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Anniversary Party Ideas

Anniversary Party Ideas

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

Anniversaries are a special and important milestone in everyone's life. Typically when you think of an anniversary, you probably think of a wedding or work anniversary. No matter what you think of, any and all anniversaries are worth celebrating and we make planning for an Anniversary Party effortless! View all our helpful tips below.

Anniversary Party Ideas


Attractive 1st Anniversary Party Ideas

Your first wedding anniversary is a huge step in your marriage! It's not like people say the first year is marriage is hardest for no reason. The 1st anniversary is known as the paper year, it is the year you can start new traditions with your husband or wife. If you are wanting to throw a 1st-anniversary party we have ideas for paper year party favors, games, and a couple of food ideas! There are tons of anniversary party ideas out there for the 1st year!

Captivating 10th Anniversary Party Ideas: Locations, Decorations, Party Favors and Games


The next big anniversary to celebrate is 10 years - a whole DECADE married to the love of your life! Planning a party to celebrate this monumental date is more than appropriate. We have ideas for the venue ranging from country clubs to your backyard. We also have decorations, party favors, and games. The 10 year anniversary is known as the "tin year", meaning you are celebrating durability and flexibility, let us help you celebrate this big achievement with 10th-anniversary party ideas!

Affordable 25th Anniversary Party Ideas


25 years is a long time! By this point, you and your loved one can really just take on the world! Planning an anniversary party can get expensive if you aren't careful but it doesn't have to be though! We have come up with 29 25th anniversary party ideas for you to use to celebrate your iris flower year. There are ideas for you to use all the way from decorations to games to play with your guests. Let us help you celebrate your 25th-anniversary in style while on a budget.

50th Anniversary Party Ideas


Wow, half a century ago you and your partner decided to dedicate your whole life to each other, what is there not to celebrate?! The 50th anniversary is typically associated with gold, so using gold for decorations and party favors is a great way to celebrate the significance of this milestone. We also have ideas for games to play to entertain your guests with as well. Let us help you plan your 50th Anniversary party to make it an event to really remember!

Anniversary Gift Ideas


Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts by Year: 48 Unique Ideas

If you're not wanting to plan a whole party to celebrate your anniversary with your partner, maybe finding the perfect gift for them is most ideal! We know what you want to show your partner you love and appreciate them, so what better way than with a gift! We have gift ideas for one to five years up to sixty years. Taking into account your partner's wants, needs, likes, and dislikes will help you come up with the perfect anniversary gift based on the year!

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife - 25 Unique & Romantic Ideas


Many married couples will say the first year of marriage is the hardest, but what about the 2 year anniversary? After 2 years you and your partner really have the hang of the whole marriage thing, you have taken on the first year, and depending on your situation, kids may even be a topic of conversation! We have come up with 25 unique and romantic anniversary gift ideas to gift your partner for your 2 year anniversary.

41 Friendly Welcome Basket Ideas


Now, if you are wanting to throw a fun party to celebrate your anniversary, you may or may not have family or friends flying or driving in to help you make this a celebration to remember! What better way to thank your guests for coming in than to put together a welcome basket for them? We have all sorts of welcome basket ideas to really make them unique for the occasion or the guest. You can also get creative with these welcome baskets and turn them into an anniversary gift for your partner!

Anniversary Party Tools, Tips, and Tricks


Easy Anniversary Party Budget Worksheet

Planning any celebration, especially an anniversary can get very expensive, it is easy to go overboard! Lucky for you, we have an anniversary party budget sheet that is FREE and you download it to make it exactly what you may need it to be. You can easily make one of our anniversary party ideas come to life on a budget!

Anniversary Party Checklist


Along with our budget sheet, we also have an anniversary party checklist for your use that is also FREE! Use our checklist to help you find the perfect venue, the best visuals, and even some helpful links for your use. As exciting as planning an anniversary party can be and is, there is so much that you can forget if you are not careful. Do not worry though, this checklist has everything you may need to help you bring one of our anniversary party ideas to life!

15 Useful DJ Hiring Tips


You may want to really make this anniversary party be a night to remember, and the best way to do that is by hiring a DJ, but how exactly do you go about that? We have put together a guide for you that has everything from what a DJ even is, all the way to the type of equipment they should have. You want your DJ to have the right vibe that will match the vibe of your party. Use one of our anniversary party ideas to help you decide on what kind of vibe you want the party too has as well as the DJ.

4 Key Steps to Renting Party Supplies and Questions to Ask


When planning to throw an anniversary party, depending on what kind of party you are wanting, sometimes the best route is to rent party supplies. We have put together 4 steps to renting party supplies as well as questions to ask before you rent! Renting party supplies can be very handy, especially if you are going to have a whole lot of guests. Many of our anniversary party ideas can be done without having to rent party supplies, but the bigger the shin-dig, the more affordable it may be to consider.


Here at Easy Event Planning, we love, love! Anything to help you throw the best anniversary party or get the best anniversary gift, we are here to help you. We have all sorts of anniversary party ideas to inspire you and your party planning. Don’t see an idea or theme here that works for you? No worries! We update our website home page frequently to keep up with all the latest trends that are out there!

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Written by Lauren Bolt