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30 Unique Book Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Book Themed Baby Shower

Updated on: Feb 10, 2024

Why a Book Themed Baby Shower?

While there are plenty of Baby Shower themes nowadays, you might be wondering, just why going with a book-themed baby shower would be the right idea for you? Well, if you are a huge lover of books, it might already seem like a great idea, but for those of you who might be hesitant let me expand on some of the benefits of this theme:

First off, you will get an absurd amount of books for gifts, like more than you could have dreamed of. Your baby will be born into a world filled to the brim with fairy tales, farm animals, and a wide variety of child-friendly adventures! Reading to your child can be an integral experience in establishing a connection, not just between you and your child, but your child and reading, why wouldn’t you want the tools to make this possible?

But, of course, presents aren’t all we care about! Books are a sure way to keep your guests entertained, whether it be with in-depth conversations regarding their favorite stories, or with book-themed parties, games to keep the energy flowing.

This is also a gender-neutral shower theme, one that can be used whether or not you know your baby’s gender, or if you’d prefer a party free of gendered concepts.

For extra help planning out your baby shower, you can check out our baby shower checklist and expense tracker to help keep your occasion organized and affordable. If you are really on a budget, don't be afraid to take a look at some of our favorite ideas for affordable baby showers as well!

Book Themed Baby Shower: Decorations

The most important aspect of a theme party is, first and foremost, the decorations. These are the little hints and accents that tell your guests, not just that there is a theme, to begin with, but that you are an imaginative and organized party planner! Here are just a few favorite ideas for book-themed decorations:

1. Book Page Paper Flowers

These decorations might be easier said than done, but with some old book pages and an online tutorial, you could craft some adorable book paper flowers to serve as centerpieces or accents on your guests’ tables!

2. DIY or Printable Book Garland

An easy DIY decoration idea that requires only a color printer, paper, a hole punch, some twine, and a computer! Just simply find images of classic children’s book cover online, print them, hole punch them, and then string them together with some twine, and you have an imaginative garland backdrop to your baby shower festivities! You can also hand draw the book covers if you so wish (but the internet makes everything easier).

3. Book Page Wreath

Another easier decoration said than done, but a beautiful book paper wreath would be a lovely way to greet your guests to your book-themed extravaganza! It not only ties in the theme in an understated way, but it adds a touch of class to your baby’s celebration.

4. Children’s Books as Centerpieces

Appeal to your guests’ nostalgic side with classic children’s book centerpieces! Whether it is an artistically organized stack or a propped open book to state the table’s theme or designate seating, these centerpieces appeal to every guest’s inner child! What could bring a smile to someone’s face more than being sent to sit with a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Or collectively tear up with your table at a heartwarming copy of Love You Forever? And if you are doing this party on a budget, you can simply print out images of the covers, or use the books you already own and impress your guests with your collection!

5. Plush Book Characters

Setting up each table with their own little plush children's book character, whether it be Winnie the Pooh or The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It can be a fun way to designate tables and take your guests back with their childhood favorites.

Book Themed Baby Shower: Party Favors

While party favors are not always necessary when it comes to party planning, just a small touch to remind your guests that you are grateful for their presence goes a long way! These ideas don’t have to be expensive either! They can tie into the activities your party does together, or they can be a small handmaid token to show that you appreciate the people who are there to celebrate this special occasion with you. You can also give these favors a book-themed spin by wrapping them in old book pages.

6. Book-Shaped Cookies To-Go

You can easily send your guests off with a goodie bag of small book-shaped cookies (as seen above)! Ones that they can bring home and share with the whole family while regaling the story of your fantastic party.

7. Journals

What better way to celebrate the joys of books than to encourage the writing of those dearest to you? Journals can be a thoughtful party favor, one that your guests can use in whatever way they might choose, but could also inspire their creative side! While this might be a more expensive favor, it is one that your guests will undoubtedly appreciate.


A bookmark is an essential tool for any avid reader, and an easy, cheap favor to give to those you care about! These can be handmade out of simple construction paper, and artfully decorated, or simply bought online. Either way, a bookmark is a stress-free favor that won’t disappoint your guests or your bank account.

9. Children's Books

Why just talk about books? Send each guest of yours home with a classic children's book! You can even add a personalized message inside the cover thanking them for joining you on your special day.

10. Bookstore Gift Cards

Gift your guests with books of their own, but leave the selection up to them! This could be a great opportunity to support your local bookstores or just the purchase of books in general. It's a favor that is both thoughtful, and potentially more economical in the end without having to pay for shipping the way you would with an online and in-bulk purchase.

For those looking to not just buy favors, but gifts for expecting mothers check out some of our other ideas!

Book Themed Baby Shower: Food Ideas

Now one of the core staples of a good party is the food spread, whether it be sugar-filled treats or a fancy cheese platter, the snacks and sweets can truly make or break a party. Not only is the food quality of import, but when you have an integral theme, then the presentation and decoration of these foods become even more critical. Thankfully, we have a few ideas to help you along the way!

11. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake Pops

Cake pops have become more and more popular in recent years, and that is simply because these little treats are not only easy but delicious! Not only can you make dozens of these pops easily with a basic mold, but you can even decorate these cakes to tie them into your theme!

12. Book Cakes

Whether a delicious library stack or an open edible tome, having a book-shaped cake is almost a no-brainer (that is if you are a cake person). What better way for your guests to remember that this is a book-themed baby shower than handing them a slice of a literal book! If you are a confident baker, this can easily be done at home, but if not, you can simply put a call into your local bakery for your special occasion.

13. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Cookie Platter

Another easy dessert idea that requires only a platter, some delicious cookies, and for display, perhaps a copy of the beloved book itself! Cookies in themselves are a crowd-pleaser, but when you tie them to the classic children’s book, your guests are bound to appreciate the clever nod to the theme.

14. “Bookworm” Gummies

A small sweet snack for your guests, and with little to no preparation needed, bookworm gummy worms are an easy in-theme treat that will cater to your guests’ sweet tooth! All you need are gummy worms, and the display is up to you! You can put these little bookworms in cups, or baggies, or even on a little platter for the table to share!

15. Dr. Seuss Assortment

Treat your guest to an assortment of Dr. Seuss-themed snacks! Make green eggs by plating out some deviled eggs with green food coloring, make The Cat in the Hat snack cups with cherry jello layered with whipped cream, or colored gummy fish as a nod to One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!

Book Themed Baby Shower: Games and Activities

Entertaining your guests, especially at a baby shower, is always a major point of concern for party hosts. There are always those classic baby shower games, but many of those have been played out at this point. Giving your games a book-themed twist, however, gives you not just the chance to be original, but to keep your guests entertained with their shared love of childhood classics.

Many of these ideas will depend on your selected venue, however, so for more help with this choice feel free to take a look at some of our top venue ideas!

16. DIY Baby Alphabet Blocks

This craft not only encourages the creativity of your guests but the pursuit of knowledge itself! What better way to celebrate your baby being born and the majesty of books themselves than a craft that creates the tools of teaching early literacy! Painting wooden blocks allow each of your guests to not only be entertained but to take home a memento that they could give to their own children.

17. Children’s Book Quiz

A very DIY option, that can be supported by some quick browser searches, a small children’s book quiz is a fun, competitive, and easy way to keep your guests entertained and engaged! You and your loved ones can compete to see whose knowledge wins out in a family-friendly showdown of book-related knowledge.

18. Make Your Own Children’s Book

Make your party craft central with a couple of packs of construction paper, some markers, and some glue! Have your guests create their own children’s books while taking inspiration from the ones they grew up reading. Better yet, you can even buy blank books to be filled by your guests, if you would rather spare your party from the mess of stray paper and glue.

19. Make Your Own Bookmarks

If you choose not to give out bookmarks as a party favor, creating bookmarks is a simple and leisurely activity that your guests of all ages can enjoy! Some strips of construction paper and markers are all it takes to make this activity a reality, or you can simply buy blank ones for your guests to simply decorate!

20. Pass the Book

Work together to tell the story of the parent(s)! Buy or create a blank book and pass it around, everyone adding a word or two to describe the expecting parent(s), one that they can give their child or keep as a memory of this happy gathering.

Book Themed Baby Shower: Invitations

Every party starts with invitations! And what a better way to let your guest know about the theme in advance than sending out some stylish or funny book-themed invites!

21. Library Card

One fun way to tie in the book theme with your invites is to use library cards! For this idea, you can either use the authentic 3 x 5 library cards to give your invites a nostalgic and classical look, or you can simply buy invitations in the library card style! With these invites, you can easily capture that bookworm vibe and get your guests in the reading spirit!

22. Storybook Baby Shower Invitation

Set the tone of your baby shower with this whimsically adorable invitation! Not only does it clue your guest into the theme, but its watercolor style is undeniably gorgeous and a tad reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh.

23. Once Upon a Time

One of the staples of most of our childhood experiences has been the telling or reading of fairy tales, and what better way to bring your book-themed baby shower back to its roots with invitations in the very same style! These fun invites to capture the magic of a traditional storybook, but you can always DIY these types of invitations as well and make your own little accordion fairytale book.

24. Book Themed Baby Shower Invitation

This cute little stack of books design is minimalist, and fills your guests in on all the need-to-know information! Though this is advertised as intended for a girl baby shower, it is a rather gender-neutral design that customization allows to be quite versatile.

25. Digital Vintage Little Goldenbook Baby Shower Invitations

This is by far one of the most unique designs on this list. For anyone who grew up with Goldenbooks, this probably induces a pang of nostalgia, and it is sure to do the same to your guests! Not only are these invites a beautiful callback to childhood stories, but they come in a bundle with thank you cards as well.

Book Themed Baby Shower: Party Supplies

One of the most fundamental building blocks of an excellent party is the supplies. Now the supplies might sound trivial, especially in addition to basic decoration, but there are plenty of fun, book-themed baby shower party supplies to subtly embrace your theme!

26. Cupcake Toppers

These cupcake toppers are an easy and inexpensive way to tie your theme into even the simplest of recipes.

27. Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Supply Set

This is a quick and stress-free way to gather your supplies and incorporating your book theme! The Very Hungry Caterpillar party set has napkins, plates, and even little decorative fixtures to place at your tables.

28. "Read" Cups

Invite your guests to share in your love of reading with every sip! These disposable cups are eye-catching have closed lids, which makes them perfect if your shower is bound to get a little rambunctious.

29. Peter Rabbit Plates

If Peter Rabbit was a childhood favorite of yours, then you'll absolutely love these Peter Rabbit-themed plates! These plates are handmade, and while this keeps them from being sold in bulk, they could also be used for decoration if you want to keep your order small.

30. Library Table Cloth

What is more fitting for a book-themed party than a library table cloth? Set your guests up within the stacks with these cartoony and fitting designs to adorn your tables.

Book Themed Baby Shower: Conclusion

Welcoming a new family member is an exciting and terrifying thing, and expecting parents already have enough on their minds without having to stress over a complicated baby shower. A book-themed baby shower is not only an easy, relatively stress-free party idea, but one that encourages reading and learning before the baby is even born! If you are still unsure about your choice of theme or ideas take a look at some of our other themed party entries.

Written by Katie Schultz; Contributor: Jack Leduc and Mariah Haines

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