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33 Fun Bunny Theme Party Ideas

Bunny Theme Party

Updated on: Mar 11, 2024

Is your toddler’s birthday quickly coming up and you haven’t thought of a theme yet? Are you planning an Easter party for all the children in your family? No matter what the occasion is, a bunny theme party could be the perfect theme for you! Below you will find ideas for bunny-themed party favors, decorations, and even food that will delight your little guests and leave them hoppin-happy! Not only do we have all your bunny theme party needs but we also have you covered in other party planning aspects like other kids theme party ideas.

Bunny Theme Party Decorations

The best way to show your guests the theme of the party is through the decor. If you are planning a bunny-theme party, you will need bunny decorations! They will elevate the entire atmosphere of the venue and clearly portray the theme of the party.

1. Table Settings

Order bunny-theme paper supplies, such as plates, napkins, utensils, and cups. You can either order them online or pick them up at your local party store. Paper products are a simple place to start when beginning to incorporate a theme into party decorations.

2. Decals

Although your theme is specifically bunnies, Easter decals can be great to use on windows and mirrors. You can only use the bunnies decals, or if you don’t mind a more “Easter feel,” you can use the eggs and grass decorations as well.

3. Garden Streamers

Attach cutouts of various bunny foods, such as candy carrots, to the end of a colorful streamer. Then hang the streamers from the ceiling, or along a wall, in rows that resemble a garden.

4. Egg Garland

Purchase empty plastic Easter eggs and attach them to a strand of yarn by opening and closing them around the string. Use the garland to decorate doorways or wrap it around banisters.

5. Pastel Balloons

Some of the most common party decorations are balloons. If you would like to include balloons in your party but would like to do something more unique, purchase pastel-colored balloons and use them to create bouquets.

To do this, attach many balloons to a few green strings and tie them to a weight. If you would like, place the weight in a vase so it looks even more like a balloon bouquet. Then place them in corners of the room to keep them out of the way, and spruce up the places that often get ignored while decorating.

6. Bunny Tracks

For a very cute party decoration, make little bunny paws out of construction paper. Tape the paws to the floor throughout the party venue. If you expect many people will walk over the paws on the floor, it may be beneficial to laminate the paw prints before you tape them down.

Or, save yourself some time and order bunny paw print floor decals. It will look as if a cute little bunny had scampered around before the party!

7. Easter Grass

Use fake grass as a centerpiece for the tables. Hide chocolate bunnies, jellybeans and Brach’s Marshmallow Easter Hunt Eggs in the grass guests snack on before the main dish is served.

8. Veggies

Looking for a unique and cheap way to decorate your tables at your kid's bunny party? Make a cute vase with veggies! You can pick any you'd like: carrots, radishes, heads of cabbage, etc. Arrange them like you would a flower vase and set the whole mood of the party with this colorful addition.

9. Bunny Miniatures

Decorate your party with cute bunny mini-figures all over! Get creative with this, hide them around surprising places, or make them look like they're coming out of the decorated veggies!

10. Table Cover

Add to the bunny party theme with delicate and creative details. A cute one would be setting the cake table with a white ruffled table cover to add some extra adorableness!

Bunny Theme Party Favors

Sending your young guests, as well as their parents, home with these adorable favors will ensure that they never forget your incredible bunny party!

11. Coloring Kits

There is an abundance of free coloring sheets online that you can print from home. Make use of these by printing out several bunny coloring pages for your guests. Add in a box of crayons for each child and watch the joy on their faces as they receive their gift.

12. Egg Decorating Kits

You can either order egg coloring kits, or put together your own. Gather pastel-colored food coloring, plastic spoons, and a few empty egg cartons to hold the finished masterpieces. Hard-boil the eggs you will be dying the day before the party. You can even order some fun rabbit-theme stickers to add to the decorated eggs.

13. Fluffy Tails

Fill mason jars or plastic sandwich bags with mini marshmallows. Then attach hippity hoppity labels to the containers and hand them out as prizes. The mini marshmallows are cute, and tasty, representations of a fluffy bunny tail.

14. Bunny Headbands

Purchase bunny ears for guests to wear during the party, or create your own out of construction paper. You could even allow the children to create their own as a party activity! Then allow your guests to take the animal ears home as a party favor.

15. Bunny Coasters

Bunny coasters are the perfect gift idea for thanking your guests for coming, and they're super easy to make!

Bunny Theme Party Menu Ideas

While settling on a menu, it is important to keep in mind that your primary guests are going to be children. Because of this, most of your menu should be catered toward the children, but don’t forget to add some food items and elements that can be enjoyed by adults. Our mouth-watering bunny-theme food ideas will leave your guests coming back for more!

16. Veggie Cups

Put vegetable dip into the bottom of bunny party cups. Then add various cut-up vegetables to the cups. This is easier for guests to carry than a plate, and they already have the dip they need at the bottom of their cup!

17. Bunny Shapes

Use bunny-shaped cookie cutters to cut up some of the food you are providing. For example, if you are providing grilled cheese and tomato soup, cut the grilled cheese into bunny shapes. Then sprinkle the soup with cheddar bunny crackers. This provides your guests with the perfect reminder of what the theme is.

18. Dirt Pudding

Fill plastic cups halfway with chocolate pudding into plastic cups. Then crumble chocolate cookies on top of the pudding to look like soil. Add a candy carrot and some gummy worms to the soil. This will create a delicious treat that matches the theme perfectly!

19. Pastel Jello

Start by making pastel jello in many different flavors and colors. Then, use cookie cutters to cut the jello into shapes such as bunnies, eggs, or carrots. For a special treat, add bits of fruit to the jello.

Bunny Theme Party Activities

If your audience primarily consists of toddlers and younger children, keeping them entertained may be a challenge. However, if you use the activity ideas, we can assure you that each kid will leave the party giddy and giggling from all the fun that they had!

20. Bunny Face

Use face paint to create bunny noses and cute whiskers on guests' faces. Be sure to take pictures and share them on Instagram!

21. Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Cut out a giant bunny shape with a poster board and hang it on the wall. Next, glue some cotton balls together to create a tail and attach some double-stick tape to the back of the tail.

Finally, blindfold your guests and spin them in circles. After being spun, your guests should then attempt to pin the cotton ball tail in its proper place on the bunny.

22. Bunny Hop

What is more fun for young children than a race? This is not a simple running race though, for this race, participants are required to hop from start to finish.

Be careful and make sure there are no breakables nearby! Why not make it even more adorable and challenging and insist their bunny ears are still intact at the finish?

23. Peter Rabbit in the Garden

This game is a bunny-theme take on the popular game Sharks and Minnows. One guest should play the farmer while the other guests are bunnies.

The farmer must chase the bunnies to try to get them out of his garden. The tagged bunnies must then become the farmer's helpers. The game ends when one bunny is left, and they become the next farmer.

24. Treat Hunt

Place miniature candy bars and other treats in plastic eggs. Then hide the eggs throughout the venue in places of varying difficulty. Give each guest an Easter basket and send them out to search for eggs.

As a bonus, you could also hide a few chocolate-covered carrots. Guests who find the carrots could then win special prizes.

25. Petting Zoo

This unique idea will take your bunny party to the next level! Contact a local pet store or shelter and see if you can have them bring some bunnies to your party. The kids will love petting them, and some might even get adopted! It's a win-win.

Bunny Theme Party Supplies

26. Bunny Plates

You can find a variety of bunny plates with different designs that will surely add to the overall aesthetics of the party. We recommend using paper plates for easy use and clean-up!

27. Woven Basket

Keep napkins and utensils in this beautiful woven basket. They come in a variety of colors to match any color scheme.

28. Tablecloth

Tablecloths really help bring everything together and are essential to any themed parties.

29. Dessert Stand

A dessert stand is perfect for cupcakes or any treat. Easy to use and assemble and comes in a variety of color.

30. Bunny Ear Cupcake Toppers

Top your cupcakes with fun bunny ear toppers. Your dessert will hop to life!

Bunny Theme Party Invitations

31. DIY Bunny Invitation

If you are looking for a cheap and fun DIY project. You can purchase some colorful card stock with envelopes, then have the party details printed and glue them inside each card. You can add some personalized touches and should be a fun project to do along with kids!

31. Watercolor Bunny Invitations

If you are looking for more handwritten and personalized options. Pink and blue watercolor flower bunny invitations are for you! They are fill-in cards so you can write your own message and comes in a pack of twenty.

32. SomeBunny Is Turning

This is a fun play-word of the bunny theme party. This invitation set is fully customizable, can be printed or downloaded and set straight away.

33. Hop On Over!

This pink and gold flower bunny invitation set is perfect for celebrating a girl's birthday party. Fully customizable and your guests will love it's spring and floral design.

34. Keep It Neutral

This is perfect if you want something simple and neutral, while still keeping the bunny theme party in mind.


Whether you’re hosting an Easter celebration or your kid’s birthday party, our bunny theme party ideas for décor, favors, games, and more will help you create the best possible experience for kids and adults alike! Make sure to visit our site and where we have more blogs and resources to help make your party planning as easy as possible. We have more blogs that help you with things like more theme party ideas, other ideas for birthday parties and so much more!

Written by Jessica Clark; Contributors: Aditi Parikh, Anna Wertman, Royce Legaspi and Heather Hayes