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5 Creative Virtual Graduation Ideas

Virtual Graduation Ideas

Updated on: Feb 14, 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the plans of many people around the world, especially for soon-to-be graduates. Because of this, we made it our job to find the best virtual graduation ideas for you to choose from. Since you only get to experience the feeling of graduation a few times, they are meant to be memorable and special.

EEP had a graduation checklist that you can follow that will definitely help you plan the party of your dreams while staying on the budget that works best for you.

It is crucial to celebrate the blessings in your life, to stay safe, and to thank all the heroes working on the front lines.

Virtual Graduation Ideas

If you have waited to host your graduation party in hopes that the crisis would be ended, but are now running out of time; take a look at these social distancing activities you can employ to still enjoy your party.

1. Zoom Celebration

Zoom has become a very familiar mode of communication to people across the world. It is able to bring people together even though they are physically distant.

Nothing beats seeing a happy face and seeing your family and friends together in a zoom meeting will definitely bring a smile to yours. You could play charades, Kahoot, or even take this time to simply talk and catch up. We may be away from each other, but technology allows us to keep our connections strong.

virtual graduation ceremony with granddaughter and grandmother


2. Parking Lot Party

With schools currently out of session, there are plenty of parking spots that can be utilized for safe get-togethers. Why not have your friends and family fill the parking lot at a safe distance? Have all guests bring their own chairs and refreshments in order to maintain social distancing. Bring a speaker for background music, and enjoy a day in a parking lot.

3. Outdoor Movie Night

Although movie theaters are closed, you can still get together with friends to watch a movie. Simply get a projector and a white sheet to set up an outdoor movie theater. Then, invite everyone you want to celebrate your graduation with and watch a movie!

Have everyone bring their own blankets and chairs and sit at a safe distance. If you are concerned about being too close, you can use tape or paint to mark off squares for everyone to sit in. That way, you know for sure that no one is too close.

4. Crafting Stations

A good way to engage during a social distancing party is through crafts. Everyone can be seated at a separate station with all the necessary supplies in front of them. That way, no one will need to mingle or touch anything that someone else will need to use. Crafting is very relaxing and can allow for conversation while having fun and staying safe.

crafting stations for parties


5. Jackbox TV

If you are looking for an interactive and humorous game, Jackbox TV is for you. This game is very similar to the extremely popular games “Cards Against Humanity” and “Apples to Apples.” It allows you to be creative while utilizing your sense of humor. It can be played utilizing a TV and your cell phone, so you can play it while social distancing or over a Zoom call.

Virtual Graduation Ideas: Conclusion

Hopefully, this list reminded you that although life doesn’t look the same as it did a few months ago, we can still spend time in the company of our friends and celebrate life’s biggest moments. As long as you are safe and smart, your party can still be one for the books. Be sure to check out for more information on all your party planning needs.

Written by Nathan Rogers; Contributors: Anna Wertman and Jack Leduc