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13 Brunch Games to Make Your Brunch Fun

Updated on: Apr 13, 2023

13 Brunch Games to Make Your Brunch Fun

When you’re hosting a Sunday brunch, you plan everything- the meal, the seating chart, even the decorations- all whilst having to keep your budget in mind. Unfortunately, the one thing you can't account for is the dreaded awkward silence. Luckily, we are committed to ending the scourge of awkward Sunday brunches. These brunch games are sure to keep conversations going. Let’s get people talking! For your consideration, here is our list of brunch game ideas and icebreaker ideas to get your guests relaxed, cheerful, and talkative with one another.

Brunch Games to Break the Ice

1. Two Truths and a Lie

This game is an icebreaker classic. This game will get a lot of laughs and help people learn more about each other. Ask guests to come up with three facts about themselves: two of which are truthful, and one that is a flat-out lie. Have guests take turns telling the group their facts. The rest of the group must agree on which of the three facts is false (you can decide the answer in a vote). The speaker then reveals the truth - and a conversation begins. Prizes or points can be awarded to individuals who successfully bamboozle other guests.

2. Bingo, Baby

Make unique bingo cards for each guest before they arrive. Include facts on the card that you know apply to at least one of your guests. For instance, if you know one of your friends has been to Taiwan, then include that on the card as one of the options. For guests to begin filling in their cards, they’ll have to go to each guest and find out if that fact applies to them. If it does, then they can get a signature for that square. The first one to get a bingo or fill in their board wins! This DIY party game will add a personalized touch and connect guests easily.

3. Never Have I Ever

This is a classic party game that will inspire some interesting conversation. Each guest admits to something they’ve never done by stating, “Never have I ever…” Guests begin with 5 or 10 fingers up. Every time someone admits to not having done something, those who have must put a finger down. The last person standing with fingers up is the winner - or loser, depending on how you see things. This game always brings up interesting stories and experiences, so get ready to learn a lot about your guests! This can also be a fun game to play with friends.

4. Speed Dating

This game is an excellent idea for larger groups. Line up chairs in two lines that face each other, so that each person is face-to-face with one other person. Randomly assign people to chairs, and give everyone a minute and thirty seconds to talk about a wacky topic of your choice (try pulling suggestions from a bowl). When time is up, have each person shift over one seat in the opposite direction of their partner, so that everyone gets a new partner. It’s a great way to encourage people to get to know each other in a fun, high-pressure setting.

5. Category Line Up

This particular team-building activity is interesting because nobody is allowed to speak until given permission. One non-participating person shouts a category by which to form a line, and all of the players must get in line in the correct order according to that category. For example, the host shouts, “Line up according to your birthday!” Guests must then line up accordingly without speaking a word. It’s a fun way to learn communication styles!

6. What’s My Name?

In this guessing game icebreaker classic, guests write the name of a celebrity or well-known character on a piece of paper that is then placed in a bowl. Without looking, guests pick a name from the bowl and tape it to their foreheads. Guests must then ask others yes or no questions until they can successfully guess who their character is.

7. Marshmallow Madness

For this creative homemade team-building activity, divide your guests into teams or couples. This exercise works best with about five people on a team. Provide your guests with 20 sticks of uncooked spaghetti and a bag of mini marshmallows. Each team must construct a structure using only these tools within a set time frame (usually 8 minutes or so). Whichever team creates the tallest tower by the end of the time wins. Be prepared to provide guests with a place to wash their hands after this game, because working with marshmallows can get sticky.

8. Toilet Paper Truth

The most awkward icebreakers are the best icebreakers. Pass a roll of toilet paper from guest to guest, and ask them to take as much as they would normally use. Yes, this will be uncomfortable—but that’s the point! Once every guest has taken their portion, tell them that the total amount of squares they took is the total number of fun facts they must share about themselves. It’s an easy way for your guests to get to know each other memorably and uniquely.

9. Cards Against Humanity

Though Cards Against Humanity is mostly played by young adults, it will create some hilarious moments. This game is an easy way to learn what makes people laugh. Even though the beginning of the game may be a little awkward (considering the topics of the cards), the more you play the more comfortable the participants will get with each other.

Covid Friendly Brunch Games

Social distancing doesn't mean you don't get to socialize! Here are several no-contact brunch games that will help you stay connected to family and friends from afar!

10. Pictionary

Pictionary is a fun game that you can play while staying distant from others. Spread out around the room and get out a big drawing pad and individual markers and play! There are plenty of easy and fun ways to spend time with friends during this time. 

11. Charades

Charades can easily be played both in-person and over Zoom. Random idea generators are all over the internet; looking up "Charade ideas for adults" is a good start, and will be especially helpful in creating ideas without other people seeing them. It can be a fun competition game to get the friendly juices flowing if done with teams.

11. Trivia

Try a trivia game. Make sure it's about a topic that your guests know or maybe make your own personal trivia game filled with inside jokes. This game can be played anywhere in the house or yard so it’s 100% Covid-Friendly!

12. Psych

This game is made by the creators of Heads Up, participants make up completely fake answers to real trivia questions and one player has to guess the real answer among the many fake ones. There is also a version of this game that uses personal questions about the participants for when the attendees are more comfortable around each other. This game can get the creative juices flowing and provide some funny moments along the way.

13. Online Party Brunch Games

Many platforms have apps that you can play with a big group or even breakout groups of 4 people. Try games like Uno, Among Us, or Jackbox party games! This will surely get people up and having a good time. 


Now that you’ve seen this list, we hope that you come away with some super fun brunch game ideas. Maybe you’ll even think of an icebreaker that we couldn’t have even dreamed up. Whatever fun brunch games or icebreakers you choose, we’re sure your gathering will be an unforgettable experience for all of your guests. To keep the good times going, check out our article on party games!

Written by Chelsea Jung, Jillian Smith and Elisabeth Blair