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Event and Wedding Flower Ideas

Event and Wedding Flower Ideas

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

Planning your flowers for your wedding day or event can end up being a huge task! I mean, let's be honest, there are so many beautiful flowers out there, how are you ever going to narrow them down to your favorites?! Luck for you we have beautiful event and wedding flower ideas that will make your wedding and event amazing! We make party planning fast and easy!

Breathtaking Wedding Flowers: 46 Tips


One of the first things you need to decide on when looking at event and wedding flower ideas is do you want real or silk flowers? What is your budget? Plan around the seasons and find the best florist in your budget that also has the largest selection. You can also DIY your flowers, and by assembling a team to help you out it will be much easier! We have put together 46 event and wedding flower ideas and tips to help you make flower shopping a breeze.

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Boutonniere


When it comes to boutonniere and corsages, it all comes down to individual styles and preferences. You are allowed to be specific when it comes to your wedding or event! Just like any of our event and wedding flower ideas, there are always going to be lots of flowers for you to have to choose from. With the right florist, you will be able to find the perfect flowers with ease. Some of the most commonly used are roses and carnations. Remember, get creative with it! There is so much you can do with boutonnieres and corsages!

19 Helpful Flower Preserving Tips


Florists are able to help you pick out the flowers, but once those flowers leave the shop and are in your possession, it is your responsibility to keep them alive! We have tips to help you keep your flowers looking their best and most fresh. But then, what about after the event? If you are anything like me, you're pretty sedimental and will want to keep these flowers for as long as you possibly can. We also have tips for taking care of your flowers after your event!

9 Best Wedding Ceremony Flowers with a Checklist


Flowers are used for so many different events such as weddings, anniversaries, and various different celebrations. Flowers provide a joyful and elegant environment to any event. We have event and wedding flower ideas for wedding flower arrangements such as roses and tulips. Using baby's breath is a great way to fill in any gaps there may be within the flower arrangement. We also have ideas for different ways flowers can be used other than in bouquets such as flower walls and chandeliers.


There are so many event and wedding flower ideas out there for you to pull flower inspiration from! We are here to help you make sure your flowers are perfect for your event or wedding! Don't see any event and wedding flower ideas that work for you here? Do not stress! We update our website home page frequently to keep up with all the latest trends that are out there!

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Written by Lauren Bolt