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Brunch Ideas

Brunch Ideas

Updated on: Feb 18, 2024

Looking for something fun to do on the weekend? Hosting a brunch event with family or friends can be a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Have a combination of breakfast and lunch at 2 o'clock and sip some mimosas. Have a feast, catch up with friends or family members you haven't hung out with in a while, and play some games. There are a lot of brunch ideas you can use for your chill afternoon party.

Brunch can be a fun and relaxing time. Hosting a brunch event, however, is more involved than you may have expected. You have to consider the food, drinks, decorations, cook and entertain guests. It does not have to be stressful though. We have fantastic brunch ideas and tools that will make planning your brunch easier. We make brunch planning fast and easy!

Brunch Ideas Checklist

Don't forget all the ingredients you need with this brunch checklist. You can also bring your brunch to the next level with the right table decorations and game ideas for afterward. The brunch checklist makes planning your brunch event fast and easy and is completely free!

This brunch checklist is not just a generic party planning template. It is specific to your event making all the tasks relevant to brunch planning. This helpful guide includes a timeline from the beginning to end of all the tasks you need to plan the event. Due dates are color-coded so you know when a task needs to be done soon. It also is shareable and has helpful links you can use like creating a survey to set a date that works for everyone you would like to invite.


Source: Brunch Ideas Checklist

20 Creative Brunch Decorations That Are Practical and Artful

Make your brunch party Instagram worthy with the best decorations to complement your table. Use flowers, elegant tablecloths, and silverware to elevate the experience. Maybe you will also want to incorporate desserts afterward. We have included ideas for serving desserts in this brunch decoration ideas list.

A cool idea would include creating decorative menus for your event to make it feel like a restaurant experience. If you want a specific theme for your brunch you can decorate your tables accordingly with the right placemats, tablecloths, and centerpieces. This brunch decoration ideas list contains seven different ways you can organize flowers for your centerpieces.


Source: 20 Creative Brunch Decorations That Are Practical and Artful

13 Brunch Games to Make Your Brunch Fun

Brunch is about more than just the food. Have fun with family and friends by adding some games to play at your event. We have made a list of some fun game ideas for your brunch. This is a great way to break the ice at the beginning of the event especially if it is the first time some of your guests are meeting one another. It will also hold them over while you are preparing the food.

With friends, it may be fun to play Cards Against Humanity or Never Have I Ever. With family, some good game ideas include What My Name and Trivia.


Source: 13 Brunch Games to Make Your Brunch Fun

4 Key Steps to Renting Party Supplies and Questions to Ask

Sometimes it is cheaper to rent party supplies than it is to buy them outright. When contacting a party supplies rental company it is important that you ask them questions about their service and products. We have created a list of the best questions to ask a party supply rental party.

Aside from the obvious like what kind of supplies or decorations they have available to rent, you may want to ask about their payment policies and their sanitation practices.


Source: 4 Key Steps to Renting Party Supplies and Questions to Ask


Hosting a brunch can be a fun time with family or friends. We hope that our list of brunch ideas and checklists made planning your brunch less stressful so you can focus your energy on cooking the food and entertaining your guests.

If you need more assistance planning your event we would be happy to help you. Check out our other event planning ideas on our home page.

Written by Jack Leduc