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Valentine's Day Party Checklist

Valentine's Day Party Checklist

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Valentine's Day party checklist? We have it here!

Love is in the air and it’s the season for fun and romantic events! Whether you are planning a special love day event for your soul mate or for a group of friends this Valentine’s Day, make sure it’s a success by using our checklist to help you organize. This template will help you budget your time and assure that you get all the tasks needed to be completed so all you have to worry about on Valentine’s Day is enjoying the party and romance of the day!

Planning for a different holiday? No problem! We have plenty of holiday party ideas, including Valentine's Day! Also, our Valentine's Day Party budget sheet pairs perfectly with this party checklist, that way you can stay within range.

Reasons to Love Our Valentine's Day Party Checklist

1. Automatic Timeline

Just add the day you're starting to plan your Valentine’s Day party, along with what day you’ll be holding it (if not the day itself), and each task included in the sheet will get an assigned due date! This will help you plan and make sure you have everything taken care of in time for the event. Tasks even include things to be done on the day of the party!

2. Visuals

Our template is formatted to help you easily see what tasks need to get done, and which should have higher priority.

Want to find the perfect date spot? Check the box in the row for choosing a venue, and it will turn green. This helps you spot easier which tasks are still outstanding.

Did you get caught up with your busy schedule? If you start to approach a due date, it will turn yellow. If it passes without completion, it will turn red. This easy-to-follow color-coded system will help you clearly prioritize tasks.

3. Shareable!

Are you planning with friends or your special someone? Share the template with whoever you’re planning with, easily with Google Drive. Everyone will be on the same page in real-time! It also helps to see changes or potential new ideas.

4. Additional Links

  • The template doesn’t just help you plan your time, it also helps you with the legwork of finding resources!
    • Do you need a scheduling application so you know what day your guests will be free? Links to useful websites are included.
    • Want to find the perfect bouquet of roses for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart? Links to vendors, including florists, are included in the sheet, too! These can also help you find other professionals like Venues, Photographers, and DJs.
    • Budgeting is a huge part of party planning. It doesn’t need to be difficult, though! Make sure you have a budget lined up with our budget sheet template that we created just for Valentine’s Day parties! A link to this sheet will be included in the checklist.

Valentines Day Party Checklist: Sheet Instructions

Altering Tasks

Do you have something you want to prepare for your Valentine’s Day party that’s not included in our task list? You can easily overwrite a task with your new one. This will give it the same due date as the original one.

If you want to keep all the included tasks and add more:

  • Right-click on the row number of a row within the checklist and select ‘insert one above/below’.
  • Merge the three cells within the new task box.
  • This new task will not have a due date automatically. You can add one of your own and it will change yellow and red just like the ones included in the sheet.
  • Be sure to assign someone to the new task right away to make sure it’s being attended to!
  • Want to delete a task? Just right click on the row number and select ‘delete row’.

Assigning People

If you are planning with people, you can add names to the ‘person assigned’ column to organize who will do what. You can also have people add their own names if you share the document with them!

Organizing Information

While you plan, you might want to find specific information instead of viewing the entire sheet. You can easily filter data with our template! In the title cell of some of the columns, you will find a triangular icon. Click on it, then select criteria, and you’ll be able to sort data!

Here are a few common questions you’ll be able to answer:

What tasks still need to be completed?

Select ‘False’ in the ‘Done?’ column.

What tasks am I assigned?

Select your name in the ‘Person Assigned’ column.

You can also see what tasks someone else is assigned to by choosing their name instead!

What tasks are ‘Do it Yourself’ tasks?

Select ‘DIY’ in the ‘Task Type’ column.

Changing Due Dates

If you want to change when a task is due, you can overwrite the data that is given. This new date will not auto-scale if you change the event day, but it will change colors when the day is approaching or passes.


You might find yourself struck by cupid’s arrow when using this list—it’s that useful and easy to customize! Try our checklist, and make sure all your Valentine’s Day plans are in order before the event. If you enjoy using this checklist, you’ll love our checklists for other events, too! Not familiar with how to use this one? Check out our guide to using our planning checklists for more information that will make the process so simple. View even more event checklists here!

Written by Jose Cuellar Jr; Contributors: Alexis Tavares and Jack Leduc

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