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12 Exciting 50th Birthday Party Games

50th Birthday Party Games

Updated on: Feb 20, 2024

It's easy to believe that as the years go by and we grow older, celebrating birthdays becomes obsolete as we age. More often than not, we begin to cringe as our birthday approaches because it's a constant reminder that we're getting older, and it's become less exciting than it was when we were little kids counting down the days to our birthday party. The individuals most likely to not understand these emotions are those approaching their fifties.

Many people look at turning fifty as a death sentence, but it really isn't. All that turning fifty means is that you've lived fifty great years, and even if you're no longer that excited kid counting down the days until your birthday, you're still more than entitled to a birthday. I understand that when you turn fifty you might want to skip the bouncy castle, but there are so many fun 50th birthday games that people of all ages can enjoy - even those approaching fifty.

So sit back, break out the newspaper and read all about the fun games you want to include in your 50th birthday celebration.

50th birthday party games to unleash your playfulness

1. Go down memory lane: "Browse the past"

This party game is dubbed “Explore the Past” and is pretty self-explanatory as it entails what is in the name. The game is set up almost like a scavenger hunt around the house, however, instead of random items, the things that are hidden are old mementos such as a baby bottle, a timely photo, or an old school report. The mementos are, of course, associated with the birthday honoree and can invoke very thoughtful discussions regarding the memories associated with each item.

This game is bound to leave a sentimental touch, especially with guests who are close with the birthday honoree. You would set up the game just as you will with a regular scavenger hunt. Make sure to include a pre-selected route, along with some trivia questions to answer and hints to locations, just so that guests are not only involved, but their problem-solving skills are at work.

2. Get Out of Your Shell: “Remember That Time?”

This game out of all is the most convenient, as it could be done practically anywhere. Whether it be inside in the living room, or outside at the patio, this game is sure to leave some laughs and reminiscence among guests. In this game, guests are asked to tell a funny story about the birthday honoree, to which the birthday honoree has to tell a funny story regarding the guest.

This game is bound to leave many guests feeling more at ease as everyone begins to laugh and settle in with one another. Although, because the game involves telling funny stories about one another, it is important to know which funny stories are funny, or could offend someone else. As long as there is an understanding of one another’s feelings, then the game is sure to be a standing ovation at the comedy club and a hilarious conversation starter.

3. Keep It On Theme: "How old is _____ ?"

I find this game particularly wholesome, as it involves old photos of the birthday honoree. For this game, there needs to be a particular setup at the party (which also makes the game a great decoration). The way that you would set up this game is by taking a board and placing a wide array of photos of the birthday honoree, spanning from their young years, their middle years, etc. Next to the photo, you want to include a number spanning from 1- to however many photos you plan to include.

In this game, the goal is to guess the age of the birthday honoree on the particular photo associated with the number. For example, a photo of the birthday honoree as a child is placed as 1. The guest would have to guess the age of the birthday honoree on the photo associated with the 1. When playing this game, it is important to have pre-printed answer sheets or paper and pens lying around so that guests can write down their guesses.

If you want to go the extra mile, I would recommend having some prizes set aside for those who guess the most correctly. Not only is this game a great decoration and walk through memory lane, but it also is a fun way to keep guests engaged.

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4. A Good Ol’ Fashion Scavenger Hunt

What better way to get guests moving than a scavenger hunt? Not only is the activity very fun for partygoers, but it is also very easy to prepare for a party. All the host has to do is curate a list of items that need to be found. These items could be things that are lying around the home, or even in the purses and pockets of guests! For example, a pack of gum or a hairbrush could be among the items needed to be found on the list.

You can increase the difficulty by asking for specific items, for example, “an item that was made in Indonesia”. As a recommendation, I would disclose to guests where items should be found, to avoid guests from lurking into private areas such as bedrooms or closets. In the end, whoever can find the most items around, wins. If you like this idea there are wonderful scavenger hunt invitations you can use.

5. Sing Your Heart Out: "Fill in the lyrics"

This game is a fan-favorite and is sure to level any party up. The game is pretty self-explanatory in the name: players will be presented with a lyric, that has some missing parts to it (preferably the chorus, to make it easier, or any part you may want to include), and the goal would be to fill in the lyric correctly. It is important to ask the birthday honoree to curate a list of about 15-20 of their favorite songs, preferably with different genres (if possible) so that there is a wide selection to choose from.

This game not only allows guests to reminisce about old songs from their time and to test their music knowledge but also to challenge how well they know the birthday honoree’s favorite songs. You may want to include a prize for the person who makes the most correct guess. A great idea for a gift, especially for this particular game, would be a CD that includes all the songs on the list created by the birthday honoree.

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6. How Well Do You Know the Birthday Honoree?

This game is a great starter to any 50th birthday event as it involves testing guests on their knowledge of the birthday honoree. To create this game, one must have the birthday honoree answer questions about themselves. This will serve as an answer key. The questions can be about anything from your favorite movie, song or holiday. Afterwards, print the questions onto multiple sheets of paper for distributing.

My recommendation is to leave the game set at the dining table or patio table, so it is the immediate first thing that guests recognize when they sit down. The guest will then take their best shots at answering the questions, however, there should be no sharing of answers. Once everyone has answered their sheet, the answers will be announced by the birthday honoree.

Each guest will count up the number of questions they got correct. The person with the most correct answer, wins! For this, I would recommend having a prize for the winner. 100% Unique

7. Tell Your Life in Six Words

If you are looking for a wholesome game that is non-competitive but brings people together, then you have found it right here. This game solely requires each guest to have a paper and pen or pencil. On the paper, the guest will be asked to explain their life or the themes of their life story thus far in six words maximum. Believe it or not, being able to define the contents of your life is easier said than done. Because of this, allow your guest some time to figure out a six-word message.

Once everyone has created their six-word description. Allow those, only if they want to, to share what they have created. End the game with the birthday honoree explaining their life in six words at the end. What makes this game so wholesome is the fact that it allows for storytelling, and allows other guests who may be younger to listen to the wise words that may come from such short memoirs. If the guest or birthday honoree cares to, they may share how they decided their six words.

The game has the power to lead to a greater discussion on the triumphs and struggles of life thus far and allows other guests to not only relate to one another but learn from one another. The game would work best as a closer, as it allows a few comments of recollection among guests and is one of the deeper moments of any event.

8. Gettin' "Jiggy" With It: Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a timeless game to play no matter the age. This is a great game that not only involves simply just adults but children as well. The way to play musical chairs is by gathering a headcount of everyone that will be participating in the game. Take the number of people that will be playing the game and subtract it by one. This will be the number of chairs you will need, which will gradually decrease as the game continues. For example, let’s say that there are thirteen people at a party. You will take 13 and subtract one, which will give you 12.

With that being said, the number of chairs that you will need for the game will be 12. How the game works is you are going to want to have someone controlling the music. Once the music starts playing, the guest will begin to dance around the chairs. The music will stop suddenly, as per the decision of the person who controls the music. When the music stops, those playing will need to quickly find a seat to sit on.

One person will be left without a seat, and would essentially be booted out of the game. After one person is eliminated, then another chair will be taken from the game, to ensure that someone else will be eliminated in the next round. The game will go on until the final round, where two people will compete to sit at one chair. The person who sits on the chair will be declared the winner. For this game, a small prize such as a gift card to a coffee shop or store would be appropriate.

9. Guess Who?

A good ole fashioned Guess Who game is a great icebreaker game for your guests who have entered your life from different periods of your life. If your guests don't know the relations to you, guests may ask questions about their appearances. Simple set up: just printing wallet sized pictures and stand. Affordable and fun! New stories may arise from this activity and new friendships may arise from it. Great activity to bring everyone together.

10. Word Search

Make a word search about the honoree. It can include past jobs, boyfriends, friends, schools, etc. If you want to make it challenging, make it fill in the bank. If you have a competitive bunch attending, make it timed. Perfect to make it personable and competitive!

11. "What happened when ______"

Got an interesting life or want to keep up with current events? Quiz your guests on what happened in the year of a big event whether it's your country or with your guests. Examples: "What happened in March 2019?" Answer: "Suzie tore her ACL".

12. Throw a Disco Extravaganza

Dance the entire night away with your friends and family at a disco party with a lit-up disco ball and all of your favorite 70's dance-pop hits!

50th Birthday Party Games: Conclusion

No matter how old you are, you can always have fun! These games are a great way to lighten any group up and can entertain crowds of all ages. The best aspect of these 50th birthday party games is they require minimal planning. Many of which cost less to perform, and in reality, the only things that you should be expected to worry about are the prizes for the guests who do win. These prizes or favors don’t necessarily have to be expensive as well. In the end, these games are bound to bring any group together and live the spirits of everyone who is there.

I'm sure that after this birthday, the guests from 30 to 60 years old and of course those approaching 50 years old will make a note of this wonderful event. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how happy the birthday recipient is while watching the event.

Check out our party decoration ideas for adults, as well as gift ideas to complement this 50th birthday party!

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