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Wedding Ceremony Flowers

Wedding Ceremony Flowers

Updated on: Feb 11, 2024

Looking for a unique, worthy flower bouquet and boutonniere for your wedding? Or, are you looking for fresh flowers for your wedding ceremony set-up? Here are some ideas for wedding ceremony flowers that you can get inspiration from. It has been a long time since people used flowers as a tool for delivering one’s emotion and message. For instance, we give flowers during anniversaries, celebrations, etc. Flowers are used not only as a tool for delivering one’s emotion but also as a symbol of one’s event by its floriography.

Since the wedding is a significant event in one’s life, flowers have a powerful role as a representation of the wedding. In other words, you need to consider floriography deeply for your perfect wedding ceremony flowers. Furthermore, wedding flowers are one of the most conspicuous elements that create a joyful, elegant mood, and provide floral fragrance. Therefore, by creating a useful checklist, you can plan a unique wedding ceremony if you use several types of flowers harmoniously. The usage of flowers in the wedding ceremony is largely divided into two parts: floral arrangements (bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, etc.) and decorations. Let’s explore which flower fits just right for your floral arrangements at your wedding first!

Arrangements for Wedding Ceremony Flowers

A bouquet and boutonniere are some of the indispensable items for the main characters of the wedding. They make brides and grooms stand out by their vivid colors and organic shapes. Also, their floriography takes a big part of their wedding theme, so you need to choose a relatable type of flower. Here are 4 types of flowers that you can consider.

1. Rose

Rose is the most popular flower for a wedding. Because it is a representation of love and beauty, you might think a rose is too traditional and common for the bridal bouquet and boutonniere. Although, you can create a unique bouquet and boutonniere by using various colors, types, and sizes of rose.

2. Tulip

Since tulip is a symbol of “true love”, you can have a cute bouquet and boutonniere by using tulips. Also, its oblong-shaped petals and textures create an elegant mood for the bride and groom. This flower has a wide range of hues and vibrant shades, so you can personalize your own bouquet and boutonniere easily.

3. Peony

Peony is another impressive flower for the wedding ceremony. Because it is a symbol of “love and romance, wealth, and honor”, it is the perfect fit for the bridal bouquet and boutonniere. With its plentiful petals and strong, elegant fragrance, it is enough to build a luxurious mood and make the bride and groom stand out through its bright colors.

4. Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is a popular flower known for purity and innocence. Since its buds are tiny, it is more attractive to use with other types of flowers than use it alone. For example, using red roses and white baby’s breaths upgrades your wedding luxuriously by their combination of vivid colors and fresh fragrances. Furthermore, it is an inexpensive flower, so it is a good choice for your floral arrangements and decorations if you try to find a cost-effective flower.

Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony Flowers

You cannot plan your wedding ceremony and reception without flowers. Let’s explore floral themes and set up ideas for your memorable wedding!

5. Flower- and Petal-Lined Aisles

Display small wedding flowers at the end of every row for decorating the wedding aisle. These floral arrangements will brighten up the main venue of your wedding. Furthermore, try to scatter colorful petals over the wedding aisle. This trail of flower petals might lead you to the most romantic walk during the ceremony.

6. Flower Chandeliers

Are you thinking of using traditional crystal chandeliers? Let’s break the stereotypical ideas of chandeliers. Try using a chandelier for hanging arrangement of flowers, especially hanging long strings of flowers. It might deliver a garden-fresh feel for guests, and also it looks unique and creative.

7. Flower Wall

Setting a flower wall gives an adorable photo opportunity for you and your guests. Fill the entire wall with various flowers. For this impressive background, every guest cannot take their eyes off for a second. If you think the wall is too much, you can substitute it for a flower arch.

8. Organic, Rustic Flower Theme

Instead of using pre-made flowers, try to use freshly picked flowers. Those rustic, wildflowers might deliver a joyful atmosphere through their various color schemes.

9. All-White Theme

White is the most representable color of the wedding because it refers to purity. Try to use various white flowers for the set-up and floral arrangements by creating depth by using height, size, texture, and lighting. This clean and crisp all-white theme conveys a graceful mood for your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Flowers Checklist

You have finally decided on your florals of choice, what's next? Check out this guided checklist of things to consider so you are all set for your big day.

1. Wedding Party

  • Bride's Bouquet
  • Bridesmaids Bouquet
  • Corsages for family members
  • Groom's boutonnière
  • Groomsmen
  • Flower girl's petals

2. Ceremony

  • Entryway
  • Altar
  • Aisle

3. Reception

  • Wedding cake arrangements
  • Cake table
  • Cocktail hour arrangements
  • Bar arrangement
  • Tossing bouquet
  • Centerpieces
  • Food station

Wedding Ceremony Flowers: Conclusion

In conclusion, the wedding ceremony flowers take a huge part of your wedding. The mood at your wedding will change depending on the type of flowers. If you select a specific theme, you will provide one of the most unforgettable memories to your relatives, friends, and yourself. One thing you should consider: do not place too many types of flowers! If you have too flashy decorations with flowers, they might disturb the romantic theme by exposing various ornate colors. By reading this article, hope you and your partner plan out the most beautiful and successful wedding ceremony. For more ideas related to your wedding, check out our planning websites for some inspiration.

Written by Sunga (Wendy) Kim; Contributor: Jack Leduc

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