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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Boutonniere

Picking the perfect boutonniere

Updated on: Feb 24, 2024

Picking the perfect boutonniere or corsage is all about preferences and individual styles. Some prefer bigger and intricate designs. Others enjoy simpler styles with a dash of uniqueness. For you, we want to make sure you find the perfect boutonniere that accommodates your specific wants and needs. You’ll definitely want your flowers to be preserved on your special day as well. Take a look at our perfect 5 tips for picking the perfect boutonniere.

Our Selection for Picking the Perfect Boutonniere

Is prom or wedding season quickly approaching? Are you or your child extremely anxious at the prospect of having to choose from hundreds of different flowers and colors to create the perfect corsage or boutonniere? No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered! Use our tips for picking the right flower arrangement for a stress-free celebration.

1. Flower Selection

First of all, what types of flowers should you use? Roses are traditional, but don’t feel that you have to order roses--tulips and orchids are also beautiful options. Carnations are great if you’re on a tight budget. Ask the wedding florists what other suggestions they may have.

2. Carnations

A very popular boutonniere or corsage for prom is the carnation. At floral shops, they can come in just one color or two colors and add the perfect touch to an elaborate dress or tuxedo. These flowers are long-lasting and great for a long night at a dance.

3. Roses

You can’t go wrong with roses when forming a boutonniere. There are three types of roses: the hybrid tea roses, the classic rose, and the garden rose. Wedding florists will most likely recommend these roses in a certain floral design if you are picking boutonnieres for your wedding’s groomsmen.

4. Wedding Boutonnieres

Wedding boutonnieres can work well in two different ways. You will either want them to compliment the men’s tuxedos and add some garnish or different herbs to jazz it up. The other option you have is to contrast the tux. If they are wearing black, match it to one of the brighter colors that you have chosen to include in your wedding theme.

It is very important that the boutonnieres of your groomsmen match the color of the outfits. Also, if you have a strong color theme at your wedding, you can have the boutonnieres or corsages match the numerous flower arrangements at the wedding. Take suggestions on floral design at nearby or trusted flower shops. We also have more tips on choosing wedding flowers to make the day as special as can be.

5. Get Creative

If you decide to go with the traditional boutonniere but would like to add some spunk to it, do so! Go for synthetic additions such as seashells for a beach wedding, buttons, or feathers. You could even go as far as to add some sort of small symbol of your relationship. This is thoughtful because if this symbol is attached to the boutonniere it will be right over the man’s heart.


Pro-Tip – The boutonnieres should ideally match the color of your partner’s cummerbund, tie, or bow tie. If you still cannot decide, know that white will go with pretty much anything!

Pro-Tip – Boutonnieres can often be modified. A florist can add accents that would match the theme of the event and any preferences that you may have like: different colored feathers or pins.

Picking the Perfect Boutonniere: Conclusion

With help from florists in your city or local floral shops, you can get expert suggestions on what the best arrangements would be for your wedding or other event. Your prom or wedding night is sure to be made extra special. Make sure to have your camera ready to take all kinds of pictures to make long-lasting memories!

Written by Lauren Hendricks, Rachel Brannon and Aditi Parikh; Contributors: Isabel Tenney and Kei Dowd