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Looking to provide your own party drinks for a party or wedding? Easily find liquor stores, top wine shops and depots that sell wholesale beer and other alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic sodas and mixers, frozen margarita mix and more. Just submit a quote request today.


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Where to Buy Wines and Other Liquors

Looking to provide your own party drinks for a party or wedding? Easily find liquor stores, wine shops, and depots that sell wholesale beer and other alcoholic and even non-alcoholic options. Simply submit a fast free quote request here today and we'll reach out to find you some great options within your budget!

How Many Drinks Per Person at a Party

Running out of alcohol is never good, but it can also be difficult to figure out how much to buy or order. A good rule of thumb is 2 drinks per person per hour for 2 hours, then 1 drink per person for every hour after. If you know how many people will attend it will make the equation much easier. Each alcohol and bottle size serves different numbers of people. A standard, 750 ml, bottle of wine can serve around 5 people. A 750 ml bottle of liquor can make between 12 and 15 drinks. One 750 ml bottle of Champagne can fill 6 regular flutes. Beer is much easier, they are often a one-to-one ratio, one can or bottle per person.

How to Keep Drinks Cold at a Party

When it's hot in the summer or even in the event space, it can get difficult to keep the drinks cold for an extended period of time. A fun summer idea is freezing water balloons to put in the ice bucket with the drinks. When they melt your kids can play with the water balloons! Metal tubs are essential must-haves for keeping drinks cool. In the metal tubs or even a standard cooler, putting drinks in before the ice will make sure you can fit more drinks and can guarantee they will be cold.

How to Serve Drinks at a Party

There are many ways drinks can be served at parties. Whether at home or at an event space some of the same techniques can be used. At home, easy options are a beverage stand/bar, bucket station or beverage tub, beverage dispensers, barrow/boat, and a bar cart. A little more professional way of serving drinks is a champagne wall, drink van, mobile bartender, champagne tower, personalized drinks, and more. Cute little add-ons are flower ice cubes, berries and herbs can also be used. They can add a special touch to not just the drinks but also the ice buckets.

Best Party Drinks

There are popular drinks that fit some occasions and popular drinks that fit all occasions. Bloody Mary's, fruit martinis, and margaritas are a few drinks that tend to fit any time of the year and mood. For special occasions like Christmas or the holidays, candy cane vodka, tipsy Santa cocktails, spiked eggnog, and winter cosmopolitans are some of the most popular holiday-themed drinks. Pimm cocktails, pineapple 75, jalapeno or classic margaritas, watermelon, and mint coolers are just a few of the best summer party drinks. They are cool and refreshing to take the edge off the hot summer days.

What Does Open Bar Mean at a Wedding Reception?

An open bar at a wedding is where the guests don't have to pay for their drinks at the reception, all they have to do is go up, order their drinks, and enjoy the night. The happy couple or whoever is paying for the wedding usually pays the bill at the end of the night. It is the most expensive option for the host. They typically include the basics of 2 to 3 beer options, 2 to 3 wine options, and basic liquors like whiskey, bourbon, vodka, rum, gin, scotch, and tequila. They also have the basic mixers and garnishes needed to make mixed drinks and cocktails.