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The average cost of hiring a balloon twister is around $75 to $150 an hour. These prices may vary depending on the size of the guest list, day of the week of your event, season, and their experience. The number of children at the party determines how many balloon sculptures will need to be made, and that affects the length of time the balloon artist will be at the party and how much material they will use. Balloon twisters have two main forms of pricing. Some stagger the rates with the first hour being the most costly and the remaining hours of the event being offered at a lower cost. The second popular form of pricing is a set rate in which each hour is the same regardless of the length of the event. Of course, travel fees must also be considered depending on the location of the balloon twister you are interested in.

Having trouble finding great party entertainers for a kid's birthday party? Whether your child loves clown shows, balloon animals, magic shows, face painting, juggling acts, or a full-blown theme party enactment, these specialists will ensure your kid’s party will be a blast!

The average face painting cost is around $75-$190 per hour. There are several factors to consider when calculating the cost of hiring a face painter. There are general factors like any travel fees, the time length of the event, the guest size, and the level of detail desired. The guest size matters for many reasons. The more children attending the party, the more faces will need to be painted. This increases the number of hours the face painter will have to be there, and how much of their painting supplies they will have to use. With larger parties and more attendees, multiple face painters may be necessary. The complexity of the designs will also affect the price. If you are looking to cut down on the cost, you may be able to ask for only cheek art instead of half- or full-face art, and simpler designs.

The average party clown can cost anywhere from $100 to $250. This pricing is influenced by factors ranging from what activities the clown will be performing, where the event is located, and the size of the event. Party clowns will either have a set rate based on packages they offer or charge by the hour. In most cases, party clowns will suggest a certain amount of time that they think is appropriate based on the number of guests. Traveling will also increase the cost depending on the distance the clown has to travel to your event. Believe it or not, party clowns have high-demand seasons and days. These times include weekends or popular holidays. If your event happens to fall during the off-season, there’s a chance it may be cheaper to hire a party clown. Tipping is also something to keep in mind. A tip of $20 should be enough, depending on your level of satisfaction.

Party magicians can cost anywhere from $150 to $230 per hour for a children’s party magicians. Elaborate, professional magicians can cost upwards of $250 to $300 per hour. This can vary based on the specific magician, the size of the audience, the type and complexity of the show, the location of the event, and the length of the performance. The price can vary depending on the magician based on their level of experience. Complex shows require more materials and time so they will add to the price tag. If the magician will need to travel farther than their regular service area, they will probably charge extra fees for their time and transportation. The date of the event can also influence the price. If your event is happening during the peak season, prices may be higher. The busiest months for booking events are March and September while the busiest days of the week are Friday through Sunday.

There are a lot of fun entertainers you could hire for a kid’s birthday party. To start, hiring their favorite character to come to visit their party will definitely make them smile. Another idea would be a photographer, have your child live out the experience of a fun photoshoot with their friends and family. Face painters and caricaturists artists are also a fun form of entertainment. Petting zoos are always a hit with a variety of cute animals in attendance. Balloon twisters, clowns, jugglers, mine, mad scientist, and puppet show, can complete a carnival party theme or be the entertainment itself. A fun entertainer for a girl’s birthday party would be a glam squad. Hire a beauty salon to do the girls’ nails, hair, and makeup at the birthday party much like a face painter would.