls, with no registration required. You can control the expiration of your poll and its privacy settings. This website automatically saves your work too!

4. Easy Polls

This website enables you to embed your poll on your website. There are options for you to create and customize your poll theme. You have to sign up to save your poll. There are also premium features that are only 99 cents per poll.

5. Poll Everywhere

This is a super versatile polling website that allows you to create polls that can be accessed online, through their app, text message, PowerPoint, Keynote, and even Google Slides. You can upload your own images for answer choices and the poll background. The only downside to Poll Everywhere is that it only allows 25 free responses. If you are expecting to have more than 25 people answer your poll questions, you will have to pay for an upgrade.

6. Polltab

If you are looking for more poll security, Polltab offers authentication voting. You can set the voting security to Google, Facebook, Reddit, or Twitch. This will require voters to log in to their account and authenticate before they can cast a vote.

7. Xoyondo

Another great polling website where you do not need to create an account to send a poll is Xoyondo. If you do choose to create an account, it will allow you to have your polls in one place and see recent activity. Xoyondo has opinion polls, anonymous polls, and scheduling polls.

8. Slido

If you are planning a virtual event, this is the polling site for you! Slido is interactive and compatible with Zoom, Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting, and Google Slides. Within your virtual event, you can use Slido for a live Q&A Session and live polls. Event analytics are included on this site. Unfortunately, the free version only allows three polls per event.

9. Straw Poll.Me

StrawPoll.Me is a very simple polling website with no account required. There are a few security options including CAPTCHA for user verification to prevent spam. They also have an option for IP Duplication Checking and Browser Cookie Duplication Checking.

10. Straw Poll

This site is different from StrawPoll.Me. You don’t need to create an account for this site, but Straw Poll recommends you do. By default, VPN users are blocked from voting, and there is a reCAPTCHA option. A cool feature with this polling site is that you have the ability to use emojis in your poll.

11. Fast Poll

If you want your guests to easily access your poll without typing URL info, FastPoll lets you share QR codes! Another great feature on this site is that there is a comments section where your guests can discuss a poll in detail with threaded comments. There is no registration required, but more features are available if you do create an account.

Event Voting Apps: Conclusion

Whether you are using a poll to help organize your clients’ information or simply make your event more interactive and exciting, these event voting apps can make the process easier. For more event planning tips and tricks, check out our other blogs at

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