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44 Frog Theme Party Ideas to Have a Croaking Good Time

Frog Party

Updated on: Feb 10, 2024

Do you want to have a "hoppy" birthday theme celebration or a fabulous baby shower for your new little tadpole? No matter the event, here's the theme guests will flip for! Explore these creative frog theme party ideas to make your next party unforgettable, or so we’ve been toad. Here you will find helpful ideas for decorations, party favors, gift ideas, and many more! We have also included our handy budgeting tool to make the most out of your party planning experience.

Frog Theme Party Decorations

1. Frog Balloons

Frog balloons are excellent supplies to enhance the atmosphere. Blow up several balloons and display them by placing several around the room or tying them to chairs or other furniture. If you have food or game stations, perhaps an area for gifts, balloons can help signify specific areas for different things going on at your party. Plus they're too adorable! There are a variety of frog balloons to choose from and you can also choose to use green balloons or polka dot ones.

2. Stuffed Frog Toy Centerpieces

Purchase stuffed frog toys for your table as a centerpiece. It’s a cute decoration you can put on other furniture as well and next to clusters of balloons. Feel free to let guests take them home if you'd like to include these as a favor. They make for great gifts afterward and can serve many purposes. These sweet frogs have so many varieties to pick from.

3. Green Nature-Inspired Photo Backdrops

Parties are made better by spots to take photos at during your memorable event. Set up a DSLR camera on a tripod with a timer remote or a smartphone on the tripod instead where your guests can take photos of the event. Fitting with the frog theme, green backdrops that resemble a swamp or even beautiful scenes fit perfectly and are so fun!

4. Frog Garland

Sparse walls are a blank canvas for plenty of fun wall décor, so frog garland is an adorable way to spruce them up. It sets the mood for the party and helps to add flair to your party. It serves well for events of all occasions - any kind!

5. Frog Party Confetti

Confetti doesn't have to be boring! Jazz up your party scene with confetti that could not be better, in the shape of frogs that are found in many shades of green. If you'd like, green and white confetti work well too for confetti.

6. Frogs on Lily Pads

Assemble foam frogs on lily pads with this simple craft kit. The pieces are self-adhesive, so even young kids can make them with ease. They can float on water as well and make for a fun project prior to the party or as a kid party activity!

7. “Happy Birthday” Banner with Frog Cutouts

Make a big announcement of the birthday on the walls with birthday banners. You can cut out the letters using construction paper and also cut out frogs as a DIY project. Or you could simply find frog birthday banners online.

8. Frog Candles

Light up tables and rooms with candles shaped like frogs. They can add to the party’s mood over meals and snacks, particularly if your party is outside and it starts getting dark. These set the vibe of your event and also are great favors!

9. Frog Cutouts

What a very on-theme decoration to include in your party décor!

Frog Theme Party Favors

10. Frog Soap

Gift your guests these lovely little frog-shaped soaps so they can bring some of the fun back home! Big or small, everyone will love these soaps that resemble real-life amphibians your party is themed for. How fun and sweet!

11. Jumping Frogs

Purchase little plastic frog toys or amphibians that jump when you hold down and let go. Your guests will be absolutely ribbit-ed! These jumping frogs make for an activity you can do at your party to see whose frog can jump the farthest.

12. Beanie Froggie

Thank your guests for coming to your party with bean bag frog toys that they can toss to each other. These serve as great favors because they will not break and are safe for guests of all ages. Include them in your games and activities by having your guests toss them into certain objects, such as buckets or mini basketball hoops.

13. Frog Face Masks

Keep your guests safe and healthy in a festive way by giving them colorful frog face masks. It’s a nice new addition to spice up one’s collection of masks. Many of these masks are often washable and reusable so they're practical too!

14. Frog Stickers

Frog stickers are versatile and can go on almost anything as a cute little decoration, from water bottles to notebooks. It’s a great way to bring some of the froggy fun home. Plus, you can put them on anything and they're sure to be a hit.

15. Frog Bubble Bottles

Who doesn’t love blowing and popping bubbles? Green bubble bottles or bubbles in general with frogs on them or the packaging will delight your guests at a child’s birthday party or baby shower. They're perfect for all occasions, including having fun at your event.

16. Frog Finger Puppets

Gift everyone at your party with silly frog finger puppets. They can wiggle their fingers and watch them dance in funny ways. They’re sure to be a hit with both kids and adults when they find them in their favor bag at the end of your party!

17. Frog Play-Doh Favors

Play-Doh is truly the universal toy and is really fun for all ages. Frog molds are sold to create frogs out of the moldable material and YouTube videos will tell you how to craft your own amphibian from Play-Doh often sold in many colors.

18. Frog Shaped Crayons

Adorable and practical favors for guests include frog-shaped crayons. These amphibians will be fun to color with and are a great reminder for your guests of all the fun they had at your event. This is a colorful activity for kid guests!

19. Frog Figurines

Popular as household and yard décor, frog figurines are seen everywhere so why not give some of these cute little guys to your guests for them to take home? They're sure to love the new edition to their fairy garden and remember you!

Frog Theme Party Food Ideas

20. Toad Cookies

Bake cookies that are shaped like frogs or toads. You can use a frog-shaped cookie cutter to make things easier. Add green sprinkles, food coloring, and frosting in order to make them look more realistic. For eyes, add some white or black circular gummies or pipe them on with frosting. You could also decorate regular cookies with frogs on them too.

21. Green Candies in Frog Cups

Just get some assorted green candies in bulk and fill frog-themed cups with them. Each guest can have their own little cup of sweets to munch on throughout the party. You can also add blue and pink candies into the mix to enhance the frog theme with water and lily pads. A variety of chocolates and candies make for a sweet way to enjoy your event.

22. Gummy Frogs and “Flies”

Give your guests small goody bags filled with gummy frogs and toss in some raisins to represent flies. It’s a sweet treat for adults and children alike to enjoy and appears just like the real webbed friends in a fun snack to take home to eat.

23. Green Eggs and Ham

This may seem like food meant for a Dr. Seuss-themed party, but it works pretty well for your frog-themed party. Green eggs and ham add some choice to your menu and will be a great hit for guests who just love breakfast foods! Use green food coloring to dye the eggs and serve with ham of your choice. Maybe even have some bacon there too?

24. Frog Molds for Chocolates and Candies

Your guests, especially the Potterheads, would love frog chocolates. Just get a set of frog molds and you can easily make batches upon batches at a time. They can be perfect as prizes for the winners of games or you can also leave a platter of them out for anyone to take at any time. You can also use the molds to create frog candies. How neat!

25. Deconstructed "Dirt" Desserts

You can recreate a muddy environment using chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos. Then you can add bugs like gummy worms and also gummy frogs. For an extra touch, you can serve them in toy pails with small toy shovels to use as a spoon. Feel free to add the frog gummies from before into your dirt pails for a delicious dessert for all to enjoy.

26. Frog Cake Pops

Everyone loves Starbucks' cake pops and they'll certainly love the frog cake pops you serve at your special occasion.

Frog Theme Party Games/Activities

27. Mr. Mouth Feed the Frog Game

People of all ages can have some competitive fun with this classic Mr. Mouth Feed the Frog game. You must time your flinging right to get the plastic flies into the spinning frog’s opening and closing mouth. The player who fills the frog mouth first wins.

28. Frog Prince Crown Decorating Competition

Purchase small plastic crowns so your guests can be royalty. Have your guests decorate their crowns so they can show off their art skills and personalities. Crown can be judged for the most creative, silliest, the most colorful, and any other category you may think of. Winners can get frog-themed sweets. A little competitive spirit always lights up a party.

29. Leap Frog

Play this childhood classic and children and adults alike will have a blast! It requires no materials except the guests themselves and enthusiastic energy. With this game, you're just a hop away from so much fun. With any of these games, if so desired, you could motivate guests by introducing a grand prize that will be given away at the end!

30. Frog Flinging Contest

Flinging stretchy frogs is delightful on its own, but competing against other people is sure to bring some laughs and excitement. Whoever flings their frog the farthest wins. Offer a fun prize or maybe a hoppy gift basket for the winner.

31. Frog Piñata

No party is complete without a piñata. Hang a frog piñata on a tree, have blindfolds and sticks ready, and give everyone a chance to break the huge frog open. Once the candies and other items that might have been put in the piñata start raining down, everyone can take some of the goodies home.

32. Kiss the Frog Game

These frog games are similar to the blindfolded game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. In this game, guests are also blindfolded and they try to place kisses on the frog's lips. The closest to reaching it wins a small prize perhaps!

Frog Theme Party Supplies

33. Frog-Patterned Plastic Cups and Straws

Make your beverages exciting to drink by providing plastic cups with adorable frogs on them and pair them with green-and-white striped straws. Having these at your drink station is a fun way for guests to stay hydrated throughout the party. It would be great to have these next to a water dispenser and somewhere that is easily accessible.

34. Blue, Green, and Pink Tablecloths

Cover your tables with alternating green and blue tablecloths for a pond effect. You could also use green and pink tablecloths to evoke lily pads. This serves as a subtle but creative décor. Plus these are fabulous colors to utilize!

35. Frog Cupcake Toppers

Serve your cupcakes with frog cupcake toppers for a picture-perfect treat! Your cupcakes could have green icing if you so choose or you could simply alternative between vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with these toppers right on top!

36. Frog Utensils

Invigorate everyone’s eating experience with loads of frog-themed delight with green plastic utensils wrapped in napkins and tied up with a green ribbon and a frog ornament. You can vary the napkin and utensil colors to recreate lily pads with green and pink, the frog landscape with green and blue, as well as other combinations. Your guests are sure to smile at this decorative touch! There really are so many options and ideas for utensils, it's nice to have variety.

37. Frog Water Bottle Wrappers

How adorable are frog water bottle wrappers? Keep your guests hydrated with small or large bottles of water that everyone can access. No one will feel like there is a frog in their throat with some water! The wrappers make it cute. Also, a fun alternative that doubles as a small favor would be to tape small plastic bags of frog stickers to the bottles!

Frog Theme Party Invitations

38. Customized Frog Birthday Party Invitation Card

Give your friends and family a taste of your birthday party’s frog-themed festivities with a frog birthday invitation card. You can customize the text according to your event’s details, plus there are so many styles and options to choose from.

39. Customized Frog Baby Shower Invitation Card

These cheery invitations will definitely have your friends and family excited to attend your baby shower.

40. Frog-Themed Thank You Card

Thank your guests for attending your event with a lovely thank you card in the spirit of your frog theme.

41. Multipurpose 3D Frog Card

This beautiful 3D frog card can serve as an invitation card, thank you card, or any other purpose for any kind of party.

42. Green-Colored Invitations

This probably is the easiest option among all of the invitation ideas, but still is worth noting if you want to keep it simple. Green-colored invitations work just fine and can be customized with your own calligraphy and drawings.

43. Online Invitations

You may decide online invitations are the easiest way for your guests to know you’re hosting an event. Snail mail might take too long and getting all your responses in one place may make your headcount easier. Check out online invitation options that can give you a taste of some online methods of creating your custom invitations for any possible event.

44. Frog Puns for Invitation Wording

You can use frog pun cards for invitations. You can also think up some frog puns for any card you choose to get a chuckle out of your loved ones and get them interested in attending your frog-themed party. Here are a few examples:

Hop on over to ___’s birthday party for an unfrogettable time!
You have been toad about ___’s baby shower? We’re hopping with joy. Join us for a ribbiting time!

Frog Party: Conclusion

Thinking of unique and memorable party favors doesn’t have to be difficult. Utilize these unique frog theme party ideas for your next party for a lifelong memory! We also have great resources for adult and kids theme party ideas.

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