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48 Beautiful Cherry Theme Party Ideas

Cherry Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

A cherry theme party can be used to enhance a summer's day or brighten up a dreary winter. These ideas could be used for a variety of parties including birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, summer gatherings, Fourth of July celebrations, and more. Guests are sure to be impressed by the fruits of your labor when you use our original cherry party décor, favors, menu, games, supplies, and invitations to create a vibrant and unforgettable party atmosphere!

Cherry Theme Party Decorations

The key idea for these cherry party theme decorations is to incorporate lots of bright red into the scheme. You can't go wrong by using a classic cherry red for any type of decor throughout your party. Cherry printed items repeated as a theme of the party work fantastic, as do cherry blossom theme decorations that add a beautiful and whimsical look! You can add some decor in plain white so you don't feel overwhelmed with pure red. It's up to you and your taste.

1. Scented Candles

Most people consider the purpose of decorating to be all about pleasing the eyes. Incorporating other senses into your decorations, however, can create opportunities to make your party unique. For this reason, burn some cherry-scented candles to add to the décor. Be sure the scents compliment each other and always create a scrumptious smell. This adds to the pleasant atmosphere of your cherry theme party and your guests may really love the fragrance!

2. Red Roses

Sure, they're not cherries; however, their rich red color matches their fruit counterpart. Sprinkle red rose petals around food tables or use elegant rose bouquets to create centerpieces. You truly can never go wrong with some red roses! Flowers add a gorgeous touch of nature and beauty to any theme party's decor, especially one with many red motifs.

3. Balloon Bunches

Parties are never complete without balloons! Blow up red balloons but don't use helium. Use thick green floral wire or even sticks from outside as the “stems” for the cherries. Attach the red balloons to the end of the stems to look like a cherry bunch. If you want a more fruity approach, just blow up some cherry balloons and disperse through the party! Putting them in seemingly sparse areas can make the party look more put together as everything has a place to be.

4. Cherry Blossom or Red Backdrop

These beautiful flowers aren't just lovely for garland decor, they also have been photographed to create stunning backdrops for your own photos. Set up a photo station area where you can invite your guests to take photos that look professional and gorgeous! Use a photographer to take photos at the cherry blossom or red backdrop (feel free to use any red backdrop that you like, your options aren't limited to just cherry blossoms!) or place a phone tripod in front of the backdrop where guests can set up their own phones with the timer and leisurely have fun in your photo spot!

5. Cherry Lighting

No matter what the occasion or event, lighting is important at festivities of every kind. At this cherry theme party, you are going to want a well-lit area to host your celebration. Luckily, this is the perfect theme for many lighting ideas. Hang red paper lanterns from the ceiling or trees if it is an outdoor party. The lighting will work to enhance the rest of the décor you have selected to create the party. Additional fun and unique options are cherry-shaped neon signs as a statement piece that you include once or multiple times. You can light up the room and add a romantic glow!

6. Cherry Garland

A cherry theme party really isn't completed without some sweet garland that you can string wherever your party is held. Add some near your food stations, in various intervals along the walls, or even near the entrance and exit. If you don't want all red in your decor, no problem! Opt for the soft tones in some simple cherry blossom garland instead.

7. Fake Cherries

Big or small, what better way to decorate your cherry theme party with some perfect fake cherries that can be used to decorate in so many different ways! Place them in bowls as centerpieces, or just put one big one on each table! Place them throughout the room, tape some to the wall, or you can add them intertwined with some string fairy lights. This seems like an important decoration that can't be forgotten and can really tie the whole party together by having them!

8. Red Banner

Hang up a red banner outside the house or venue with the guest of honors name to let guests know where the party is at.

9. Cherry Signs

Finding some adorable cherry-themed signs that resemble farmer's markets or summertime are great ways to add some cherry festivity to your party. Plus, you can continue to use them as household decor even after your party.

Cherry Theme Party Favors

As a kind gesture, it's always nice to have a little something to hand to guests as they leave; this provides ample opportunity to thank them for their attendance and even their presence in your life. For a cherry-themed party, consider some cherry party prizes and giveaways that show your appreciation for their friendship. These party favors are sure to be the cherry on top of your party! The following are some great cherry themed party favor ideas:

10. Thank You Cards

Thank You cards are always a thoughtful party favor to show your guests some appreciation for attending your party. Cherry-themed Thank You cards are a cute way to tell your guest you appreciate them! It also keeps the event in their minds and ensures they will always remember what a wonderful time they had. They might want to know when the next event will be held after the success of this party. Thank You cards are a must to thank guests for their time! Include a personal note to the individual and they are sure to appreciate that you're thinking of them specifically. How sweet!

11. Scented Candles

Guests will be delighted to receive cherry scented candles as a take-home favor. Every time they burn it, they can think of the wonderful time they had at your party. It also helps that cherry scents smell delicious and inviting for everyone. You can also decide to use scents like strawberry or vanilla, as these are overall just pleasant and popular candles too!

12. Cherry Lip Balm

For an inexpensive price, consider buying all of your guests some cherry lip balm or cherry lip gloss. This is especially nice for a winter gathering, as it will help to keep guests' lips soft and moist. No chapped lips will happen here! Guests of all ages can use this useful favor as lip care is important for everyone. What better balm flavor than classic cherry?

13. Jewelry

Often, you can find costume jewelry pieces with cherries on them, such as earrings and necklaces. These would make great favors for all the guests at your party, especially younger ones. Remember to make sure you check what materials the jewelry you choose to buy is made of, just in case any guests have skin that may be allergic to certain metals.

14. Cherry or Red Candy

Can you believe how many different kinds of candy there are? What could be sweeter than cherry candy or candy as red as cherries for your guests to take home? Lollipops, rock candy, gummy bears, and more, add these as favors!

15. Gum or Gumballs

Another inexpensive favor idea, a pack of cherry chewing gum is a great giveaway that is both practical and yummy for guests. Classic wintergreen, mint, or bubblegum works fine too, as gum is a quick and easy favor that everyone loves! Have a gumball machine in your party decor? Fill it with cherry gumballs that guests are sure to go bananas over.

16. Cherry Soda

Cherry soda is another wonderful gift that guests can take home. Though glass bottles would be best, you could purchase cans of cherry soda and pretty them up by wrapping tissue paper around them and tying them with curling ribbon. Actually, any cherry-flavored drinks are phenomenal as favors. (It also helps that they're really delicious too!) It can't hurt to also have some water bottles for your guests on their way out, as it helps to have on the way home.

17. Leis

Make your own leis using silk cherry blossoms. Simply intertwine the stems and use small pieces of floral wire to hold them together. You can also use pink or red leis for some fun and wearable items! Red and green also work together. When saying goodbye to your guests, invite them to choose a lei out of a decorated basket, or when they arrive!

18. Cherry Bath Products

Create small gift baskets or bags with travel-sized bath products in cherry scents. Include, shampoo, body wash, and even lotion! You could also give these out individually as favors if you're on a tighter budget. These don't have to be large, so little hand sanitizers even work well and are an affordable way to give guests a practical and cute treat.

19. Cherries

What could be a more suitable favor than cherries at cherry-themed parties? Put in small favor bags for each guest to take home and enjoy. You can have these already accessible at your food station for everyone to enjoy during the day.

20. Key Chains

Key chains are popularly decorated with cherries. They'll make a cute accessory for guests and won't break your wallet. There are so many keychains out there that can fit this theme, cherry on them or not so be creative if you choose to.

21. Cherry Jams

Send your guests home with some cherry jam. This can be homeade or bought at a store or farmers market.

22. Hair Accessories

These are cute accessories that are also often decorated with cherries. Why not pick up some cute cherry clips to bling up any hairstyle for all ages? This favor is so simple yet also can go with a variety of outfits. Your guests will love them! You can also consider headbands with cherries on them, ponytail holders with cherry charms, and many more options.

Perfect Menu For a Cherry Theme Party

The perfect menu for a cherry-themed party obviously includes lots of delectable cherry treats. Try some of these menu ideas for cherry-themed parties and add some of your recipes to create a food list that all of your guests will enjoy! You can also pair contrasting salty or sour foods with the sweetness of the cherries to give some choice in foods too.

23. Fresh Cherry Mojitos

Make your mojitos using cherry syrup, rum, a little lime juice, and sparkling water. These are a delicious and pretty substitute for boring alcoholic beverages. Add some mint leaves to delight the eyes and taste buds of your age-appropriate guests. Consider pairing with these with your red or cherry-print cups. It's too cute not to try!

24. Cupcakes

There are many options for incorporating the cherry theme into your cupcakes. You could make milkshake cupcakes and top them with cherries emulating real milkshakes in cake form! If you wanted to mix it up you could also incorporate other flavors in your cupcakes such as these chocolate cherry cupcakes. What about cupcake toppers?

25. Shirley Temples

These non-alcoholic beverages are perfect for adding some variety to your drink options. Mix some lemon-lime soda, some grenadine, and a few cherries. Serve with fun curly straws to appeal to a younger crowd, or in some fancy glasses for adults. Not everyone may be able to or choose to consume alcohol at your party, so it's good to give some choices!

26. Homemade Cherry Lemonade

Squeeze fresh lemonade using lemons, water, and pour it into a large drink dispenser filled with ice. Add in the cherry flavor by simply allowing cherries to float in the lemonade; this makes the lemonade look pretty and even elegant. You can also pick up some black cherry lemonade mix because surprisingly it is an extremely popular lemonade flavor!

27. Cherries

An obviously simple thing to serve is cherries. Place them in small bowls around the party so guests can munch on them at their leisure. Make sure to have a good supply of these at hand. After all, it is a cherry theme party!

28. Cherry Glazed Meat

Whip up a cherry glaze using an online recipe to add a different flavor combination to any beef or chicken you'll serve for the evening. Write a name card on your various food choices to let your guests try what could be a new and delicious dish. They may even ask for a recipe or be more likely to try it at your event when they see what it is.

29. Cherry Jam

Have a small classic side of cherry jam on top of some toast.

30. Salad with Cherries and Arugula

Along with romaine lettuce, use arugula to create a yummy salad. Cherries create a sweet flavor in the salad, which mixes perfectly if you use mozzarella or feta cheese on the salad too. The flavor combination is delightful. Yum!

31. Cherry Vanilla Frosting

Make cherry vanilla icing using vanilla extract, cherries, and a few other key ingredients. You can find many tasty recipes online. You can also use vanilla icing with the whole cherries to create a simpler yet equally cute look. Use the icing of your choosing to frost cakes, cupcakes, or even sugar cookies. Be sure to add some whole cherries on top to add to the visual display. These can transform a boring cake or cupcake into something truly fabulous!

32. Baked Cherry Pie

Cherry pie is sure to be a hit at a cherry-themed event! Purchase fresh pies or scour some old cookbooks to find an old-fashioned recipe. No cherry theme party's dessert menu is complete without the staple of a good cherry pie.

33. Mini Cherry Pies

Mini versions of baked cherry pies, which can be baked or bought, are a great addition to your menu and could also be taken home as party favors. The small pies are often meant for individual servings, so your guests can have a little treat.

34. Cherry Flavored Ice Cream

Buy some cherry-flavored ice cream (or even frozen yogurt) to serve with whipped cream. If you have non-dairy ice cream or yogurt, you can also have an ice cream bar where the cherry on top will be, well, the cherry on top!

35. Cherry Cordials

Dip your own chocolate-covered cherries. After dipping, store the cherries in the fridge until you are ready to serve them to hungry guests. This makes a great dessert or even as a favor to be wrapped in plastic baggies with bows! You can buy cherry cordials too if having them preprepared is easier for you to have instead. They're sure to be a hit.

36. Lollipops

Perfect for a favor for guests, why not satisfy a sweet tooth during the party itself? Someone may not wish for pie or cupcakes, but may still want to enjoy a small sweet treat, so having lollipops is a great choice for a little snack.

37. Cherry Tomatoes

Cherries aren't the only fruit to steal the show at your party! Cherry tomatoes are a frequent flyer on ever-popular vegetable platters that are a party staple. If you choose to incorporate a vegetable platter at your event, cherry tomatoes are really a must. They pair deliciously with any kind of vegetable dip or ranch dressing. If you are serving a classic salad or having a salad bar as well, be sure to include cherry tomatoes in the salad or at the bar for a choice. Tip: Don't forget too that cherry tomatoes actually come in a variety of shades and are not always only pure red in color!

Cherry Theme Party Games and Activities

Ensure that guests have loads of fun at your cherry-themed party by providing entertainment to delight everyone. Try some of these cherries-themed games and activities to enhance your already wonderfully decorated event.

38. Pit Launch

Hold a contest to see who can spit a cherry pit the farthest. Set up a line for contestants to stand on as they spit. Remind guests that the record distance someone has spit a cherry pit is over 93 feet! Use fake cherries to mark the distances each person has reached and see who the furthest is. Set up this area with a cute little cherry sign too! Note: If you don't want a possible mess, swap the pits for hacky sack kick balls and see who can throw theirs the farthest.

39. Sundae Creations

Create a unique make your own sundae bar. Provide toppings such as nuts, caramel, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. Don't forget the cherry! Be sure to include some previously mentioned cherry ice cream as a sundae option.

40. Stem Twist

See which of your guests have enough tongue control to twist the stem into a knot in their mouth. This is more difficult than it sounds, but guests will enjoy the challenge. Be sure to provide a prize for the person who completes his or her knot before everyone else. This is not easy and makes for a fun challenge because cherry stems can be fickle! A fun incentive for the winner might be to offer a cherry-themed prize that is separate from the favors your guests receive.

41. Pie Eating Contest

You'll need to bake or buy lots of cherry pies for this activity. Participants must sit behind their pie and eat it as fast as they can. The trick is that their hands are tied behind their backs. It's a good idea to provide some bibs to contestants to prevent stained clothes. You should also keep some baby wipes on hand for the sticky faces that are sure to appear after the contest. To prevent bellyaches, create individual pies, or simply use pie slices. Maybe keep some Tums nearby!

42. Photo Booth

Grab some red wigs and a red background with some cherry decorations and have a fun time taking the best photos with the cherry theme!

43. Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream

This game is just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Create a large sundae out of construction paper, poster board, or any other material you'd like to use. Be sure to include all the toppings. Then use red paper to create a large cherry for the sundae. Blindfold guests, spin them around and have them attempt to put the cherry on top of the sundae. If you don't want to make the game yourself, no problem! There are many gorgeously made Pin The Cherry printables to browse. Consider a small prize for the person who gets their cherry right on top, or maybe even first pick at the ice cream bar!

Cherry Theme Party Supplies

No cherry theme party can begin without some fabulous and fruity supplies to get the party started! Using any of these ideas for your party is sure to be the icing on top and to really wow your guests with how fitting they are.

44. Tableware (Plates, Plasticware, Napkins, Etc.)

Use cherry-red tableware to create a world of fun at your party. Remember, too, that using paper plates means less dirty dishes and quicker cleanup. You may also decide to use cherry fruit tableware to really promote the theme and create an adorable table setup for your hungry guests. They will appreciate how darling the cherry print really is!

45. Straws

What cuter way to spice up your drinks than with some fun cherry-printed straws? Try red, white, or striped too!

46. Cherry Table Runners

Table runners are a great way to spruce up a boring table and really add that wow factor to your next party. Although popular in the summertime, cherry table runners can be found and used year-round, especially to make a regular table just a bit fancier and full of fun. Lay the runner up the table and add a few votive candles to accent the cherry print. Table runners help create uniformity and simple beauty to your setup that guests will love when they arrive.

47. Checked or Cherry Tablecloth

A red and white-checkered tablecloth can create a picnic-like atmosphere and protect your table from spills. As with the other decor mentioned, plain red and plain white at any time is always acceptable. You can also use red and white polka dots or checkered, as these remind us of summer picnics and go well with the idea of fresh cherries eaten then.

48. Place Mats

If you don't want to cover up your beautiful food tables with a tablecloth, simply put a red placemat at each table setting. Disposable placemats can easily be tossed after use, but others can be easily cleaned up, so you aren't left with a huge mess after guests leave. There are also super cute cherry print placemats to further incorporate cherries in.

49. Paper Napkins

Provide guests with red and white napkins, or even polka dots which act as excellent accents for the solid colored paper plates. Solid red though can go well and easily help to follow your theme. Choose solid white napkins if you would like to accent the frequent uses of red with light contrast. These are also an easy idea that adds a little flair!

Cherry Theme Party Invitations

You can't plan such a fabulous party without inviting guests to make this day unforgettable! Select some invitations that are themed with cherry blossoms or simply cherry red invitations! You can also explore online invitation options.

50. Cherry Blossom Invitations

This may seem like a no-brainer, but these invitations will give your guest a taste of what your party has to offer. Plus, cherry blossoms are gorgeous, whimsical, and will likely be included in your party decor anyways. Why not?

51. Custom or D.I.Y. Invitations

You could find custom invitations that suit your fancy or get crafty and make your own, from scratch. Similar to the earlier ideas, cut a cherry out of red construction paper and green for the stem, but fold your papers first to make a card. Write personal messages to your guests and customize the information written to the individual. How endearing! It may help to find a custom invitation in the case of a specific event like a graduation party, baby shower, or wedding.

52. Solid Red Invitations

A solid red invitation gives you room to customize what it says to your liking and to make it your own. It also can help that it gives the freedom of being usable for whatever event you're hosting - wedding, birthday, just make it yours!

53. Cherry Print Invitations

You can find online some cherry fruit invitations that can say whatever you choose. To give them a little bit more flair though, why not try a wax seal? It will be satisfying to add this finishing touch before you mail them out!

55. Online Invitations

You may decide online invitations are the easiest way for your guests to know you're hosting an event. Snail mail might take too long and getting all your responses in one place may make your headcount easier. Check out online invitation options that can give you a taste of some online methods of creating your custom invitations for any possible event.

Cherry Theme Party: Conclusion

Beatlemania? No, Cherrymania is the theme for this unique and exciting event you'll host. Did these 50 fabulous ideas for a cherry theme party tips help you on your way to creating a memorable party? Let us know on our blog, and don’t forget that we have online food checklists you can use to make your party-planning process even easier! We also help you plan any party with our helpful budget worksheet to keep track of costs and expenses within your range.

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