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50th Birthday Party Ideas - Ultimate Guide

50th Birthday Party Ideas - Ultimate Guide

Updated on: Jul 18, 2023

The big 50 is coming up, it's marked on your calendar and you’re wondering just how you’re gonna celebrate such a milestone. The perfect way to celebrate is by throwing a big birthday bash in your honor and we have incredible 50th birthday party ideas to make planning your party easy. Don't forget, it’s important to remember to make this day about you and not your age! Whether you’re planning this for yourself or for someone you love, it's important to remember to celebrate them. For additional information, we have a birthday party budget worksheet, adult party ideas, gift ideas, and more!

50th Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

No party is without decorations. Don't be afraid to have fun with it, be bold, but most importantly be yourself when it comes to picking out the right decor. Think about your favorite color or what you want this party to communicate. Do you want a fun colorful event? Do you want a more elegant and sophisticated take? You can accomplish both with little embellishments here or there and don't be afraid to make it personalized! Here are some 50th birthday party ideas regarding amazing decor ideas.

1. Colors

No party is complete without color-themed balloons, table cloths, and confetti! It's the little touches here and there that round out the decor.

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2. Pictures

Color the room with pictures of you! Set out a couple of photo albums from throughout the years so people can flip through them. 

3. Guestbook

A guestbook is a nice touch to remember your 50th Birthday for years to come. Have everyone write their name down as they join the party, then you can flip through it later and remember everyone who worked to make your day special. 

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4. Photo boot

Rent out a photo booth for the event! There is no better way to get people engaged at the moment than to have a photo booth they can partake in. It's a fun way to document the day with family and friends.  

50th Birthday Party Ideas: Party Favors

Who doesn’t love grabbing a party favor or two on their way out? You can go for something fun and simple like a small party bag or if done right, you can create something that people will use and enjoy forever! Here are some ideas.

5. Candy

Small sachet bags filled with M&M’s with the number “50” on them.

6. Coasters

Personalized coasters with a photo of choice or of initials of the guest's name.

7. Drink Accessories

Wine glasses, shot glasses, wine stoppers, or bottle openers to pair with wine or other beverages.

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8. Cookies

Have everyone take home a personalized “50” sugar cookie or a cookie decorating kit.

50th Birthday Party Ideas

Every party needs some sort of theme to make it that much more special. Whether the party is for men or women, an easy way to do this is to pick a color scheme to stick with or focus on the setting. No matter where you have it, there are many ways to create a wonderful party you and your guests will enjoy. 

1. Backyard Get-Together

Instead of renting a venue space, use your backyard, front yard, or half yard/half inside. You can rent a tent, tables, and chairs if it's too sunny. Having your party at your house makes things 100x easier and less stressful on your big day. 

2. Rent a venue

If you don't have time to clean up your house or if you don't have a big backyard to host in, a venue is a perfect place for that. Many places, such as local libraries or Parks and Rec centers have open event rooms that are big enough for a large gathering. All that's left for you to do is bring the decorations!

3. Timeline

A good theme for hitting these big milestones is timeline themes. Gather pictures of the Birthday person, preferable ones from past birthdays, and line them up in order.

4. Throwback

Another great theme is a throwback. Take the year that the person of honor was born in (ie. 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s,) and deck out the room with memorabilia from that period. You can even get your guests to dress from that time.

5. Golden Age

Looking for an elegant theme? Try the Golden Age! Color the room in gold with balloons, confetti, and table runners

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50th Birthday Party Ideas: Food and Beverage

Everyone looks forward to this part of the party and nothing brings people together like food and drinks. You don't have to go crazy with caterers or three-course meals though. Here are some ideas for simple yet inspired food and drink ideas for your special day.

10. Signature Drink

Have a signature drink. Many people have their favorite beverages, whether a cocktail or mocktail. Make a pitcher of your favorite drink and serve it to your guests. It's a little way to personalize your day.

11. Hire a food truck

It's in popular demand now to hire a food truck to cater your event. Have a backyard party? The food truck will park in the driveway and take orders as your guests come. It's a simple way to take care of feeding your guests without the hassle of prepping a whole day's worth of food.

12. Pass-around hors d'oeuvres

A fun and easy way to implement food are to serve pass-around dishes. Set out platters of little finger foods that people can pick up and walk around with. It emphasizes mingling rather than a sit-down dinner.

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13. Dessert Bar

Have a late-night cocktail and dessert bar! Set out a table of desserts, brownies, cookies, or any of the birthday person's favorites! It's an easy way to feed the guest list without setting out a full menu. 

14. Charcuterie Board

A sophisticated approach to food can also come in the form of charcuterie boards filled with cheeses, candied nuts, jams, crackers, and meats like prosciutto. This would work perfectly for a more intimate gathering. 

50th Birthday Party Ideas: Games

19. Who is Most Likely To....

Easy game to make yourself or buy. If you make it yourself, you have the power to make it as creative or personal as you want it! You can even "call out" some of your guests in a roasting matter. Such a good adult birthday game.

20. Truth or Drink

A perfect adult game for parties. Learn a thing or two from your guests through this game. Like Truth or Dare, but add a little bit of alcohol (responsibly of course) and you got a great game to play. Perfect DIY party game if you want to make it extra fun and it's great for both men and for women!

50th Birthday Party Ideas: Alternative

If you prefer the quiet, intimate company of family or a few of your close friends, these options would be perfect for you. 

15. Brunch

There are many places that execute their brunch menus perfectly. A brunch is perfect for when you and your friends all have busy lives of your own. Get together mid-morning for a little breakfast, lunch, and dessert, all before noon. No gifts, no all-day commitment, just quality time with the people you love. 

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16. Tea Party

Host a little backyard tea party in the afternoon. Bring out the china set and serve freshly steeped tea, or make a fresh bowl of punch to serve. For food, stick with hand-held treats such as open-faced sandwiches or tarts.

17. Painting class

Take a painting class with friends! There is no other way to get everyone laughing and having a good time than experiencing a how-to painting class with a couple of your best friends. 

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18. Decades

So you've made it to 50. What is a fun party for you and your friends to have? Decades. Pick your favorite decade and execute it! Having a decades party is a fun way to get your friends to be creative and to have fun with costumes and the actual ability to create costumes.


That concludes this guide for 50th Birthday Party Ideas. Ultimately, the focus of this day is to celebrate your journey through life with the people that helped make that happen. A party is an excuse to be with the people you love, so why not take the time to celebrate it, right?

Written by Elisabeth Blair

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