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Cake and Dessert Ideas

Cake and Dessert Ideas

Updated on: Mar 21, 2024

It is no secrete that cake and desserts are the best part of literally any event! I mean, honestly, who does not love sweet treats? We have amazing cake and dessert ideas that will wow your guests and will keep them coming back for more and more. We promise you, there will be no cake or dessert leftovers for you to take home with you. Which and be a good thing, or bad thing, whichever way you see it. We make party planning fast and easy!

14 Great Ideas for Health Conscious Desserts

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Cake and dessert ideas do not have to always be unhealthy decisions. We have all sorts of health-conscious cake and dessert ideas for the health guru out there! Part of being health conscious means being aware of allergies and foods that can be good substitutes. For example, if you have a nut allergy something like soy butter and pumpkin seeds would be great options.

Chocolate seems to be almost everyone's weakness and seems to be worse for those who are trying to be health-conscious. Replacing milk chocolate with dark chocolate is one of the best changes you can make. Think dark chocolate-covered fruits! Fruit kabobs are also another great dessert. If you're wanting cake try angel food cake because they are low in calories and in fat. Plus angel food cake is not as heavy on the stomach either. We have lots of other ideas!

12 Unique Mini Desserts: Cakes & Creative Cookies

12 unique mini desserts

Mini desserts are just better. Mini cupcakes and bundt cakes are so good and fun! Honestly, just about everything can be made mini like cheesecakes, cake pops, and shortcakes. Cookies are already pretty small, but give them a little twist and make some cookie shot cups and fill them with milk! You can make anything like ice cream and s'mores mini by having an ice cream or s'mores bar. With these bars, you can supply the mini versions of everything to make for mini s'mores or ice cream!

Top 13 Delicious Summer Dessert Ideas

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Summer get-togethers are so fun and the refreshing desserts are even better! Cakes such as bourbon peach cobbler and coconut cupcakes are so delicious and have summer written all over them. One of the most popular cakes and dessert ideas for summer is ice cream cakes! Ice cream with icing. I mean what can be more refreshing than that? Personalized cookies are also another perfect idea. Find a local baker and get the cookies decorated to be bright and colorful!

This wouldn't even be a summer dessert idea article without talking about ice pops and ice cream! Yes, we did not forget about one of the most important cake and dessert ideas. These are simply classics and you can never go wrong with the classics. Ice cream floats are also another classic summer dessert! Use your favorite soda, juice, or booze (if you are of the age of course) to make the best ice cream float!

Wedding Cake and Dessert Ideas

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9 Unique Wedding Reception Desserts

Sure there will be cake at the wedding reception. But what if you want other desserts? We have lots of cake and dessert ideas for wedding receptions. For starters, you can take all the dessert ideas you can think of or find and put them in a dessert bar for guests to pick and choose what they want! Other tasty ideas for a wedding reception would be ice cream, pies, candy, and donuts. Honestly, the list can go on and on forever!

Get creative and bring in desserts you may find at a carnival-like cotton candy! Having a cotton candy machine at your wedding machine will be a huge hit for all your guests!

17 Wonderful Wedding Cupcakes Ideas

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Cupcakes don't have to be just plain flavors with simple icing. You can really do a lot with cupcakes! Starting with flavors we of course have classic white cake and chocolate. But what about red velvet? There is also carrot cake, lemon raspberry, and fun marble cupcakes. Basically, if it can be a cake, you can make it a cupcake easily! And it will taste just as good! If not maybe even a little better.

In terms of toppings, there is so much more than just icing. Use candy or fruits to top them and give the cupcakes some extra height. As for presenting the cupcakes, there is the traditional tier that is most often used. But also take your theme and incorporate it in your cupcakes with the wrappers and the toppings!

18 Exciting Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

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The traditional wedding dessert table may not be for everyone. Luckily we have some ideas to help you bring your wedding dessert table to life! Giving your dessert table a theme or a specific color scheme is a great way really spice it up. With all our cake and dessert ideas also you can make your desserts match whatever theme you may give the table.

As for what to put on your dessert table, of course, have the cake or cupcakes. Add some custom cookies, a chocolate fountain, a variety of pies, or if you an ethnic background, find a dessert from your culture and incorporate that. In place of a traditional dessert table, have a donut wall or maybe a candy bar! The ideas are honestly endless!


We want you and your guests to have the best experience at your event, whatever that event may be. Part of that comes with making sure you have the best cake and dessert ideas squared away and ready to go. With all of our cake and dessert ideas, we hope you found something that works for you and your event! Don't see a cake and dessert idea that works for you? Don't stress! We update our website home page frequently to keep up with all the latest trends that are out there!

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