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46 Fun Disney Bridal Shower Ideas

Disney Bridal Shower

Updated on: Feb 20, 2024

While you may be getting married, you are never too old to embrace the joys of Disney and what better way to show off your Disney love than with a Disney bridal shower! With just a few touches and decorations, you could easily have your guests thinking they stepped into an Alice and Wonderland tea party, or a Beauty and the Beast buffet, so here are our listings of 46 Disney Bridal Shower Ideas, to help you along the way.

If you want more help organizing your shower, check out our bridal shower expense tracker, planning checklist, and even our guide to bridal shower etiquette!

Disney Bridal Shower: Decorations

1. Chalkboard Welcome

A simple chalkboard sign is an easy welcome that you can outfit with little Disney-style doodles! Even the most inexperienced artists can add a tiara or mickey ears on top of letters to add a Disneyfied spin!

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2. Be Our Guest Sign

Disney bridal shower decorations upon entrance does not have to be complex. Keep it simple and elegant with a sign. Invite your guests into your party with a Beauty and the Beast-themed greeting!

3. Enchanted Furniture

A simple wedding shower ideas, yet effective idea, especially for parties with child guests, you can add faces to various furnishings in your house to give the rooms an enchanting aura.

4. Tangled-Themed Garland

Take your guests to the kingdom of Corona, with a fun sunburst garland design, perfect for fans of Disney’s Tangled.

5. Teapots & Tea Cups

Set out some fancy teapots and teacups, and you can effortlessly emulate an Alice in Wonderland tea party, or the enchanted characters of Beauty and the Beast.

6. Poofy Princess Garland

Throwing up some paper pom poms strewn together with string, or twine, in the colors of your favorite Disney characters, you can subtly call back to your theme while keeping up with a tasteful decorative style. These are just a few simple bridal shower ideas that can turn your party into a full Disney themed blast!

7. Flynn Rider Style Wanted Poster

This is a more DIY option, but a viable one for those with artistic skill! Just simply find a wanted poster template and add a sketch of your future spouse or your guests in the frame. This is a great homemade decoration to add. It can be a fun nod to Disney’s Tangled, while also giving your guests something to talk about!

8. Enchanted Red Roses

Decorate your home with magically strewn red roses to remind your guests of the enchanted Beauty and the Beast flower! By covering a single red rose in a glass container or jar, it could create the perfect centerpiece for tables inspired by our magical Beast.

9. Magic Lilies

You can even intersperse the aforementioned roses with yellow lilies to tie in the magic flower from Tangled. Flowers like these are great to include if you want a classy bridal shower. You can't go wrong with flowers!

10. Ariel’s Thingamabobs

Fill a small chest with an assortment of corkscrews, A perfect addition to any party where wine is sure to be flowing. With a simple sign labeling these items “Thingamabobs,” you can easily incorporate a small touch of The Little Mermaid to create great decorations!

11. Inflatable Princess Guests

Though this idea might seem a tad childish, it doesn’t make it any less fun! By simply inflating some princess-shaped balloons, your guests will be in company with the princesses, a touch that is sure to delight and amuse your guests.

12. Princess Themed Streamers

For a Disney princess bridal shower - similar to the curtains, as well as the garland - simply spreading some streamers throughout your venue in princess-themed colors is a nice subtle touch to your festivities.

13. Playing Card Wreath

Make a DIY wreath with a mix of red and black playing cards (the Queen of Hearts at the top of course) as a fun, yet a subtle nod to Alice in Wonderland. Or better yet, use cards depicting the actual characters!

If you want help keeping your shower within budget, take a look at our list of cheap bridal shower ideas!

Disney Bridal Shower: Food Ideas

14. The Grey Stuff

Any Disney fan worth their snuff knows about the notoriously delicious “grey stuff,” so why not try to give it a go to impress your guests with your own take on the famous dish!

15. Tiana’s Beignets

Ordering or catering beignets from a bakery, or trying your hand at a recipe from any old cookbook is a delightful and undoubtedly yummy way to incorporate The Princess and the Frog into your Disney-themed soiree!

16. Fairy Godmother Wand Crispy Treats

Make your own or simply cut star shapes into pre-packaged marshmallow crispy treats, and use small wooden kebab or popsicle sticks to make fun little fairy godmother wand treats for all your guests!

17. Wonderland Tea Time

Set out the fixings for a tea party, fit with an old Mad Hatter hat to tie in the maniacal magic of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. The tea party is a great theme that involves the fun and the mad!

18. Pixie Dust

Set out a jar of pixy stix and label their pixie dust to take your guests to Neverland! (Or, in other words, let them overindulge in its sugary sweetness!)

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19. Queen of Hearts Tarts

Serve the guests small, yet delectable heart-shaped tarts in remembrance of the evil, yet iconic, Queen of Hearts!

20. Gaston’s Cinnamon Buns

Let your guests feel cozy and warm as if they have just walked into Gaston’s Tavern, with some delicious cinnamon buns, topped with some scrumptious icing (much like you would find in the theme parks). This can be achieved with ultimately any cinnamon bun recipe, or the prepackaged items, just be sure to label and give Gaston the credit.

21. Mickey Cake Pops

You can easily purchase these delicious treats pre-made, or you can make them yourself! Just add little mickey ears to your cake pops by dipping the top half in melted chocolate, and then inserting two of the unmelted chocolate melts as little mouse ears! It is sure to not only be a crowd-pleaser but an adorable one at that.

22. Shell Cookies

Having a delicious platter of purple shell-shaped cookies is a simple, yet effective incorporation of The Little Mermaid into your party’s menu. You can also achieve this same effect by baking madeleine’s, and while these little cakes might be a bit more work, they make up for it with their sweet flavor.

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23. Enchanted Forest Berries

Another easy, and healthy snack option: set out a platter of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, and decorate them with an image of Princess Aurora, or Snow White, or simply label them “Enchanted Forest Berries” to give the snack a magical spin!

24. Tangled Skillet of (Your Choice!) Dip

Set out a cast-iron skillet to commemorate the iconic scenes from Tangled. You can fill this skillet with any dip or dish of your choice, but our go-to would be an artichoke.

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25. Finger Sandwiches

Not necessarily integral to the Disney theme, finger sandwiches are a crowd-pleaser, and would not be misplaced alongside the French delicacies of Beauty and the Beast, or the tea-time snacks of Alice in Wonderland.

26. Wishing Well Water

A few wishing well ideas to include can be, labeling your water pitcher as “wishing well water” or having a large water bowl on a table with an image similar to a wishing well wrapped around it to give your refreshments a Snow White twist.

Disney Bridal Shower: Party Favors

27. Princess Tiaras

Make everyone a princess with take-home tiaras! And for an even better time, hand them out at the beginning of the shower to gussy up your guests. Disney bridal shower favors can be fun and simple, much like this one.

28. Magical Teaspoons

This is an excellent favor, especially if you decide to tie in Alice in Wonderland themes, but gifting your guests with their very own teaspoons is an elegant and thoughtful gesture that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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29. To-Go Cookie Bags

Bake your guest some Disney-themed cookies to take home in little baggies! These can be as complex as printing out the faces of princesses to frosting a simple tiara on each cookie.

30. Princess Themed Soaps

If you make your own soap, or you want to start, you could have your guests leave with a truly memorable gift by crafting princess-themed soaps! These could be princess-themed by their scent or simply their color, it's open to you to decide!

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31. Key Bottle Openers

Give your guests a practical favor by sending them each off with a Mickey Bottle Opener! It not only incorporates the Disney theme, but it is a favor they could be using for years to come.

Not just looking for favors, but gifts for the bride themselves? Take a look at some of our favorite bridal shower gift ideas!

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Disney Bridal Shower: Games and Activities

32. Floating Lanterns

Give each of your guests, or each pair of guests, a floating lantern to release into the water (because the sky could be a potential fire hazard) to commemorate your upcoming nuptials (and that amazing scene in Tangled).

33. Keep Your Ring Game

For some bridal shower entertainment, give each of your guests plastic rings, or leave out a bowl at your party’s entrance. Each time a player says “bride” or “wedding” their ring must be taken. Whoever collects the most rings by the end of the party wins!

34. Disney Movie Marathon

Have your Disney movie collection playing in the background throughout the party! Aimless guests might wander by and get themselves caught up in the movie’s magic and its nice background noise that effortlessly fits with the theme.

35. Photo Props

Set up some curtains and a disposable camera, as well as some Disney photo props, and help your guests make memories for years to come.

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36. Movie Quotes Quiz

Make your own Disney-style movie quote quiz and challenge your guests to test their Disney knowledge.

These are just a few Disney bridal shower games that you can play to get your guests involved and having a fun time. You can also check out some of our favorite bridal shower game ideas, and add your own Disney spin!

Disney Bridal Shower: Party Supplies

37. Princess Flatware and Wands

Princess Flatware and Wand Favor: Princess Theme Cutlery & Princess Party Utensils

Perfect for a princess party, silver colored cutlery wrapped with a napkin, pink bow and a princess wand favor. You can choose if you would like a full set of flatware - knife, fork and spoon, or a dessert set - fork and spoon, when you order. Please select the quantity you would like from the drop down menu - you may need to combine quantities to get the amount you would like. If you don't see what you would like please send us a message through the 'Request Custom Order' link under the picture. Check out our full princess party shop for more ideas Please convo if you are interested in purchasing multiple and/or different items from me as we may be able to work out a discounted rate or shipping. Please convo for expedited service as it may be possible for an additional cost.

Add a magical twist to your flatware! Not only does this combo avoid the pitfalls of basic plastic utensils, but it equips each of your guests with a built-in party favor. Having these fun pieces out on the tables are also great wedding shower decoration ideas!

38. Minnie Cupcake Toppers

If you are tired of scouring for Disney-themed recipes, simply adding a Disney topper is a simple yet effective way to incorporate your theme into any type of cake you might prefer.

39. Mismatched Tea Party Plates

Channel the artistic chaos of Alice in Wonderland, by serving your guests on a mismatched, yet classy set of tea plates. Not only are these dishes ornate, but they are a stylish nod to the classic Disney film.

Mismatched China Plates - Mix and Match Vintage China - Bulk Vintage Dishes - Plate Wall Decor - Alice in Wonderland Party Decor - Tea Party

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40. Cinderella's Carriage Napkins

For Cinderella bridal showers, even the simplest of touches can remind your guests of your magical day coming up, so why not tie in the theme of your happily ever after with these classy Cinderella carriage napkins.

Cinderella Carriage Hand Embossed Cocktail Napkins

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41. Fancy (Plastic) Classicware

Finally, if you are interested in adding a touch of class to your guests' experience but not spending an absurd amount of money, consider using plastic glasses! Going plastic doesn't have to be tacky, not when there are elegant designs like these that can 'wow' your guests without the bank-breaking cost.

Oojami Gold Glitter Plastic Classicware Glass Like Champagne Wedding Parties Toasting Flutes (1 Box = Quantity 30)

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Disney Bridal Shower: Invitations

42. Be Our Guest

Appeal to your friends and family with the classic Beauty and the Beast song in this invitation idea, it’s a fun and notable way to inform them not only of the theme but of what is sure to be a memorable bridal shower.

Be Our Guest Invitation | Be our Guest Bridal Shower | Be Our Guest Shower| Belle Bridal Shower|Rose Bridal Shower| Belle Invitation

Digital or Printed single sided 5 x 7 invitation. Placing your order is easy, just follow these steps: -Add this listing to your cart (click on the green “Add to Cart” button and you will be given the option to checkout via Paypal or using your credit card. -In “Note to Seller” box fill in the following invitation/announcement information: Name of Honoree Date Time Address of Event RSVP Recipient, RSVP by Date and Contact Information Registry Information if applicable Any Additional Information you would like to include on the Invitation -You will receive the digital proof within 1-2 business days for you to approve/request changes. -Once you approve the Proof, the Final file will be Printed and mailed out to you OR e-mailed to you as a PDF: Includes two - 5x7 invitations up on an 8.5 x 11 document with trim marks. Best for printing on card stock at home or at a small local printer or chain store printer. (Office Max, Staples, FedEx Kinkos etc.) Copyright Notice: This product cannot be used commercially, it is for personal use only. Any licensed images within this listing are free and not being sold; they maintain the copyright of their original respective owners. Purchase price is for our time, creativity, and labor in creating the piece. Copyright restrictions only permit images to be used for one time personal use, such as birthday parties. Original copyright owners do not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this product.

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43. Once Upon a Time

More great Disney bridal shower invitations are starting your cards with the classic phrase that is very well known. Inform your guests of the magical event with a “Once Upon a Time” theme!

Once Upon a Time Invitation Princess Carriage Fairytale Storybook Castle Birthday Bridal Shower Baby First Birthday Invitation Girl

This elegant pink and white invitation features Once Upon a Time on the front with a gold princess carriage and your event details on the back. This gorgeous and feminine design is perfect for a first birthday, baby, or bridal shower. Sized at 5x7" and comes with coordinating white envelopes. ♥ GETTING STARTED Purchase the listing and include only your custom details in the personalization section of your order, such as the name/age/date/time/address/rsvp. If you’d like to alter the sample text, please write it out exactly as you’d like it to appear on the design. Any alterations to the original design shown in the sample must be clearly described, otherwise we will create your design as we interpret your instructions. Carefully check for errors before submitting! Sample proofs are provided upon request (please request this in the personalization box with your custom details). Please note that orders are sent to print 24 hours after submitting sample proof via Etsy messages or email. ♥ CARD STOCK FAQ • 130# card stock is a smooth, silky paper, perfect for an elegant high-quality look for invitations and cards. • 110# textured felt card stock is a lovely, textured surface, similar in feel to a watercolor paper, and adds an artistic feel to the design of any printed cards. • 110# Ice pearl card stock has a subtle sparkle with a luminous appearance shining right through the design. This is a great paper selection if you are looking to add some shimmer. ♥ SHIPPING/PROCESSING Print Processing 2-4 business days + Shipping USPS Priority Mail 2-5 business days. Free shipping in the Continental US. A custom digital file is available here: ♥COORDINATING ITEMS Shop our entire line at © Through the Looking Glass Creative Studios *Please Note* These designs are for personal use only by the buyer of this listing and cannot be resold. Commercial use is not allowed.

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44. Castle Invitations

Go with a classy, and minimalist design with this beautiful castle option.

JOFANZA 50 Pieces Wedding Invitations Cards 4.1"x8.5" Laser Cut 3D Fairy Gold Gilding Bride and Groom in Castle Invitation for Engagement Bridal Shower Anniversary Marriage Mr Mrs Invites

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45. Mickey & Minnie Design

Or you could celebrate the original Disney couple with a Mickey and Minnie theme. Sending invitations like this are great ideas if you are looking to have a themed couples shower.

46. Tale As Old As Time

What tells the story of love better than the phrase “Tale As Old As Time?” This iconic song is guaranteed to tug at your guests’ heartstrings and get them in the Disney spirit.

A Tale As Old As Time Bridal Shower Invitation, Enchanted Rose, DIY, Gold, Digital File, Customizable

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Disney Bridal Shower: Conclusion

Planning a bridal shower is a stressful endeavor, and while a Disney bridal shower should be nothing but fun and nostalgia, any feat of party planning can take its toll. Hopefully, some of these Disney bridal shower ideas will help you on your way to planning a shower your guests will never forget. If you feel that a Disney bridal shower is not for you, however, take a look at some of our other bridal shower theme ideas!

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