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15 Fun Family History Theme Party Ideas for Zoom

Family History Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 14, 2024

Seeing and interacting with one’s family is an important part of life for many people. Whether you cannot be with your family due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or it is simply a matter of distance, you can still virtually gather with family members! Zoom, a free video-conferencing tool, is a wonderful and simple way to engage your family. We have created a list of family history theme party ideas for you to create a special event for your family, even apart!

You can make a family get-together over Zoom even more enjoyable and memorable by having a theme party of your family’s history. Easy Event Planning has compiled a list of decorations for your background, favors to send out before the Zoom, food ideas, and activity ideas. All ideas provided are centered around appreciating a variety of things about your family, such as heritage, family tree, family crest, family pictures, and more!

Family History Theme Party: Decorations

A monochrome picture of a family inside an antique picture frame

Source: Unsplash

1. Heritage Pride

Use your family’s heritage to decorate the area that will be shown on your camera during the Zoom party. Decorations can include flags and symbolic items from your family’s country/countries of origin.

2. Family Banner

Create or purchase a family crest banner to hang in the background. To make the banner extra special, you can mail it to some of your family members before Zoom and have them sign it. Include a list of what family members are receiving the banner to sign. Once one family member signs it, have them send it to the next family member on the list, and so on until it gets back to you! You can make this banner a prize as well. Simply mail it to a family member who wins one of the activities you play during the call.

3. Life-Size Family Tree

Cut a tree with multiple branches out of cardboard. Make sure to cut out extra branches and many leaves as well. Write your family members’ names and the dates/locations of their births on the leaves. (You may need to ask them for their birth information in advance.) Attach the leaves to the tree with tape or glue. Place the tree in the background for all of your family members to see.

4. Photo String

This is a great idea for hanging family photos up on your wall. It might even be something you want to keep permanently. First, start with some twine or any string you may already have in your house. Then, use clothespins or paperclips and secure members of your family's photos to the string. This is a stylish way to display photos and may help your children, if they are younger, understand the relationships of each family member. Have family members send you photos of themselves beforehand, then you could get the photos printed somewhere before the party.

Family History Theme Party: Party Favors

A picture book filled with monochrome photographs

Source: Unsplash

5. Family Photo Album

This is a great party favor idea if you have many pictures of your family. Purchase packs of photo albums, or make your own photo albums to mail to your family members who attended the Zoom call. These photo albums can include old pictures of family members you are sending the album too. You can also add photos of certificates or other family heirlooms you may possess. Customize the album cover as you wish, and it will certainly be a memorable keepsake for everyone to enjoy.

6. Family Heritage Shirts

Create a family tree by drawing it out and then have it printed on custom shirts. If you would like to do this whole process yourself, order a pack of t-shirts in the sizes of everyone attending. Then, you can print out your family tree drawing onto t-shirt transfers and iron it onto the shirts. Mail the shirts out to all of your family members before the Zoom party, and ask them to wear them to the party. Everyone will have matching shirts and it will be another way to bond with your awesome family!

7. Family Recipes

During the Zoom call, ask for all of your family’s favorite recipes. Once you have received all the recipes, make them into a book or a single decorated recipe sheet. Don’t keep them to yourself though! Mail them out for everyone to enjoy.

8. Photo Memories

Before the Zoom party, either mail everyone disposable cameras, or have your family members purchase their own disposable cameras. Have them all take pictures during the Zoom either of themselves or the other family members. They can then have the photos developed and put them into an album or hang them on a picture board. It will be a great reminder of this unique family event.

Family History Theme Party: Food Ideas

A family preparing a meal together in the kitchen

Source: Pixabay

9. Eat What Your Ancestors Ate

Talk about the story behind a certain recipe from your past. You can cook along with your family on zoom then enjoy the meal together! Consider talking about how and why you are enjoying this food. Is it from a different culture? Overall, this is a wonderful way to experience something your ancestors experienced.

10. Make a Family Favorite Meal

Maybe your grandmother has a famous family recipe. Cook that, or just a generally favorite recipe among the whole family! Talk about why the meal is a part of the party and a part of your family's story, to engage with family members.

11. Cook the Oldest Family Member's Favorite dish

This is a great way to experience a favorite from the oldest generation in your family! Maybe it's not something every family member likes, but it can be appreciated if it is a favorite among a great grandparent or grandparent. This is a great way to also broaden family recipes!

Family History Theme Party: Games and Activities

A mother and her two toddlers sitting on the couch and watching a smart-pad together

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12. Name Origin Game

Have each guest tell everyone the story of how they got their name. Other family members can help contribute to each answer, especially if the person is not sure of their name’s origin. It’s an interesting way to get to know your family, and maybe even more about yourself!

13. Figure Out Your Family Tree

For this activity, you first need to create a family tree that includes each of your guests. One person is the host of the game, and they are the only person allowed to look at the tree. The host is tasked with asking questions about family relationships. The other participants must try to answer questions about how everyone is related without looking at the tree. This is a fun way to understand your family origin!

14. Family Facts

Have each guest tell you a fact about themselves before the party or during the party via chat or text message. You can then have someone read each fact at the Zoom party. Then the guests are all given the chance to guess who the fact is about.

15. Gather the Information

Make a list of questions about every relative. This list can include ideas such as birthdays, marriages, deaths, etc. From a complete list of all Zoom party attendees, divide your guests into teams. Make it a competition by declaring the team with the most correct answers, the winner.

Family History Theme Party: Conclusion

Staying connected with your family is a necessity, especially during these uncertain COVID-19 times. We hope this blog gave you some fun and enjoyable ideas to use for a family history theme party. At Easy Event Planning, we want to make planning any kind of event with your family as easy as possible. For more event planning information, check out our other blog posts at We have additional ideas for party themes. We also have ideas for birthday parties as well as budgets and ideas for adult birthday parties specifically.

Written by Kaitlyn Malcom and Natalie Davidson; Contributors: Jack Leduc and Anna Wertman