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30 Exciting 10th Anniversary Party Ideas

10th Anniversary Party Ideas

Updated on: Feb 20, 2024

A 10 year anniversary is a monumental milestone in a marriage or relationship. Planning a party is a terrific way to celebrate your love and reflect on how far you have come and how you have changed as a couple. In order to have a great party, we have collected some ideas for your 10 year wedding anniversary. Here are all kinds of 10th anniversary party ideas to make celebrating 10 years a breeze and to have a happy 10th anniversary!

10th Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations

What party is complete without decorations? If you don't want a boring and plain anniversary party, you need appropriate decorations throughout the venue. While this may seem daunting, don't fret! Here are easy decoration ideas for you.

1. Flowers

Flowers are practically necessary in anniversary parties. You can decorate the party with flowers in holders, placing the flower on a dinner plate, or any other creative way you’d like! Flowers even make for a great 10-year anniversary party theme. Also, be sure to check with your local florist to see what types of daffodil arrangements they can make for your special day.

2. Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are always classy decorations, especially for an anniversary. Sculptures of the number “ten,” or anything you’d like, would be a great decorative addition. Be sure to check your local ice sculptor to get a quote for your perfect decoration!

3. Old Pictures

A great way to honor the big 10-year wedding anniversary celebration is by bringing out old pictures from the original wedding day to help keep the memories alive. It’ll be a blast of nostalgia that will be sure to have everyone thinking back to your wedding. You may want to use new and nicer picture frames to enliven the pictures for such a special event.

4. Balloon Bouquets

A wonderful way to fill the party space with beauty is to put balloon bouquets around the room! One way to do this is to mix different colors of balloons into the same bouquet. The other colors should be something that compliments silver or blue! Check your local party supply store for arrangement ideas and quotes.

5. Ornaments

10th Anniversary Party Ideas: Party Favors

The 10th anniversary is know for celebrating the flexibility and durability that a marriage needs to stay strong. Here are some items that will reflect this 10-year anniversary symbol in your own party.

6. Metal Pens

A great way for your guests to remember your special event are engraved pens. You can engrave pens with “10” and the date of the anniversary to add a personalized touch and make a great tin gift. Anytime your guest writes something down with their new pen, they’ll think back to the amazing anniversary party!

7. Metal Mini Lanterns

Giving your guest metal mini lanterns are great because they double as a gift and a decoration that can be used at a later time. During the event itself, they can serve a double purpose as lighted decorations for the party as well as favors for your guests to take home. Check your local party supply store to see if they carry them!

8. Champagne Bottles

Small champagne bottles are always great gifts for your guests. They can be personalized by labeling them with the couple’s name and anniversary date or the name of the person receiving the gift. Check your local winery to see if they carry mini champagne bottles!

9. Keychains

Each anniversary year of marriage is assigned a gemstone, and the tenth year is a diamond. You probably don’t want to buy diamonds for all of your guests, but you can engrave the diamond shape on a keychain and give them to your guests!

10. Party-Themed Favors

Coordinate favors with the party theme; for example, if the theme is recreating the couple’s first date at the movies, you could give each guest a small bag of popcorn and gift certificates to a local movie theater. Check to see if your local movie theatre has deals like this.

10th Anniversary Party Ideas: Games and Activities

Activities and games are great to energize guests and create a more intimate atmosphere for the party. Make sure to think of fun activities that everyone will be excited to be a part of. Here are five creative anniversary party ideas for you to consider.

11. Spouse Swap

Can your spouse pick you out from two other people without full vision? Have all the men sit in chairs while wearing an eye cover. Three women will go up to each of the men and do something like whisper something in his ear or kiss him on the cheek. After the women approach all the men, the men have to guess which one was his wife by saying 1, 2, or 3. This game can work the other way as well, with the wives blindfolded instead. See if you can pick your spouse! This a really fun idea that can be added to your list of 10th anniversary party games.

12. Charades

A classic guessing game! Instead of buying a charades game, guests can choose pictures from the couple’s photo album or a funny story they know about the couple and act it out in front of everyone. Whoever guesses the scenario gets to go up and act out the next scene. This is an exciting and easy group activity that you can use for one of your 10th wedding anniversary party games.

13. Dance Crazes

If you and your guests love dancing, you’ll definitely have fun with this game. Couples are to recreate the famous dances from different decades of music and movies. Try the Tango, Foxtrot, Cupid Shuffle, Macarena, Thriller, Electric Slide, and Disco. Have someone judge the competition and select a winner. Make sure you get photos and videos of this one! To have the best experience, buy a speaker!

14. Mad Libs

Make a list of funny scenarios, quotes, and sentences. Then, cut them out into small pieces of paper. Your guests can draw one of these from a hat and try to make up a storyline as to how the two guests of honor met. Each person can take a turn calling out something from his or her piece of paper until the story is complete. To make this process easier, consider buying a Mad Libs book.

15. Dance Decades Competition

Create a playlist of music from every 10 decades to which the couples will dance. Select someone to judge the competition to determine the best, craziest, and funniest dancers. The award can be a trophy for the winner to take home.

10th Anniversary Party Ideas: Food Ideas

In order to keep your guests happy throughout the party, you need to provide a wide variety of food. Because it is a party, there should be a lot of sweets. However, don't forget to add some savory dishes as well.

16. Cake

Like with most parties, anniversary parties just aren't complete without a large cake. Because the cake is one of the highlights of an anniversary party, it's important that this cake is large, elegant, and tasty. You can order a custom-made cake, or you can simply buy one from the store.

17. Donuts

While cakes are great for this kind of party, your guests will most likely want sweets that are more accessible and easier to eat. Because most people love donuts, this treat is great to offer to your guests. It is very easy to place an order at a local donut shop.

18. Cheese Board

Do you want your anniversary to have a sophisticated touch? Cheese boards are a great way to impress guests. Feel free to stack these boards with a variety of sliced cheese and fruit. Not only are the foods tasty, but they can be presented in a way that is very aesthetically pleasing, making it a great way to serve guests while also creating a classy experience.

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19. Crackers

Of course, your guests won't be satisfied with desserts and some cheese. You need something more savory to balance these foods with, and crackers are a great way to do this. Because of their size, crackers are also very easy to eat, which increases their appeal.

20. Brownies

Do you and your guests prefer desserts with a strong, chocolate flavor? Brownies are a great addition to any party. Their sweet and strong flavors make them very enjoyable, and your guests are most certainly going to devour them in no time. If you want to get fancy, consider placing these desserts on dessert stands.

10th Anniversary Party Ideas: Party Supplies

No matter how pretty your decorations are or how good your food is, you need to include the necessary supplies to make the party run smoothly. While necessary supplies may seem obvious, here are a few supply ideas for you to make sure that you have everything you need for an awesome party.

21. Utensils

Make sure that your party has the appropriate number and type of utensils. To ensure this, examine the number of guests arriving, as well as the types of foods you will provide. This is quite an important step. If you don't have the proper cutlery, the food you provide may go unfinished, and guests will be hungry.

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22. Disposable Plates

When there is food, there of course needs to be plates to serve people. However, because anniversary parties tend to be quite large, you may not want to use porcelain plates, as that may be too much trouble to wash. Instead, consider buying disposable paper plates for your guests to use.

23. Tablecloth

Tablecloths are a great way to dress up bare tables, which tend to be inappropriate for anniversary parties. Also, spills and other messes can easily be caught by the tablecloth, allowing it to protect the table underneath. Because this party is meant to celebrate an anniversary, a white tablecloth is probably best. However, you also have the option for a more fun design, if you would like.

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24. Cake Stand

With a cake, you need a cake stand. Because cakes tend to be the focal point of anniversary parties, take the time to buy one that suits the overall style of the party that you're planning. Don't just buy a cheap one. While it will still do the job, it will make the party look cheap.

25. Chairs

When renewing your vows, your guests need a way to comfortably sit and view the event. Thus, you need to make sure that you provide enough chairs for all your guests and the potential people they may bring along. Because you need to buy so many, don't bother purchasing fancy chairs. Just buy ones that get the job done.

10th Anniversary Party Ideas: Invitations

26. White-and-Gold Invitations

Is your anniversary party meant to appear classy? Try these white-and-gold invitations! The gold lettering pops strongly from the background, which dazzles the eye. At the same time, however, the white paper keeps the overall mood bright and fun. White-and-gold is definitely a classic invitation design, so you cannot go wrong with sending these to your guests.

27. Flower-Themed Invitations

Flowery invitations don't necessarily have a subliminal quality to them. However, they are still elegant, which can leave a good impression on the guests that receive them. These types of invitations allow guests to expect a formal and beautiful party.

28. Country-Themed Invitations

Does your anniversary party have a more homey and rustic feel? If so, using country-themed invitations may be the right choice, as it allows guests to better understand the style of your party. These types of invitations use darker colors, and don't focus on impressing the viewer with their bright nature. When guests receive this invitation, they know to expect a more toned-down party.

29. Silver Invitations

If you're hosting a sophisticated and dazzling party, gold invitations aren't the only option. You could instead opt for silver invitations, which communicate the same messages as the gold ones. Consider both options. You may find yourself more drawn toward a silver color.

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30. Confetti Invitation

Another great invitation idea is confetti invitations. These designs are quite diverse, as they range in color and confetti shape. However, no matter the design, all confetti invitations are able to get the message across that they are being invited to a celebration.

10th Anniversary Party Ideas: Conclusion

This article contains many different ideas for anniversary parties, with the aim of taking away the stress that comes with planning such important parties. With all this advice, you'll definitely be able to make an amazing party that produces lifelong memories. Now that you have got some party ideas, let us help you out with your planning with our anniversary party budget sheet and checklist.

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