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15 Baby Shower Venue Ideas

Baby Shower Venue Ideas

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

Baby showers are exciting events to celebrate a new baby coming soon! There are so many different ways to hold this event and so many themes to choose from but there is one thing that is always present: a venue.

Of course, different venues are available depending on where you are located, but we have created a list of some available places. Whether inside or outside, elegant or more simple, our list is sure to help you find the right place. Here is a list of 11 baby shower venue ideas to hold your baby shower that is sure to fit your needs!

Baby Shower Venue Ideas: Outdoor

1. Vineyards

You won’t need any decorations for this! Vineyards are a perfect venue for baby showers and will provide guests with breathtaking views. This is good for intimate baby showers outside in a picnic-type style. If you want these views but also an actual room, vineyards occasionally have rooms to rent out. Opus One in California is an amazing vineyard that would be an amazing option to host a baby shower.

2. Botanical Garden

Flowers, gardens, and water fountains combine to make a beautiful baby shower venue. Botanical gardens are perfect places to hold a baby shower but are often overlooked, making it more unforgettable. This is another beautiful venue choice with even better views.

This is a perfect choice for anyone wanting a beautiful, unique setting. It’s even better because you’ll save on the decorations! Atlanta Botanical Garden in Georgia is a beautiful place that would be a good option for some locals or anyone who is up for (and able to) travel.

3. Tent

This is a cute option for an outdoor baby shower. When most people hear the word tent they think of a five-person camping one but there is so much more than that. There are venues with large tents big enough to fit some picnic tables under. Though these may be harder to find, it will be sure to provide a baby shower venue that no one will forget! This is a convenient way to still host a baby shower outside but also provide some shade.

4. Terraces

This is cozy for any baby showers happening in warmer weather. You’ll still get to be outside in a beautiful setting but you’ll get some shade and some seats. Terraces are typically set up in a perfect way for a baby shower and are typically simplistic, but you can decorate them to fit the style you want. You might want to consider fun centerpieces or banners. This is one of the best baby shower venue places and will ensure a beautiful shower!

5. Farm/Barn

I promise you not all farms smell like cow manure. Farms and barns are perfect for those rustic baby showers! They typically will have a breathtaking view and are sure to provide cute backgrounds for photos. Some barns are becoming so nice that people are actually getting married in them!

If someone can get married in one, you can for sure host a baby shower at one. Dos Pueblos Ranch in Santa Barbara, California is one example of these rustic venues. This holds elegant celebrations so it is sure to make a beautiful location for a baby shower.

Baby Shower Venues Ideas: Indoor

6. Tea Room

This is perfect for any mother-to-be wanting an intimate or private baby shower! I’m assuming you’re already thinking of the tea, but imagine all of the finger food to have with it. This is an adorable option as you can decorate it to make it any style of baby shower you want, from cozy to elegant.

There are most likely more tea rooms in your area than you know of, so get to Google and find the perfect one for you! The Courtyard Tea Room in Boston, Massachusetts is the perfect option for any locals. It is a simple and elegant place that is sure to provide a cute baby shower venue.

7. Friend/Relative’s Home

If your home is too small, or you simply don’t want to host, a friend or family member’s house may be an easy location! Maybe their house is bigger or it’s in a better location, whatever the reason is, this could make a good venue. This will save money and you’ll know exactly what it looks like. With the right decorations, any room can be used for a baby shower. As long as you help set up and clean up afterward, this location will be convenient.

8. Your Home

You’re sure to feel at home with this venue because that is where it is! Your home is a perfect choice for a baby shower as you’ll be in a comfortable environment and save some money. Chances are you’ll be close to most of the guests, so they’’ appreciate that. Show off your Pinterest skills and decorate your space to make it that much more special! You can include fun signs and tablecloths! If you are far along, this venue is even better because you won’t have to worry about getting out.

9. Hotel

Hotels are an amazing option as a venue because you are sure to find something you like! Not only do you have options for what hotel to choose from, but you have options within each hotel. You can rent out a meeting room or some actual rooms for a weekend getaway.

Hotels have amenities that the guests are sure to love! They typically also have a restaurant, so they may be able to help with the food aspect of the shower as well. This may be a little more pricey of an option depending on where to go, but you have to enjoy some more moments before you become a mom!

10. Community Center

This is a good, affordable option if you want to get out of the house! Community centers often have outdoor and indoor places for rent so you can choose based on your needs. Their indoor options are typically large rooms that can accommodate a large party. Again, decorations are key. Add some balloons and centerpieces and you’re sure to have a cute setting in no time. YMCAs are found in many towns and chances are there is one near you. These typically have rooms for rent and would be a convenient option!

11. Restaurant

Restaurants are an amazing venue because not only will you have a place to have your baby shower but food to serve at it as well! Restaurants typically have a banquet room that is perfect for special occasions, such as a baby shower. These rooms typically are decent-looking, but you can always bring some decorations to fit your vision. There are so many restaurants so you're bound to find one that fits your needs. Whether you want a five-star venue or maybe your local Olive Garden, there’s a place out there for you.

Here are some tips about tipping!

Baby Shower Venues Ideas: COVID-19

12. Drive-by or Parade

COVID-19 came with a lot of new normals, including drive-by parties. Events ranged from graduations to birthdays. To stay socially distanced for baby showers, have your friends and family drive by in their vehicles to drop off a gift, celebrate the little one, and maybe pick up a dessert or a party favor. A positive from this experience is it allows for a little bit of personal catch-up time, while not risking your health.

13. Spacious Venue

Outdoors, the coronavirus has a lesser chance to be transmitted, rather than if it is in confined spaces. Some places to gather, while maintaining social distancing, include a public park or even a large backyard. When selecting a baby shower venue, search for a space that has room to spread out. This will allow your guests to be at least six feet apart. In case of worry amongst guests about not being able to maintain social distancing, it is a good idea to stock up on masks so everyone feels safe!

14. Limited Guest-list or Shifts

When creating your guest list, limit it to 10 or fewer people (including the mom-to-be). Lots of family and friends? One thing to consider is having multiple small showers for more attendance and safety purposes. Maybe consider having your guests attend in shifts: Allow two to three friends to stop by at a time to keep things intimate and reasonable. Multiple mini showers are great ways to safely have human interaction.

15. Virtual Baby Shower

If guests are not comfortable meeting in person, a virtual event is a great way to still see everyone's smiling faces. Video chat apps such as Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Skype are easy resources to use. Identify a host to monitor the event, and make sure the invitations have very specific information about how to participate.

Technology can be difficult, so it is a good idea to share tips on all the features related to the chosen platform. Include different activities such as socializing, online quizzes or games, and of course, a virtual gender reveal. You can use websites such as Google Drive to create an online “group card”. Have guests include messages, GIFs, videos, and photos. Then, create shared documents for guests to fill out, like "Advice for Baby."

Baby Shower Venue Ideas: Conclusion

Baby showers are always so exciting! Between seeing the glowing mom, catching up with friends, and many baby shower games, they are always good times. Baby showers are such fun and exciting events that cannot be held without a venue. Hopefully, our list of baby shower venue ideas gives you an idea of where to hold the next shower.

Whether inside or out, our list of best baby shower venue places provided many options to help anyone planning a baby shower. If none of these ideas were to your liking, get creative! As we said, Pinterest will most definitely become your best friend. With the right decorations, a baby shower can be held basically anywhere. Especially in today’s time, maybe the baby shower will even be online!

Written by Kelsey Charles; Contributors: Monica Contreras-Vallejos, Mayenssi Montiel, Christopher Yanchoris and Jack Leduc